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    [modified] Events & Maintenance Notice on 3rd of August 2017

    Dear Navyfield Europe Captains,

    We do our regular maintenance tomorrow and followings are the schedule and details;

    Schedule : From 9 am till 11:00 am CEST on 3rd of August 2017.
    (Game-Play not available during 1 hour but we will open the server a bit earlier.)

    *Server has some crash problem during monstership event and the open time has been delayed.

    Compensation Details:

    1 week of premium account will be given to all users because of last week's server downed situation.

    Events Details:

    1. 300% EXP, Credits and Points of All Battle Room Boosting Event during 2 weeks.

    - Period : 10 am CEST
    , 3rd of August - 9 am CEST, 17th of August.

    2. 200% Low Level User Boosting Event - Below lvl 60 during 2 weeks.

    - Period : 10 am CEST, 3rd of August - 9 am CEST, 17th of August.

    3. First Win Bonus Event will be ongoing. (Double XP)

    4. 200% Weekly Nation Boosting Event - USN during 1 week and next will be RN.

    - Period : 10 am CEST, 3rd of August - 9 am CEST, 10th of August.

    Thank you for your enjoying NFEU and we will keep up things!

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Server problem happen during monstership event and we will check the problem during 1 hour.

    Server will be opened at 11:59 AM and we will announce it here.

    Sorry about the inconvenient situation.

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Now Server is online and people can play.

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Now problem happen again and we are restarting server now.

    Now we are checking the network and DB side error problems and will stabilize soon.


    Team EuroGameZ

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