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    Greeting Autumn, Super Koko Event

    Easy and Happy Hunting with Koko!

    During the event period, be with Koko when you hunt.
    Upgraded Supper Koko support pioneers!

    - Event Period: 12.09.2017 ~ 26.09.2017

    * You can buy Koko pet one time from Ruffino in Reboldoeux, near Fountain.

    Koko's Benefit 1
    - Pick-up + Additional Buff

    Monster ATK +10%
    Pen. +5
    Imm. +5
    Critical +5
    Move SPD +10%

    Koko's Bnefit 2
    - In every certain time, you could get special items a surprise gift.
    (Note: You will need to acquire the dropped items to your inventory, it can be obtained only when Koko pet is activating.)

    Drop Item List

    Inocentio Stance Book
    Punisher Stance Book
    Soul Bringer Stance Book
    Heavy Stinger Stance Book
    Rosa Secreta Stance Book
    Violeta Fero Stance Book
    Page - Placidex
    Page - Crecion
    Portable Steel Bullet Ammo Box (1 day)
    Portable Steel Bolt Ammo Box (1 day)
    Portable Full Metal Shell (1 day)
    Portable Elemental Sphere Box (1 day)
    Portable Psychic Sphere Box (1 day)
    Bullet Shell
    Eagle Eyeball
    Vampire Heart
    Tough refined Steel
    Moon Piece
    Unwithering Rose Petal
    Complex Device
    Devil Heart
    Doll Watch Spring of Oblivion
    Machine Soldier' Screw
    Magical Powered Rose
    Ring Box of Richard
    Ring Box of Genos
    Ring Box of Chester
    Ring Box of Veiren
    Ring Box of Curan
    Soul Crystal
    Principal Ampule
    Melee Enhancement Ampule (1 MCC)
    Shooting Enhancement Ampule (1 MCC)
    Magic Enhancement Ampule (1 MCC)
    Reinforced Enchant Sedative
    Socket Processing Tranquilizer
    Training Card G
    Veteran G EXP Card
    Expert G EXP Card

    Thank you,
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    Quote Originally Posted by GEEU_Team View Post
    Koko's Benefit 1
    - Pick-up + Additional Buff

    Monster ATK +10%
    Pen. +5
    Imm. +5
    Critical +5
    Move SPD +10%
    koko have this buff since last version patch lel.

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    is this a different koko from the starting pet quest?

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    Quote Originally Posted by isee12dots View Post
    is this a different koko from the starting pet quest?
    It is exactly the same koko.

    Not sure why the npc is selling the pet at the fountain for 500000 vis.

    I guess prob it is because the older batch of players cannot get the pet anymore because the pet quest is added at a much later patch.

    Hence only new accounts created after the patch can get the pet quest.
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    Please pm me in forum to meet in-game for trade.

    You can also msg me in-game. My family name is STKMRO

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