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    The Letters of Ornella

    So I just managed to recruit Van few days ago, while doing so, I have to complete all 30 pages of Ornella Letters, I read them, but I feel something was missing there, and sometimes few sentences doesn’t make sense at all. So I decided to rewrote the Letters, try to get some sense on it. The fanfiction will be split to 2 parts, first one will be shown as how Ornella and Van got close to each other, and how Ornella feels towards him. This is the first time I wrote a fanfiction, hope it won’t turn out cringy. So here we go~

    Van, by the time you are reading this, I might be gone already.
    I am afraid, Van.
    When I first came down to Apostadero. I don’t know what will happen. This gift that was given from God. That I never wanted.
    Van, I still remember when I first met you in the garden behind the Cathedral.
    I saw into your eyes. The eyes looked so dead, so filled with cold and sadness. I reached out to you, with Asphodels on my hands, hoping that you’d warmed up. Every day, every week, You kept coming to the garden, and I kept giving you flowers, but you always mumbling something, I can’t make clear of.

    But one day, you disappeared, never to be seen again. In the garden, and even in Cathedral. Funny, I always look for you everywhere.
    Van.. I heard on what happened in the underground of Armonia from the Pope. The Holy War that happened inside the underground areas.
    His Holiness asked me himself to go there and supports all the Crusaders and Memento Mori that are fighting. To cure them and cheer them up. But, the war never ends, even though the Holy Knights and Memento Mori joined forces, Abyss forces seems to keep on coming endlessly.
    The least I could do for the wounded is to cure them and support them, atleast, this is what I can do with my powers that are given by God. Giving them moral support, that God are still with us, that God is fighting with us.

    But then, I saw you, soaked in blood, you came with some people that are supporting you from the En Cellar area, even with that big wound, you keep telling that you still wanted to fight the war. I felt sadness and fear when I see you in that state Van. You were surrounded by darkness, binded by it.
    I reached out to you, you were badly wounded, but refused to pass out, refuses to loses to your own scar. When I saw your wound, you are injured pretty badly in the right chest, leaving a pretty big open wound. Together with the medics, we tried to cure your injury, but it was so bad. You passed out for a few days, probably from the wound, When you were unconscious, I sat next to you, holding your hands.

    Your hands, feels warm, it’s different than your cold, dead gaze. When you woke up, you were surprised, and took a few steps back, like you’ve seen a ghost. It’s funny, horror you faced against the Abyss should be more terrifying than just a ghost. You’re cute sometimes Van.
    After that, we talked about many things, well it’s not really a conversation, as I’m the one who talked so much, and I found out you don’t like pepper too, I really, really hate pepper. One day, we ate dinner that was prepared by the chef, both of us got scolded because we removed the pepper from our plate. But the more we got closer, the more you opened up to me, and I feel really grateful for it Van, you’re kind of cute sometimes.

    I heard that, Commander William is preparing a final push to the Abyss army, moving his troops towards Gloria and Biego. You were there too, with Patrick, William, and Constans Sisters, Holy Spear, Lena and Sacred Bullet, Juliana.

    I felt really nervous seeing you go Van. You reached out to my hand, saying that if you don’t come back, if something happened to you, you said “Please take care of Vincent.” There’s a Memento Mori boy that looked a lot like you, with pale skin and dark hair, but I didn’t know that was your brother, you never told me so.

    I had a vision Van, you will not die here, because you’re destined for something far greater. But… God doesn’t think like that. The vision I saw changed, what I saw wasn’t a winning Battle for Armonia, it was a massacre, in the vision, I see people dying, screaming as they flee in terror.
    And what I saw in my vision, came true.

    William managed to go back, but in very bad state, heavily wounded. You… are missing, together with Patrick and the Constans Sisters. When William got back, he told me, 3 squads that went to Gloria got wiped out, and 3 squads that went to Biego also got wiped out. He said sorry that he couldn’t protect his comrades. 450 killed because of this. It was a great sacrifices for Armonia. He said everywhere was filled with energy of Abyss.

    I asked the whereabouts of Van to him, he said “I don’t know, Van went to Biego with Lena and Juliana, Patrick and I went to Gloria.” Breathing heavily, he continues, “Both of our squads got pushed back to El Templo, Patrick, together with Juliana and Lena is holding there. They, gave their lives so the rest of us can retreat safely. I.. don’t see Van anywhere. ” William faces looks very scared and traumatized, tears is on the verge of dropping in his eyes.

    Few days later, I got letter from brother Vega. It was sent by the Pope. Signed and stamped by His Holiness. The time has come. Van… where are you, atleast, I want to say goodbye, Van… I hope you’re still alive somewhere. I came back to the Cathedral to enjoy my last moment in Armonia, the summer breeze in the garden, it feels cold, I bow down, tears run down from my eyes, and I thought of you, Van. What happened to you Van? Where did you go?

    “Going through El Templo, the Armonium shines brightly. Contaning the light and power from Noble Souls and Saints before me. This is…. my destiny. ”
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    I feel like something is missing here !

