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    [GE_EU][19/12] Regular Maintenance - 28.50.39 (07:00 till 11:00) - CET

    Hello GEEU Fans,

    On 19th of December 2017, our Game Server is going to be down for the regular maintenance.

    - GEEU game server: From 07:00 till 11:00 (CET)

    [Patch Details]

    1.' 2017 Christmas & 2018 New Year Event' is opening.
    - Period: 19.12.2017 ~ 16.01.2018

    * Event details is going to be posted on the 'Forum / Event Board' during the maintenance.

    2. 1 Vis Roulette event is closing.

    3. Resetting for some areas in the server.
    - Some of zone channels will be deleted.
    - CW, CB and Mission area setting will be re-adjusted.

    4. Raid boss regen. time fixed. *added
    - Changed to after the maintenance.

    (Distorted Patrikyon Barto Lieutenant General, Distorted Patrikyon Taky Lieutenant General)

    5. It has been fixed that Halloween item was dropped in some area. *added

    6. It has been fixed that '(E) Weapon Costume Merchant Summon Stone - Character' was exchanged with Vernier Costume.

    Once patch is done, the patch note can be updated.

    Thank you,
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    Little Hint for the Lag issue: channeling skills.i think they cause lag....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Savoir View Post
    Little Hint for the Lag issue: channeling skills.i think they cause lag....
    Mo, you still remember, when Korean in holidays, maintenance got delay 1 day or more. So it mean that Korean Admin that doing maintenance, and I bet he already know whats wrong with server, and know how to fix it if there is still room to fix. If its software or other things that can be fix, he already fix it, so only hardware issues that he can fix since kind like Prefix said, no budget for that.

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    wow why was there no notice in game about maint before all got DC lol
    that just zzz

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