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    Cant log in or sign up

    Was a long time player back ion the day as NFEU sill was a thing until it was closed down. Found out a few days back that its online again, so i downloaded it and wanted to play a little. Seems my old login data doesnt work, no much problems here. But i also cant sign uop for a new account, if i try i get a blank page with "Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request." similar thing happens when i try to use the create new accoutn button on log in screen, just a page with a wall of text.

    Can someone tell me how i can get actually into the game?

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    Also having the same problem. Cannot login with my account

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    Dear nodi85,

    Server is ok now and you still cannot login?

    What kind of message or situation you have now?

    You sent the ticket?

    Team EuroGameZ

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