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    Smile [Distorted World] First Contact: The Other World

    [Distorted World] First Contact: The Other World’s Dreams
    A Granado Espada Fanfiction for the Contest “[Distorted World] First Contact”
    By: Okasamyn (GEEU IGN: Hydrorgyrum)

    Part 1: The dreams of a Silent Girl (Memento Mori Berthe’s narrative)

    Good morning! My name is Berthe and the first thing I saw is my friend and guardian, Charles. He is quite the character and noisy too but, please forgive him for his noise. He is making my share of the noise as well. You see I am mute, it was not always that way. I just simply lost my voice.

    Charles is being very noisy, noisier than usual. Is it because I had another bad dream and he is talking so much so that I can forget it? Yes it was a rather bad and cruel dream.

    In that dream, no… In that twisted world; Laura, Juliana, and Lena is dead. They died in the first war. Patrick succumbed to the abyss. Van and Ornelia died together leaving Vincent with their will and that spear. A truly twisted world, sorrowful, cruel, and fading into destruction.

    A few days later, my friend Anis and Sirius came to visit me in Biego. That was when I first saw him, a shadow behind Sirius. Deep, deep, deep black shadow… as if the abyss in almost human form. It was standing in a hallway looking at us. I pretend I did not see it until it faded back into the shadows.

    That night I had another dream, I am a saint and Anis was the one who was sent to sacrifice. Anis fought, escaped, and disappeared. Her friends Sirius, the Knight Deputy Commander, and Cepheus, the priest, went with the crusades in the second holy war to search for her. Tragically, they were defeated.

    Laura was not there to help them. Patrick was not there to stall the abyss for them to gain some time. Van was not there to bargain with the Abyss and slow them down. It was utter tragedy. The version of me in that world… all I can do was cry and pray in vain in that decaying world.

    Charles once again woke me up in the middle of my nightmare. He is quick to say many things to cheer me up. Saying stupid things like I was crying in my dreams because Vincent stole my cake during lunch or because I slip and fall face first in front of arch bishop Lennon. Stop it, Charles! It’s so embarrassing! I slap his head to try to silence him. This Biego is my Biego, a peaceful Biego.

    I was unable to sleep anymore, so I took a walk with Charles. Laura saw me in her rounds and joined me walking. She and Charles was not the best of friends, but still, they were bickering and teasing each other as if it was nothing. The dark shadow appeared again, this time even Laura and Charles saw it. We rushed to chase it all the way into El Soltado however, we lost sight of it. Disappearing in the shadows.

    We returned to El Templo, and met with Patric who was waiting for us. He looked like he saw a terrible nightmare. They talked about the dark shadow with red eyes, even Charles was talking with them. I can only listen.

    2 days after, everyone was on high alert of that shadow. For my safety, they let me stay with Mitchell in her house. Even in there, I can’t escape from my dreams. This time I saw Anis, she had changed so much. Her wounded left eye and her left hand, but still Anis is strong and resilient. Like what Laura and Patrick is doing, she waged a lonely war. In her solitude and grief she fought on to protect what remains of what is dear to her.

    She managed to save the last shards of Cepheus’s soul and sent him off. Cepheus managed to say his last regret and wish, Sirius is still alive but, he is lost inside the deepest parts of abyss. The executioner who received hope and despair continued on with her lonely war.

    Part 2: Cries in the Dark Abyss (Executor Anis’s narrative)

    It has been a few days since I received Cepheus’s last regret and wish. I pushed on even deeper in this abyss killing and destroying everything in my path. I have to save him. I have to find my friend. The last of my important people. Sirius, please wait for me.

    These past few days ever since I freed Cepheus, I kept feeling a warm gaze looking over me every now and then. Just like the feeling of that saint who does nothing but pray and keep the holy barrier standing. If this world was not so twisted, we could have been friends too.

    I think the name of the current saint is Berthe, she is beautiful and far more deserving for the saint title than me. She is very hard working and kind, to keep that holy barrier up for cruel strangers. Is that why, despite my efforts, she became the saint and I was to be sacrificed. It’s not her fault, it’s the fault of this twisted fate! This decay, rotting from the core of the abyss.

