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    [Developer's Note] Promised Land, Altria!


    This is Developer N.
    Here is about the story of [Promised Land, Altria]

    (From IMC web site / Developer's Note, KGE the upcoming update news)

    [Promised Land, Altria]

    The unknown land where humans who served God with [Castilla Clan] stayed, Only the legacy of ancient humanity, which has now been destroyed, remains barely preserved.
    Decades ago, the legendary pioneer, ‘Ferrucio Espada' discovered important clues here, and headed to the place where Gods went to...

    Kay: It was the place where Rhira had the final battle with him...
    Accla: The owner of the fire is sleeping there. The owner of the fire may be able to erase the messenger of the fallen star... He just wants rest.

    Invierno: I could have not expected that I can hear that someone tries to cross the Katovic Snowfield. Though the captain crossed this mountain... I don't know whether he survived or died.
    If you have to go there, I won't stop it anymore, but you will have to take your life.

    Leonora: It is the area that you should not know from now on. I'll warn you in advance. Laurence Giannino apparently went to the promised land through Altar of Heaven, but it was a case based on a sacrifice beyond your imagination.

    Leona Vernier: From now on, it is a [Pandora's Box] that should not be opened. I don't know how you got information about this place in the mother country and was ordered for pioneering... It will not be what you want, Hernandez...

    Emilia: As a result of searching the ancient literature, it is said that Altria must be found by going beyond the Silver Mountains and go a further way to get there. (Then, who the hell gave this document?)

    Castilla the 2nd Fleet Admiral, Adriana Bartie: I wonder why Majesty the Queen asked for the pioneer mission not to the 3nd Fleet but to these war nobility... Although I can't believe you, if you need any help, you can ask me anytime.

    Lyndon: Majesty the Queen's official paper has been delivered! Please be hornored that you could receive the imperial order of pioneer! Contribute to the pioneering of the New World and earn the glory that magnifies the name of Your Majesty to the world!

    ※ Under developing, these screen shots can be different when the update is added.
    We will cheer your pioneering.

    [Mercenary Guild of Orpesia, Dire Wolf]

    The mercenary guilds of the continent that brought back hundreds of years of history, [Dire wolf]
    As a mercenary group of people gathered over a long period of time, there was no one in Orpesia who did not know their names.
    I think we should highly estimate the guild. Now that Illier that had an agreement with Vespanola in the Three Year War, hired them with huge funds to invest in the front line with Bristia.

    After the end of the Three Year War, it was signed the entire mercenary unit at the request of the consul, and has been in charge of the western / northern fronts of Illier so far. Then, I overheard that they did not joined Illier-Targa, the Second World War. There must be something going on.

    However, it is said that 189 Dire Wolf mercenaries, who were directly employed by the Imperial Army from the military, were engaged in a devastating battle until they were all dead to defend the Imperial Palace. That's why Dire Wolf has been trusted by more than any armed group, and has hired them and provided them with a place to live.

    A chaotic state of Illier,

    However, the consul turned his attention to a place other than the suppression of the civil war and ordered Dire Wolf to leave. Let's hear about the people around us for a moment.

    Dietrich: They are moving. Dire Wolf, the mercenary who kept the western fronts in Ili for nearly 100 years. I believe that the consul must have a certain plan, but I have hunch that something thinks that everything is going to happen, but there is something might happen there.

    Joshua: No matter how Armonia is said to be a divine state, but not all the reserve units are left. It seems that the consul is mad, isn't it?

    Violet: Well, I... Does it means I could meet Sister, Stia? Violet want to see Sister, Stia's Ice Magic!

    Mikhail: I can not be losing the pioneering of the New Continent to [Vespanola]. Because there is no part of the unknown, I do not know how much I can get... Although I have paid quite a lot of money, I believe that if [Dire Wolf] is enough, they will pioneer the unexplored area earlier than Vespagnola. Vladimir Vlad will surely do it.

    So far, I introduced the news for [Promised Land, Altria] and [Orpesia Mercenary Guild, Dire Wolf]. I would like to ask you a lot of interest in what will happen between Orden and Illier region and from numerous forces.

    Thank you
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