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    Any update on letizia event winners, or will they be announced next maintenance

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    I was connected from tuesday till now without a break... my event page says on attendance reward "Not attended". Why does it show this? is it needed to reconnect once a day? Pls tell us, GM, since there is like no clarification on anything about that.

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    Attendance Check, Attendance Points and Play Time are applied next day around 9 am Server Time for the previous day.
    In order to update your logging data, please remind you need to restart the game.

    Thank you,

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    I got a question: Do i need to take the quest steps until the given attendance day to get the reward or is it fine when u are on attendance day 27 for example and finish the viron returned devil questline then? Will you get rewards then, since u got both the attendance days and the quests or will you fail because u did it after day 18?

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    You can still receive the rewards even after the corresponding date

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hildy View Post
    You can still receive the rewards even after the corresponding date
    Thanks, then i can chill a bit

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