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    [FS2EU] Temporary Maintenance

    Hello FS2EU Fans,

    We feel really sorry for your inconvenience and the late informing.

    Because of temeporary maintenace, you can not log-in.

    We're trying to recover a server crash and we expect that the server will be fiixed within today.

    Sorry again !!



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    Stop lying. Just tell the truth. If you cared even little, you would not be posting this 2 days later. No news, 0 replies to emails, and finally a 10 second comment on 3rd day without time. And you charge in game Gkash items much higher than any newest games. This game is even more expensive than Elder Scrolls Online lmao, I spent on 4 special characters, slots etc, 100~200 euros still not enough millage to even buy one outfit, it is absolutely repulsive and disgusting that you charge that much for dated ancient game but don't give a damn about server for 2 days without notice. Now I know people weren't kidding about you closing down server on a day you want and won't give a damn about users. I have been playing this game for like 1 month each year, experienced 3~4 server downs so far and forced to drop the game due to low number players after unreasonable maintenance period. Simple sport game, you manage server worse than worst MMO servers. Oh wait, I never tried GE xd.

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    Dear Freestyle2 gamers,

    We had some database machine crash problem and now we are recovering.

    We think the login will be recovered in hours today.

    Sorry again and we will keep up trying to provide more stable service.

    Team EuroGameZ

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    will we have some Compensation?cuz we lost loggin event,like 200gkash and 5 sub changers,and we couldnt do other events .

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    Your login server is down since 2 days now ...
    Hope You'll give us some (lot) compensation cause of this crash you had.
    2 days crash ... You should seriously consider to hire some competent engineers, cause your actual team is ... unqualified.


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    I don't think they even need competent engineers. This game is old, simple sport game with small number of players not a massive high spec MMO. Plus, it is only matter of attitude issue for not updating what was happening in past 2 days. I have seen so many players leaving because of EG only giving robotic replies for technical support. If you haven't invested gcash like me, just drop the game no one deserves their abuse.

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    Any update about your database issue ?

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    Still not working lol. A whole new level of hopelessness!

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    lul,i think u need one more day now,no problem!

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    "We think the login will be recovered in hours today.

    Sorry again and we will keep up trying to provide more stable service."
    By EuroGameZ

    Hahaha dat bull**** ...

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