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    Quote Originally Posted by Rosa Secreta View Post
    Hi GMs, thanks for server re-optimisation. Please ensure that all these maps will be re-optimised. Thanks.

    Major Raid areas
    1. Distorted Time : Imperial Arma
    2. Armonia, En Celar
    3. Armonia, El Templo
    4. Armonia, Gloria
    5. Armonia, Biego
    6. Armonia, El Soltado
    7. Armonia, El Adio
    8. Bahamar, Forest of Prophet
    9. Bahamar, Altar of Heaven
    10. Lucifer Castle, Banquet Hall
    11. Bedel Plain
    12. Vernier Mansion 2nd Floor

    CW maps
    1. Ferrucio Junction
    2. Garden of Kings
    3. El Lago de Tres Hermanas
    4. Lago Celeste
    5. Porto Bello Deserted Quay
    6. Katovic Snowfield
    7. Bonavista River
    8. Ustiur, Zona Uno
    9. The Old Port of Coimbra
    10. Bahamar Swamp of Peril

    Other PVP areas
    1. Tierra De La Sed
    2. Clique Battle
    Please please place utmost priority in optimizing the aforementioned maps which are heavily loaded/ face massive crowding during boss raids/ scheduled in-game PVP events...

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    sometimes 4-5 people are enough to make the server lag in certain areas, especially at CW

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    Let's wish that in the new year the lag will be gone! There are other online games that can hold 10000 times more population without any lag...while now we lag even with 5 families on the same map. and i'm even in Europe still lag af, not metionning those SEA players who suffer a big time.

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    some people already did = )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penelopee View Post
    some people already did = )
    More to follow - accept wen xd

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    Quote Originally Posted by Savoir View Post
    More to follow - accept wen xd
    done xoxoxo

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    update it faster!!!! i whant new ANIS~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sotonapower View Post
    update it faster!!!! I whant new anis~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so much hypeeeeeeee!!!

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    i just whant it^_^
    if i dont get it i will break all weapon and armor^_^
    and delete game :P

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    если персонажи будут падать также как коробок Линдона или счастливой Летиции уйду с сервера убил больше 150 евро и ничего
    if the characters will fall as Lyndon boxes or lucky Letitia leave the server killed more than 150 Euro and nothing

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