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    RAIDS: Please Update Old Raids Rewards/Level

    Hi I think some old raids like Both Arsene, Secret Tower, kielce raids, and other individual raids from NB. Should be updated by adding a Hard Mode with a worth roulette with Expert/master chips, recipes, valeron powders, stances, boosters, principal/steroids, armors or 33-34 AR weapons.
    About the number of members for this updated raids, i think 12-24 players will be fine since lot of players can't enter luci raids, because of the 5 people only penalty, and organizers excludes lot of people for that (please go back to 12 players event on luci hard).
    Another good idea is adding new modes to high raids, like a very nerfed version of Bloody Navy, royal road, thalos, ctb, or Tigres so a few people or new players can join those raids.

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    Update server first so it can actually hold more than 7 people in a map during CWars.
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    bump up for this

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    really good idea, bumping like insane

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    Royal road and talos have 3 tier difficulties already lol. And they added a hardmode version of the castilla runs not so long ago

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