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    wen ge is lifu qop

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    Website back online now~. I'm still waiting team.
    I feel sry but I can imagine that some of you may look like zombie by now~

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    Good luck GEEU devs! We appreciate the time and effort put into this fix! :3

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    Almost like that time when T3Fun GE had that week long maintenance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by castellamari View Post

    *Breathing intensifies*

    I hope that you can sort everything out. And Please do take your time!!!
    If you fix things, do it properly this time, instead of rushing and having issues again 2 hours later!!!
    These impatient nut jobs waited 9 months inside their mom's womb, they can certainly wait another few days!


    Wow... love this Pharse ^_^ very mature and nice.

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    Do Your Best Admin !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agito01 View Post
    According to the following situation, I suggest that I would never
    Never spend any single € on this game. Because that situation showed to me how valuable I am for EU distributor and how competent they are in solving technical problems. At any time game could just "end" and you won't be able to do anything about it.

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    Does the server open? I still fail at updating the client

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