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    Black Cat & Lost Goden Wolf - Eileen / Rubiana

    Hello, this is Developer N.

    Here, I'm going to introduce for the new characters, [Black Cat, Eileen] and [Golden Wolf, Rubiana Illisia].


    [Black Cat] is the rival of great thief [White Wolf] who keeps Illisia under his control.

    She's a theif whose origin, age and past are all unknown. It's said that she's excellent in disguising, so no one can know her identity. Differently from White Wolf, she doesn't care about request type, as she can do everything for the money. Interested, you can request.

    As her job is a theif, she needs to seek various information.
    Like Corrupt Star's messenger, La Parsie Mordon and Land of Promise…

    As she can do everything for the money, you can contact her for the information you need, only if you have money.

    Because the reward for info. is absolutely expensive.

    'Rubiana Illisia',

    She's 1st in the line of Imperial succession in Illier Imperial family. Currently, Prince Imperial Cyprus Illisia is likely to be the next emperor. But, if Rubiana returns to the palace, another blood war will happen in Kal Armacian.

    Because of her cold-blooded father, [The Rank struggle to the Crown] broke out. In the war, she slaughtered her half brothers and sisters who had challenged her to keep her post. That's why she's called 'Princess of Blood'.

    On that day when she could defend her Imperial rank after killing [Lueminel Illisia], she left the palace with tears, as she couldn't kill her new-born sister who was nestled in her mother's bosom. How miserable! But, she always suppresses her feelings. She has a strong mentality.

    She's kind and warm-hearted to the imerial maids, but she's arrogant and cold to nobles. Even in her childhood, Guard General and Commander in chief were troubled by her.

    Despiete of those sufferings, she loves her country and has practiced Kan Del Jena. She also believes taht the empire reconciliation will come true someday.

    Now, let’s learn more about [Black Cat] and [Golden Wolf].

    [Job Skill]

    [Mind Steal] is Eileen's job skill. It basically increases A.R. and Accuracy.

    [Mind Steal] carves Eileen's unique marker [Black Cross Mark] in enemy. Able to impose various additional effects to the enemy with that marker.
    During normal attack, it evaporates enemy PC's [SP] in proportion to the level of [Mark] and imposes additional damage. With Skill Accuacy, it evaporates enemy PC's [SP] in proportion to [Mark] level and imposes additional damage in proportion to [SP].


    [Eileen] exclusive [Black Cat] and [Rubiana] exclusive [Aurel Lupus] are magic stance using [Lightning Bracelet].

    They have high ATK. But, owing to their [Low Accuracy], skill or attack damage has gaps. Pioneering family should find out how to increase Accuracy.

    In addition, [Black Cat] stance has 4 times normal attacks and short max range, but [Aurel Lupus] stance has 3 times normal attack and long max range.

    [Black Cat] and [Aurel Lupus] stance have [Blocking] attribute. They can be used as the long range lightning ATK in the battle.

    [Black Cat] has short max range and 4 times normal attacks. As Eileen wears [Leather Armor], the damage can be accumulated in a relatively stable condition.

    [Aurel Lupus] has 12m range, double of [Black Cat] range but 3 times normal attacks. As Rubiana wears [Rob] type armor, she can be in Immobilization state by enemy's sudden long range attack.


    [Storm Blitz / Aurel Shock]
    [Storm Blitz] is [Black Cat]'s first skill. It can additionally summon the Lightning ball following Eileen. Able to summon up to 3 balls. According to the number of the summon, Eileen can have additional [Defence attribute]. [Storm Blitz] has 10m range. The summoned Lightning ball which follows Eileen attacks enemies randomly and carve [Black Cross Mark] with certain probability. Remember that its lasting time is short.

    [Aurel Shock] is [Aurel Lupus]' first skill and Instant skill. It has 12m range. With accuracy, it carves [Golden Circle Mark] in enemy. All Rubiana's [Aurel Lupus] skills can impose additional damage to [Golden Circle Mark]-imposed enemies. For PC, it's possible, if enemy's Max SP is lower than Rubiana's Max SP and for every monster.

    [Lightning Shield / Aurel Shield]
    2nd skill, [Lightning Shield] and [Aurel Shield] are Self-buff skill. Caster can get the lightning power from the 2 balls around him. [Lightning Shield] increases Lightning Penetration, Lightning attiribute additional damage, and D.R. and imposes [Black Cross Mark] to attacking enemies with certain probability.

    [Aurel Shield] increases Lightning Penetration, Lightning attiribute additional damage, and A.R. and imposes imposes [Golden Circle Mark] to attacking enemies with certain probability.

    [Lightning Sabel / Aurel Sabel]
    3rd skill, [Lightning Sabel] and [Aurel Sabel] are main skill of [Black Cat] and [Aurel Lupus]. They can attack medium- or long-range enemies with fast casting. [Lightning Sabel] skills can evaporate [Black Cross Mark]-imposed enemy PC's [SP] and give additional damage. [Aurel Sabel] skills can give additional damage to [Golden Circle Mark]-imposed enemy PC, if enemy's Max SP is lower than Rubiana's Max SP. It's done for every monsters.

    [Sharp Lightning / Sharp Spear]
    4th Skill, [Sharp Lightning] and [Sharp Spear] are can attack 20 times many enemies around the target which is chosen by special skill [Channelling] with the lightning power made from the Lightning ball. [Black Cross Mark] or [Golden Circle Mark] effect doesn't work, but the basic damage is high. So, they can be PvE main attack skill for [Black Cat] and [Aurel Lupus].

    [Lightning Storm / La Spina]
    5th Skill, [Lightning Storm] and [La Spina] can scatter lightnings all over around 12m range randomly. As they can attack many enemies in a wide range, you can use it, when you encounter many enemies and defeat them with one shot. throw. But, they need relatively long casting time, you'd better to be cautious of using them. Additional effect of [Black Cross Mark] or [Golden Circle Mark] works.

    Eileen's strong point
    Though she's magician character, she has relatively high Penetration and IMM owing to her [Leather Armor]. Among other simular [Stances], it has relatively long attack range.

    Relatively low ATK damage and Defence attribute can be supplement by [Storm Blitz]. Skill's casting time for [Reusing] is relatively short. Above all, in combination with [Black Cross Mark], enemy PC's [SP] can be evaporated in skill and normal attack. She can impose strong damage to monsters.

    On the other hand, Eileen can't make Instant skill attack.

    In PvP, without proper skill for attacking enemies, she can be vulnerable to Head to Head combat.

    Besides, as she needs long casting time for the skill attacking enemies in the air, she's relatively vulnerable to [Enemies in the air].

    Eileen and Rubiana have different role, but the way of managing both charater is similar.

    [Tip for Eileen and Rubiana]
    - For [Eileen], [Black Cat] stance can prove the merits, only when [Black Cross Mark] is accumulated by normal attack. Please, be prepared for fast ATK SPD.
    - [Rubiana] can prove her merits to the enemy PC with lower Max SP. Please, try to increase Rubiana's Max SP.
    - [Lightning Bracelet] has huge gap in blowing damage owing to low Accuracy. Attention for Accuracy!
    - [Storm Blitz] increases [Eileen]'s Defence attribute considerably. Please, Keep an eye on [Storm Blitz]!

    Thank you
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    I love reading those developer notes, thanks for sharing GEEU <3!!

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    I keep telling myself I won't spend on collecting characters again but my oh my. Why do you do this developers D:

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