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Hello guys,

I just wanna follow up on this. is there any difference between racial% (WL,human, etc...) vs Armor-type (Brestia,Elite Bristia weapon stat) ?
In PvE calculation no. Actually, if you use ampules it will be racial%*armor-type% which will give you higher dps than having racial%+racial% if the % are equal. Example: 1.1(10%ampule)*1.9(90% Armor-Type%)=2.09 is greater than 1.1(10%ampule)+0.9(racial%)=2.0. However, i'm not sure if skill affinity share the same multiplier as that of your weapon. Meaning that if your skill does 145% on heavy and if you have 90% heavy will it be 1.45*1.9=2.755 or 1.45+0.90=2.35? Have never tested thoroughly for it but its likely the former. For PvP calculation i've not tested if its halved but for game balance it should be lol.