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    LaRenuille's Compilations

    I won't put much since the previous post i made wasn't posted(?).

    Hi, I'm Aidan (real name)
    I upload wcpvp videos with some random GE stuff on the side. Some people probably know me already, but for those who are curious there's a link to my YT ch in my signature.

    Here's my first uploaded pvp vid for EU:

    I play(pvp) on both GE EU and rGE
    My channel uploads 1 PVP a day every 1:00am for EU and 2 PVP's a day for rGE at 2:30am & 2:30pm (+8:00gmt)

    Edit: I used to play both EU and R, but I dropped rGE and focused on GEEU. All my uploads will be focused on GEEU, 2 pvp's per day (1am & 1pm at +8:30gmt upload) and some random videos on the side (raids/quests/get people to play this game lol).

    Thanks for reading and hope to see you on the battlefield!
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    Youtube [click] || Also known as Lunetia family of sGE

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    Hi guys,
    If you have lowbie friends or newbies that have yet cleared ustiur, i suggest linking this to them. It might help them with leveling lowbie characters

    As an added tip, if they are passed it and are doing the main storyline quest (in bahama & ustiur), after completing a quest. Switch back to lowbies that need exp and use them to talk to Grandma / Baron Igorni, its an easy 80 - 100.

    Youtube [click] || Also known as Lunetia family of sGE

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