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    Question about scout in Keep Mode

    Why does my scout, when equipped with a dagger and in Keep Mode, always wants to run far away from the team leader, sometimes even out of the screen, and start some battle on his own instead of being together with the team, then before long returns to base but to stand idle?

    Otherwise if my scout is set as the leader, when he runs away out of the screen, the other two members would both dash to his spot, not to help fight but just to stand idle both waiting to be killed by monsters?

    Not sure what I'm not doing right, or do I need to consume some specific items? Thanks for any advice!
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    Defend mode might be better for cases like this. What happened in Keep Mode is Scout targeted a run away mob who did not see the character as target and led him away.

    Melee chars are horrible to afk with. Sometimes they just keep close to leader char and not wander too far if mobs spawn near and fast. Other times they run away too far from leader and when they return they wont attack.
    Not sure what level you are and where you afk, but to just lvl newbies get some range char like grace or other shotgun user (range splash dmg), use the vet stance as it does not eat ammo and enjoy the levels.

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    If you dont want your npcs to run alot get a shooter toon since they mainly run cause they go chasing the mob, and also dont afk where ppl usually run by since they will drag mobs and your toons with it. If you do go the shooter toon route set the shooter as leader when your melee run away they will return to your shooter toon and "most" of the time they will continue attacking.

    Is hard to afk with just melee chracters cause once the leader toon runs away a certain amount your others will follow and will stop attack.
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    Always set a ranged as your leader. Its not always the case that the melee will stop attacking after running away and coming back to the spot. But its a guarantee that your ranged characters will stop whacking if it follows the melee when it is chasing the mob.

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