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    Well,at least some of that cases are published.
    Ppl begins to understand that there`s many backdoors in their software.
    Like the case with Eternal Blue exploit this spring-summer. Yeah, that WannaCry, Petya... And DoublePulsar, which was based on NSA plans.
    To be honest... Eternal Blue existed for 16 freaking years. From XP to vanilla W10. I don`t think NSA found it like a year ago, so let`s be real- it was used. For years. And when it leaked...

    And that case with WannaCry was kinda wide published in the media. I can`t really tell about the whole world, but in my country (Russia) it was discussed.

    And yeah, "Fake news" is totally wrong word.

    The things that never happened, but being discussed- is "Fake news". The things that happened, but NOT being discussed or being hidden...CAN sometimes be a "Fake news".
    But both Piratebay& Utorrent cases is serious cases,you know. TPB case was shocking because it made ppl realise- even big,respected and controlled site can use your hardware for mining >>WITHOUT LETTING YOU KNOW ABOUT IT<<. The question is not if that was"Installed module" or "injected script". The problem is totally other thing. Once again- the mining itself is not the problem. I already found several sites which made a pop-up window which asks you "Can we use your PC for mining to pay for our servers?". And that was totally okay. The problem itself is the fact that someone can use your PC for mining without letting you know and without setting any limits. That CAN really harm your hardware. That`s the case we see right now on GEEU forums.

    On the other hand there`s a uTorrent case. Yeah, it was not really the doing of Utorrent developers. But that WAS their mistake. Not nuff quality control for the "offers", if you want. And yeah, that SHOULD be published. Like that thing with GEEU Forums SHOULD be discussed. Cause that`s basically the same money question as with your CC info. Unauthorized mining => 100% load for like hour => probably overheat => Less lifetime of your hardware => GG your wallet,gotta pay for new hardware sooner then you planned. Would it be GEEU fault? Well...Not really . As the things with Utorrent was not fault of it`s devs. But in fact there`s a mistake\overlook of GEEU webmasters- yes,it is.

    Yeah,that`s all theoretical. But if it`s not properly discussed, researched and fixed now- that can become a huge mess in the near future. That`s why i decided not to keep silent when i saw a miner here.
    And you know...several ppl asked me in PM about "What is coinhive? How can it harm me?". That means that probably i done things right, informing ppl and drawing a bit more of attention to the problem. Even if that`s so little right now.

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    Ads/malware problem with the forums has been fixed.

    If you still have a problem, please delete Internet Cache in your browser,
    and join the forum again.

    Thank you,
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    Itsyous, MVP of the day and thank for the fast fix GEEU

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    Finaly, so nice now.
    " Satis Faction "

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    Virus again
    +7 GMT server, #makeithappen

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