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    [Developer's Note] Crusader Daria

    Hello, this is Developer N.

    Here, I'm going to introduce for the new character, [Crusader Daria].

    Crusader Daria,
    I guess that Pioneers won't forget Daria Pavluchenk who was been together with Pioneer families. (??? : People might forget about her...
    Since I heard that she became one of Barrack cleaning woman, nobody is trying to bring her anymore.)

    Homeland Illier,
    Daria who returned to answer the calling of the mother country to prevent the bloody civil war. Her father, Mikhail and she join the war to repress the civil war, but it is said that they was defeated and had to retreat by a sniper called oneself as [Banshee] in [Royal Road].

    Nevertheless she got a fatal injury, she tried to return the battleground, Mikhail was afraid to lose her and he asked an Armonia holy knight to take care of his daughter.

    Daria, who was in hospital in Armonia, pledges to be strong with blaming herself for the current situation that it caused by her weakness.
    Since then, she constantly trained with the Armonia holy knight who had protected her, and finally, overcoming her weakness by controlling the sword of Armonia Cathedral, [Barisada].

    Also, she became a member of World Peacekeeping Forces which had been made by Ludio II and headed to the homeland, Illier first.

    Now, Daria is a [Crusader] of ATX Peacekeeping Forces, she becomes to meet [Banshee] in Royal Road. [Crusaders] and [Banshee], which have struggled according to their ideals and values. How's their fate going to be?

    [Development story]

    ??? : How could you choose to develop Daria this time?
    N : Last year around this time, Natalie growth version character, [Banshee Natalie] was released. Then, Natalie and Daria is sisterly ties.
    It is not fair only Natalie has a growth version, isn't it? So, we'd like to give a chance to the older sister with splendid makeover. But there was a 'Knight of Illier' setup as [Lynn] character, so we had to change the concept as [Crusader] for Daria.

    [Crusader Daria Draft 1]

    [Crusader Daria Draft 2]

    [Crusader Daria Draft 3]

    ??? : Hereby, it is the 2nd character we introduced as a surprise gift to Pioneer families in April Fools's day.
    N : Yes, right. among many of characters we gave in April Fools's day, we have plan to develop more characters in the future, so you can look forward to it.
    ??? : When I saw the released story, it seems she is a kind of rival with Banshee.
    N : Yes, she is a Banshee you imagine. In the new continent, Daria cared for her little sister like a treasure...
    Then, we don't know what was the reason she gave a injury to her sister... There must be some reason and story...
    Finally, they became to fight for their own values, but like a brother of Armonia, we hope the sister reconcile each other someday.
    ??? : Is there anything special?
    N: Though we can say about [Constant Skill] as we will explain functionally, first of all we paid attention for the detail of character. Especially, the story and setup. Relationship with the existing GE characters and so on...
    Such as Scavenger Yeganeh, we hide some dialogues with some NPC in a certain situation, you might be interested finding such dialogues.
    ??? : Then, what about Barisada? The Barisada...
    N : Yes, right. It will be the one you imagine. But it is kind of different with the original.
    so... well...That was how it is....

    [Basic Instruction]

    - Comparing the existing Daria who can wear [Sword] and [Rifle] and change the stance,
    [Crusader Daria] can use only [Sword].

    - She can wear [Heavy Armor], and having high STR, AGI and HP, she could be a outstanding melee attack character as I expect.

    [Job Skill]

    - Crusader Daria's job skill, [Triiger] is the job skill that the existing [Daria] has, it switches
    state flexibly according to the situation. THough [Hit and Trigger] may seem unnecessary to the present Daria having a sword, the true value of this [Trigger] will show high synergy with her exclusive stance, [Barisa].

    - Crusader Daria's exclusive stance, [Barisada], is an attack stance that constantly rages enemies using [Barisada], which is called the Armonia holy sword. When equips Sword, the stace activates and it is [Blocking] defence type basically. And it can attack a whide area in normal attack.

    - [Barisada] stance in [Holy Sword] stance is enhanced all attack skill damages except [Prea], and can cast the final skill, [Prea]. Furthermore, unlikely with [Fighting Spirit], there is no limited time in duration.
    - [Barisada] is composed of 3 of special skills, 1 of attack skill and 1 buff skill.

    * [Layered]
    - [Layered] is a buff skill applied to oneself. When use it, depending on the [Trigger] currently applied,
    buff corresponding to [Attack] and [Defence] apply to you will apply.
    - In [Hit and Trigger] state, [Aias] buff applies, and [Aias] has an effect that increase DEF, IMM. and Max HP to oneself.
    When reaches 11 Lv or 12 Lv, A.R. increases, and reaches 13 Lv, the basic effect will enhance. Like [Aias], Attack attribute enhances but Defence attribute will weaken.
    - In [Incounter Trigger] state, [Barisada] buff applies, and [Barisada]has an effect that enhances ATK and Pen. to oneself.
    Such as [Aias], it enhances A.R. in 11 Lv. or 12 Lv, and, when reaches 13 Lv, the basic effect will enhance. Like [Aias], Attack attribute enhances but Defence attribute will weaken.
    - In case that [Trigger] effect lasts in 12 Lv state, [Layered] enhances the skill level of [Layered] by 1. When you use 12 Lv.
    [Layered], please don't forget to activate [Trigger].