    I have to go, I still need to find him. Dying alone is sad and lonely.

    Ah! How many days has it been? I don’t care anymore… Sirius, let me see you already! STOP HIDING and COME OUT! Sissyus… pft. Today again I can feel the warmth of the saint’s gaze over me. It’s comforting… I’m sad, I’m lonely, I have to continue… even if it’s just short, please saint, please watch me and give me strength. Your warm gaze on me is nice… it makes the restless souls be calm. They are calmer with your warm gaze on me.

    I spot a shadow… and I follow it.

    Blood, lots of blood…

    No… It can’t be. It’s not true! NO! I don’t believe it! THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!

    Why are you attacking me?!

    If that’s what you want then… I’LL SLAP YOU TO YOUR SENSES!


    Remember, please!

    Remember… the three of us are friends. Remember me.

    Blood, my blood. Sirius… he stabbed me. It hurts… but… but… my chest hurts more… it hurts so much… It’s more painful than any wound I received from the swords.

    The saint, the saint is here. She is trying to heal me. With the orders from the saint, they forced me away from this place, this **** hole of an abyss. From behind us we can hear cries of many kinds. Those brave knights, sacrificing themselves to save us. Soon they all fell silent. Sirius is just too strong for them.

    His insanity, if only I came here sooner. If only nothing stalled me. If only… I was stronger. I… could I have saved him? Those were my last thoughts before sleep consumed me.

    Part 3: Warmth in the Abyss of Insanity (Doom Slave’s narrative)

    This red thing is warm. This red fluid is very warm. But it cools and harden too quickly… give me more of this warm thing. It’s cold… very cold… hm? What is that? There is a thing over there unlike anything I saw so far. Ah! I know, I know! It is very warm! At least I feel like it should be very warm.

    This small thing is hard to hit! There is something about this thing, this small thing here that makes me warm inside. It’s a nice feeling. What is this? So warm. Finally! The red thing came out when I poked it, and another! And more! It was hard to make the red warm thing flow out. But… why? Why? Why? Why? Why? It… it’s not fun at all.

    Hm…? OH~ MORE THINGS CAME! Lots of it! Let me enjoy the red things more! Oh! That small strange thing escaped. Oh well, I think this number is enough for today.

    This is FUN!!! SO MANY WARM RED THING FLOWING OUT! Warm! Then it’s cold again.

    Hmmmm~ If I follow that small strange thing will I be able to get more?

    MORE! I want MORE!

    Ku-ha-ha-ha-ha… HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!


    (Stop… me… someo… ple…)

    I slowly walked anticipating for more warmth. I reached this place and I can’t move further. This huge door is blocking me! I can’t cut it! That was when I felt some sort of warmth. Two of them. In the direction from where I came from. Oh! I remember a room filled with red crystals! Maybe the warmth I am looking for is there right now!

    Wait for me!!! Don’t go anywhere!

    Part 4: Broken Saint Inside the Broken Time (Saint Berthe’s narrative)

    This girl, I must have her live. I need her. Please don’t die on me. We managed to arrive in the Cathedral, as usual it was full of cries for salvation.

    “I call upon the light of Armonia! Please heal this girl and all of those who is in need of your help!”

    With some of the holy water that I have kept she was healed and was now sleeping in her nightmares. If only, if only I was more powerful. If only I was better. If only I can live longer, even for just a day longer. We, no… this world does not have that much time. I need to do my final duty, our final duty. At least one. We all wish to save, at least one. Save anyone.

    My tears won’t stop, I know this is near impossible… but I must. That side, that peaceful other side. The real side, the real world, the real me, the real us… they will be able to accept just one. This girl, Anis, this real Anis, the Saint Anis; we have spoken in our dreams. We talked about many things and each of us shared our vision of our world.

    That was when we realized that this world is fake. This twisted time caused by the events that took place in Viron Island. This is what remains of that twisted and distorted time. Powered by the Abyss and maintained by the holy barrier. Viron came back to normal because the Abyss was not there but, it perpetuated here. So twisted. So sad. So cruel.

    I have to smile and ease the people here, I cannot abandon them. It is my duty, I have to smile.

