Log in during this period and win rewards!

Event Period: 11/17 - 11/27

1st Week (11/17 ~ 11/21)

Date Condition Rewards
11/17~18 login one of two days Sub Att Card
Changer *3
11/19~20 login one of two days Prism Card *3
11/17~21 Login 5 days Marching Drum

2nd Week (11/23 ~ 11/27)

Date Condition Rewards
11/23~24 login one of two days item ball *5
11/25~26 login one of two days card ball *5
11/23~27 Login 5 days Smile Mouse Helmet
Purple (FX) 15Days

Play one match during the period and double the rewards that you will obtain!

Ex: The user logs in and play a match on November 17, he will
receive 6 Sub attribute Changers!

**Rewards will be sent during the maintenance every after the event week.