Hello GEEU fans,

We are looking for Deputy Leaders for GEEU Pioneering Faction! (2 people)

How to apply
Please send your Family name to support@eurogamez.eu with the following information.

1.How long did you play GE?
2.Play time per day or per week:
3.How old are you?
4.What would you do for the faction members if we chose you as the Deputy Leader?

You must:
1. Have Good knowledge of GEEU mechanics,
2. Be without a faction, or able to leave the current faction.

Term of the Deputy Faction leader
- For 1~2 months after announcement of vice faction leader.

Benefit of Deputy Faction leader
1. Boosting Package (30 days)
2. Warp Free Pass (30 Days)
3. Lyndonbox 50 EA
4. Treasure Book of Heaven

*Depending on the situation, the rewards items can be changed.
*Reward will depend on the activity. No activity = no rewards; Very high activity = additional rewards.

Dismissal of Deputy Faction leader
- No activity for 1 week, or violating any of GEEU rules.

Limitations of GE Pioneering Faction
- Cannot participate in Colony War and members with family level > 30 are automatically dismissed from the faction.

If players need any help or have a problem about GE Pioneering , feel free to contact us via Support ticket.

Thank you,