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    im sorry with this, my post always got cut up, dunno why, i'll do something about this later
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    Van and Ornella are my OTP, i'm happuy to see someone else had feels with the letters. *tears* Keep it up! qwq

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    panfilo x cooking cauldron is the true otp of the game
    haha! T h i s!

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    Part 2 of the fiction, i finished it some time ago, but always forgot to post it.
    Letters of Ornella
    “It is time.” Pope says as he enters the garden. Besides him, stood few Armonian soldiers, ready to escort me again to the place, to the hell on earth.
    I stand up, erasing my tears with my left hand, the Pope probably see me crying, but he looks so determined. Van… this is it, this is the final trial we all Saints have to endure. I won’t be able to see Armonia again, I won’t be able to look and smell Asphodels flower anymore. I might not be able to see you again.. Van. I am sorry I can’t keep the promise to protect Vincent, your younger brother. I am sorry, Van.
    The Pope handpicked best soldiers in Armonia will accompany me back to Apostadero, I slowly walked there, in the streets of Armonia, I can’t even look up, I kept my head low all the time. Unable to feel anything. But it’s okay Van, I know God has chosen me, to bear this noble task, to save Armonia from dying, knowing that, it comfort me a little, you know. Eventhough I know, that what I’m going to do is to save Armonia from certain destruction. I keep walking and walking, till I reach Apostadero. I have prepared myself for this. Prepare to give my all for Armonia.
    “Where are you going?”
    Someone stopped my steps. Then I heard a similar voice, that voice… the voice of the man that I thought have died…
    You… were alive…
    Thanks God. But Van, why did you came now..
    This is the first time I see you got mad Van, seeing his face is filled with anger, and his eyes, a proof that he is still alive, and I am not hallucinating or anything right now.
    Van shouts, I think everyone on Apostadero heard that shouts. The Guards that accompany get startled, their hands standby on the hilt of their swords. Ready to attack anytime. But Van didn’t give up, he steps up to me, reaching to my hand. The Guards quickly stopped him, and starts beating him, pummeling him, punching and kicking him.
    I acted quick, I tried to protect Van, but some of the guards held me back, Van. Seeing you got beaten up in front of me is very painful, I shouted to the guards, hoping they’ll let me go, I tried to break free from their grip. But it’s useless, their physical strenght is far more stronger than me. I only able to see you got beaten up Van, I cried and shouts your name, while keep trying to let me go from their grasp.
    “Enough!” William shouts. After hearing that, the guards got scolded by him.
    I went to Van, helping him to sit. Even so, he still put murderous gaze to the guards that are going to escort me. I put my face close to him. My hands reached to his cheek, stroking it gently, tears were running down from your eyes, Van. I can feel his anger slowly vanishes as I comfort him and stayed with him. “Don’t be sad, Van”.
    To my surprises, you suddenly hugged me Van. It feels so warm. So comfortable. My shoulder is wet because of your tears. I hugged him back. “Please don’t go”, you said. The guards that saw Van suddenly hugged me was going to separate us, but he seems hesitant, and looked the other way. I think he understands.
    Van. If I have to choose, I’d rather stay together with you. But Van, we have different path to walk. You have your own way. And this is… this is my own way. This is the path that God has chosen for me. I hope you understand, we may have different path, but that path led to one same goal, to protect Armonia and the people we love.
    Van, he releases his hug, seeing down, you don’t even say anything. Van, I am sorry, eventhough our meeting is really short, I will cherish it for the rest of my life. I nod to you, saying my last goodbye.
    Then I stood up, walking with the guards towards to the En Celar. Looking back, I still saw you sat there, looking down. Van…
    After we enter En Celar, The guards pull out their sword and shield. Some of them takes out their polearms. There’s no sign of Abyss army here, but we’re walking slow, carefully, towards the gate to El Templo. In El Templo, when I first entered, the Armonium inside El Templo reacted, shinning brightly, letting out beautiful colors.
    There, across me, a tall woman, or rather, a demon that took shape as a woman, stood tall. Wings spread behind her back. That’s, as the Holy Knights said, it’s the Memory Eater, Navas. She alone, took down atleast half of Armonia Soldier during the final push that led by William.She lets out a screech. Saying things that all humans are worthless, that they all should die. Funny enough, it triggers my anger. I think that’s the first time that I ever got angry to someone.
    All the guards that have been accompanying me went into battle positions, trying to defend me from Navas’s attacks. But it’s no use, by the powers that have been granted by the God. She barely scratches any of us.
    “This… is a power of a Saint, Sara!” Navas screeches, then she disappeared, along with all the Abyss forces that came with her.
    Light was glowing from me, the Holy Light of Armonia, the light to protect all. The Light that can illuminate the Abyss itself. I walked towards her, A strong light suddenly emanates from me, wiping out every Abyss army in a large scale.
    Van, this is it. I will disappear, with this, I will return back to God side, along with the lights, along with the Abyss forces that wreck havoc in Armonia. Van, please take care, protect the light of Armonia.
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    So she is Saint Sara?
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