    A day after we managed to save Anis, she woke up screaming from a nightmare. That black paladin of the Abyss was and is still her dear friend. Maybe if it’s him, he can go there… maybe if it’s him, he can go to the real world. He has the power of the Abyss, a huge shard of the twisted and fake Abyss. With that maybe we can save one, him. If it’s him then surely! Part of him is already in that world as a dark shadow. It is possible!

    I told Anis everything I know and my plan to save that one person. She agreed to help me. We began our preparations in earnest. I silently apologized to everyone, I am unable to save you. We do not have any more time to waste. The limit of this fake world is near, my limit is near.

    Alone in my room, with Saint Anis reflected in my mirror… I cough blood, more than usual. We saints know, my end is near. She was worried for me, for us. I am ready… despite my fears, despite the small wish to live longer, I have to do this. I can’t let him be trapped here for eternity.

    We both know, this world is a fake… but because this world’s Sirius went into the deepest parts of the real Abyss, he became able to go into the real world. And if he’s here, when this world’s time is spent, he would be trapped in an abyss of loneliness for eternity. It’s just too cruel.

    In our last stages of preparation, the last of our forces came down to Apostadero with me and the executioner Anis. I as the Saint encouraged people to wage a sad battle. If we can save one, then we can say that this world existed and we were definitely here. So please remember, be our living legacy to the real world. Be the proof that we have struggled in this twisted world. Do not let our existence and efforts go to waste.

    Part 5: A Small Memorial Inside the Fading Light (Saint Anis’s narrative)

    As a saint I am able to protect the ones who are important to me. As a saint I am able to help those in need. And now, my duty and power as a Saint will be needed. Not just me…

    Berthe, Charles, Laura, Patrick, Van, Vincent, Sirius, and I head for El Adio together. The pioneering family is already there with an alchemist they asked for help from. Berthe and I kept having visions of another world in our dreams, the four of us were inside a small bubble dream we talked about saving the world that was impossible to save.

    The pioneering family retrieved 5 pieces of this thing they called time crystal. They said that they found this all over El Soltado and El Adio. They told me they found a 6th and saw the contents of it. They told us that this must happen as we are gathered here this very day.

    The alchemist they brought along activated the time crystals one by one. They flew out of the pioneering family’s hand and circled at a strange, mirror like, black Armonium Ore in front of us. When the last one that was activated, the whole area glowed a fiery red so bright that we were all blinded. It was only me and Berth who saw thru the bright red light.

    Beyond the red light was them, a world with nothing but a small white dot inside an abyss of black. Saint Berthe and Executioner Anis was putting up a brave front against an enemy more powerful than they are. The others already vanished in their faded time leaving the 3 of them remaining inside a small holy barrier.

    The version of me that was a fallen executioner fought desperately the friend she once cherished and still do. The saint who is now so weak was in tears, she is unable to hold the holy barrier for long. The mute Berthe beside me joined the battle and I too tried to support the falling saint. The four of us finally were able to meet in one space in a small shard of time, the 2 saints and the 2 fallen saints.

    The pioneering family and our comrades from the real world finally arrived in this small marble of white. With all we had, we mustered to pull the black paladin to the real side as the bright light faded. We barely managed to escape back to the real world.

    Now the only thing lingering of that world, inside a strange black Armonium ore, were the fading illusions of Saint Berthe and Executioner Anis. That version of us held each other’s hand and looked at us, looked at him with lonely and smiles. With their fading time they said their last gratitude and their request to be remembered even if they and their world was just a fabrication.

    Now with the abysmal paladin, the slave of doom is here in reality. It became quite clear that his strength is no laughing matter. We fought him and will all of the blue Armonium ore and holy water I have his power decreased. The pioneering family took out a small green orb and threw it to the paladin. When he tried to slice it, magic exploded from the orb weakening him enough for us to subdue him.

    That was when the black shadow, the shadow that was always tailing us, returned to the Paladin of the Abyss. He collapsed in the arms of the pioneering family, sleeping almost peacefully like a little child.

    Part 6: The Real World and the Two Knights (Sirius’s narrative)

    What is all this?! How can they keep this a secret from me for so long!?

