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Thread: Hi?

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    This game is dead.

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    Hello Event so slowly you should take a position as it is now here on NF / EU further.
    It just can not be serious that you now throw everything?
    if you do not have any more bock then please take care that the EU players have their accounts transferred to NA. and do not say again.
    I think I'm talking here for so few players who have really reedesteckt a lot of money and now nothing is done. I find it really a shame that the EU server then for the second time is so flattened.

    Best regards


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    This silence is terrible. Second week I'm waiting for any reaction but there is nothing.

    Dear Kkofa, we kindly ask you to transfer our accounts to the NFNA. We want to stay at NFEU but there is no hope for situation increase.
    All hope was for the steam... Without steam server is obliged for the slow death due to lowering player base... And it is already dead. There are fue players who still tries to play...

    It is impossible to wait further.

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    Dear NFEU Fans,

    We will do the bug fix patch this week and server change too.

    We will keep run the server anyway and will wait people come back.

    If someone really want the transfer, you can ask it to NA GM and we will cooperate when they allow...

    Thank you and sorry about the situation.

    But this server will not give up and will keep serving for EU NF Fans.

    Team EuroGameZ

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    cmon get some people


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    What is with the Transfer???? This Server is Dead since weeks. No Bug Fix can get more Player.

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    hello event so slowly I'm really angry. you do not do anything anymore. if you write a ticket comes for weeks no answer ?????
    and if one comes then just oh that does not need more and yes we will change it and it comes a patch and and and. I have written with NF / NA who have no request from you because of the transfer to NA. I'm really crazy. me and the other players have put in enough money here and you or you care a **** about it. So please take care that the transfer finally takes place or wirb new member so that eu runs again just so it is not. if you do not mind then turn off the server and do not finish ... I better stop writing otherwise I'll be even more indignant.

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    Nice this answer here and by support ticket..... since 2 weeks i wait and was is nothing.....

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    Dear NFEU Fans,

    Sorry about the situation but we are keeping alive and waiting people coming back.

    We are proceeding some people's ticket to transferring too.

    Thank you

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Thanks for the update, EuroGameZ.

    Now, while you're at it, could you please verify the new patch (of yesterday)?

    The same problems of some weeks ago with antivirus software have come up again. I can't start Navyfield anymore, because the file Navyfield.exe has been quarantined. Please resolve this.

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