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    [GE_EU][30/01] Regular Maintenance - 28.94.65 (08:00 till 11:00) - CET

    Hello GEEU Fans,

    On 30th of January 2018, our Game Server is going to be down for the regular maintenance.

    - GEEU game server: From 08:00 till 11:00 (CET)

    [Patch Details]

    1. Rubiana's Blessing Event ends.
    - Event token and Holy items will be deleted.

    2. Leona's Ticket from the past event will be deleted.

    3. Using Execute Anis [Berserk] skill, it will be fixed that the extra skill damage was not applied in other skills. *edited

    4. It will be fixed that some of Christmas texts showed in Storm and Dragon scenario quest progress. *added

    5. To reduce Clique Battle lags, server setting has been changed.
    (Colony War areas and other additional area settings will be adjusted next week after monitoring 1 week more.)

    * In addition we feel sorry for the delayed situation with fixing the bug, uploading personal or faction emblem, we will check and try fix as soon as possible.

    Once patch is done, the patch note can be updated.

    Thank you,
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    what bug with E.Anis???

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    Her bonus skill damage during berserk not applying at all (ie triggering the yellow damage numbers when berserk is active).

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