    * [Kira]
    - [Kira] skill is an attack skill to cut three enemies nearby.
    - This skill is newly developed [Continuous Skill], and if you re-enter the skill after using the skill, or use the shortcut key of the other skill specified in the tooltip, the next skill associated with the [Kira] skill will be cast.
    - Re-casting skill is a total of four kinds, Each skill cause each range of different skills, effects and abnormal state, therefore, depending on the situation, to use the right skill might be important using the skill.

    * [Pales]
    - [Pales] Skill is a skill that blows straight through orbit and fires enemies. It is useful when encountering multiple enemies [Escape of Crisis], [Disabling multiple enemies for some time].
    - [Pales] skill is also a [Continuous Skill], after using [Pales] skill, when re-cast [Pales] and use [Pales Crash], Crusader Daria can attack once again on the passing track.

    * [Kaleidor]
    - This is also [Continuous Skill], and though designate 1 enemy, but we expect that it could be the main attack skill.
    - Like [Kira] skill, [Kaleidor] skill is casted when re-use the shortcut key of the other skill specified in the tooltip.
    - Such as [Kira], Re-casting skill is a total of four kinds, Each skill cause each range of different skills, effects and abnormal state, therefore, depending on the situation, to use the right skill might be important using the skill.

    * [Prea]
    - The final skill, [Prea], covers a wide range and a large number enemies in targeting and ignores enemy's DEF by 100%. Though it is a powerful skill,
    It is an attacking skill with many restrictions that can only be cast in [Long Casting Time], [High SP Requirement], [Holy Sword].
    If you encounter a large number of opponents, it is expected that you will be able to round up using [Prea] skill.
    (??? : Why there are too many restriction? / N : It takes a price to be strong.)

    [Developer's Comment]
    - As for Crusader Daria, Developer N recommend the backup position of the best tanker [Sirius] or sub-tanker or [Melee Damage Dealer] in [Holy Sword] state to offer a stable damage accumulation.
    - Under [Holy Sword] state, because the basic range of attack increases, it will be more convenient to offer damages than the other melee characters as we expect.
    - When I think of the pros and cons as follows.

    Crusader Daria cannot attack the sky except the final skil, [Prea].
    (??? : You seem to miss to make new character to attack the sky these days. / N : Let's take the sky to the shooting type characters. There is a job for each characters.)
    She doesn't have a dash skill, so it might be so hard to get close to enemies.
    (??? : I think you like to make melee characters these days / N : Melee should be like Melee...)
    Also, Barisada stance weaks to magic attack.

    On the other hand,
    Here is the summary of Crusader Daria's advantages.
    - Equipping [Heavy Armor], it has strong tolaerance to Melee and Shooting, and through using high status and conversion of attack and defence using Layered, though not exactly like Sirius, it can a position of [Tanker] or [Dealer]flexibly and it could be a good fighter to MCC or melee
    battle in squad effectively.
    - After accumulation of [Fighting Spirit] though endless skill attack of using [Kira] and [Kaleidor] which has [Short Waiting Time], if it became a [Holy Sword] state, then it can be a certain range of attack not likely [Melee].


    So, in sum, here is my thought of Crusader Daria.

    [When you meet Crusader Daria!]
    - Using range attack or skill, keep pushing Crusader Daria.
    - Except [Prea] [Barisada] Stance cannot attack the sky.
    [Barisada] stance is weak for magic attack. defeat Crusader Daria using magic attack.
    - [Prea] has wide attack range, can attack many enemies and has a powerful damage but there are limitation of use.
    When [Prea] is casted, cut the casting or move out of the range of the skill.

    [When you use Crusader Daria]
    - Trust the high defence ability and rush to [Shooting] or [Magic] character which has low defence ability.
    - After [Kira], [Kaleidos], the linked [Continuous Skill] has more powerful attack power. after hitting the target, try to cast [Continous Skill], and maximize the skill damage.
    - Crusader Daria is a flexable character in conversion of attack and defence, according to each situation, try to change the attack and defence ability and continue the flow of battle.
    [Holy Sword] has no duration but [Fighting Spirit] has duration. [Fighting Spirit] management before changing to [Holy Sword], it will be each Pioneer Families' capacity.


    Until now, I introuduced the new character [Crusader Daria].

    We are hardly trying to develope more interesting or fresh character for Pioneer Families.
    Next time we will try to share more useful information of new characters.

    We expect lots of love and support for Crusader Daria.

    Thank you

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    - KGE website / Developer's Note:

    Thank you,
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    So hyped for the new Daria good job Developer N. & GEEU TEAM !

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    Ohw, so Natalie basically pewpewed Daria. another siblings plot twist. o-o

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