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    More inventory space

    PLEASE I've been begging for more inventory space for years now, my inventory is still clogged with rings from that ONE time I opened a bunch of lyndon boxes years ago when Loreta was released, a bunch of costumes, miscellaneous resources, (Event) stuff, weapons for all my characters, etc. Buying the temporary Leo inventory expansion item won't make a difference anymore either, I'm at my limit with that as well.

    I barely play this game anymore, I still try to do one new scenario quest every saturday night, I'm still in Symphonia ep2, but I barely play anymore, partly because anytime I log in and feel like playing or participating in events, about 80% of the time I have to worry about inventory management and not having enough space to receive items from events or particular items I need. I can't actually play anymore. It's just too much to handle.

    I'm fine with having only 248 slots of portable inventory space but most of that stuff I need to put in my Leo inventory but I can't because it's full. And I don't like it that slot expansion is so expensive. I feel that inventory space shouldn't be an issue, I just wanna log in on saturday, just relax and play but it's impossible for me as it is. There's so many items in this game you want to have at all times, and especially with rings not stacking and with (Event) stuff needing their owns slots, it's not like it's all my fault either but the game is to blame too. It can't be hard to expand the standard Leo inventory by a couple of hundred extra slots. Please consider. Thank you.
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    You can use 2 ways of expanding inventory:
    1)Leonardo last option - 2b feso for +50 slots. Also there was some item that expanded inventory 2 slots per use, but i cant find it now.
    2)Use "Increase Storage slot" up to 1500 for 30 days(LB) or buy from Leo 700 slots for 7,2m
    Also you can use one and only one alt acc for storage purposes only. It is legal.
    And last one - sell your useless stuff. Rly.
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    Got too many rings and lazy? Npc em all one by one and just keep rings worth 100m+

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