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Thread: Hi?

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    Well, it's parkpark who's the gravedigger of this server...

    Lurking there in a battleroom alone with his Lion II, trying to improve his 81% winrate. There are probably a few people here who avoid him like the plague.

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    He,he..I had to laugh at this comment, but the dudelebowski is right:-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by EuroGameZ View Post
    Situation is bad now but we will try to maintain this NFEU server....
    Team EuroGameZ
    But you're not doing anything to fix it! No one will come to live in the desert without motivation. For people to appear here, You have to give them "bread and circuses"! We need tournaments, events and generous gifts. You have to give more entertainment than the Chinese do.

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    Still no changes. What a waste of time.

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    Still anyone playing? I need to check that from time to time

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    Will this situation change soon? Do something about it.

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