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    NFEU server resurrected again with breaking Big Giveaway Event !!

    Dear NFEU Captains,

    If you want to get 200 EURO Bonus, please click HERE and enjoy ^^

    We will keep trying to proceed things and make this server enjoyable !!

    Thank you!

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Mar 2017

    I was just going to suggest to you to post here, not on the "News and events" page where new posts are not shown before you click on it.

    You could also put a large colourful anouncement on the main website:
    - (and get rid of the slightly blurred light, as it only encourages to click away)


    Good idea to send an email to every player in your database.

    Let's go! Keep it up!

    Thanks, dudelebowski

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    Wait this bonus only applies for whom? I already got one bonus for being old player so I guess it doesnt apply to me? BTW it seems no one is in game atm :/

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    You say send ticket for gain bonus, but there is no category to send it trough... How to do it?

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