    I kept it inside. I am unable to ask. They told me that this unconscious person with red eyes was the version me that was inside that distorted world. Only this one was saved due to his connection with the real world’s Abyss. Van said that, in his theory, with his death in that world, Navas needed another one for her plans. The Fake world’s Navas chose the version of me in that world, for her plans but even there she failed.

    Still it is hard to believe that such a thing could happen. Who, in this world, is cruel enough to make this tragedy?! And who or what, in the world, is powerful enough to do so? I sighed, nothing I do will make thing any easier.

    We wait in El Soltado for this paladin to wake up. It would be a disaster if he wakes up and goes on a rampage in the middle of a populated area. We only need to wait a few more minutes for him to wake up. The pioneering family instantly shoves some warm soup in his mouth. They were making this special meat stew just for this?

    That crazy alchemist was laughing her inside out while saying that the best way to tame a man was through his stomach. AND IT WORKED! Weird thing is that… he smiled like a little child who was given candy. Anis and Berthe both elbowed each of my side and Anis said, “Yup, it’s Sirius alright.”

    Many of the others laughed. With the warm soup helped calm the version of me that is from the distorted world. We were still on the edge though, he was still a ticking bomb waiting to explode. But it did not explode, instead I gained a little brother whose mind is that of a violent 4 year old.

    We were already about to exit El Templo when this new little brother of mine started shedding tears. And he said that there is a warm feeling inside him. So warm that it hurts. I said that maybe his heart still remembers what his head has forgotten. He promised to himself that he will try to remember and keep the memories of that other world.

    And of course, the Sirius of another world cannot live with the same name as I am, so the pioneering family gave him the name Siegenite. It is the name of a metallic mineral they saw in the new continent. With that he joined the pioneering family in their journey but first he needs a shower, he smells of rotten blood. This is so anti-climactic but Anis and Berthe seemed so happy with that. They were able to save this one from an eternity of loneliness.

    We did worry if he will ever regain his memories… would he regret? Would he go more insane? Would he live his life for the sake of those who was not saved? Who knows? Let’s just keep our hopes up and remember that once upon a time, a whole alternate world existed.
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    Title: The Other World’s Dreams: The Dream Continued
    (Chapter 2 of 5 and all parts here is Leonel’s narrative)
    By: Okasamyn (GEEU IGN: Hydrorgyrum)

    Part 7: Please Take Care of Our Problem Child, Lieutenant!

    Let’s practice our script for this morning as I walk to my office in the Navy’s Viron HQ, “I can use some vacation… really. Please? Wait? What? OH! COME ON!!! I HAVE A SISTER WAITING FOR ME IN BAHIA! If you lay your filthy hand on her, I’ll shoot you with all the guns I have. Oh, my bad. Fine! You are GIVING ME 2 MONTHS OFF! Thank you.” I thought in my head.

    Yeah right, if only it was that easy to get a vacation. I sigh for the nth time today. I saw my not so clean desk… Here it is AGAIN! They always, without fail, dumped this monster hunting task to me. That rose lady really likes to request for monster suppression every day. A new request… EVERYDAY! Can’t she just hire someone from Vespanola mainland to do her gardening?

    And this Staff Officer Pharrel is at it again. Pilfering from Castilla supplies and putting the blame on poor little me. The things I do for this Island is enough to land me the medal for most enslaved officer in the Navy.

    Oh! From my office window, I can see Adriana and her monster ladies entourage on their periodical assessment of Viron Island… Tee-hee… I AM DEAD, I can feel it. Behind her I can see the familiar faces of the pioneering family who helped me. However… erm… why do I feel some sort of storm brewing.

    I was about to welcome Adriana into the HQ building when a HUGE BLACK THING SWUNG A DANGEROUS LOOKING CURSED BLADE TO, NONE OTHER THAN, THE ADMIRAL! Adriana managed to block the blade mere millimetres from her Admiral’s hat. His other sword was about to slice into Adriana’s unguarded abdomen but I blocked it with my rifle. That black thing was crazy enough to even mock her.

    “Hmp, lady glasses still can’t win against me!” the thing in black armour said.

    Adriana tried to calm herself and almost screamed to the pioneering family to control the brat. Oh, she’s is angry, very angry. They managed to calm Adriana with just a few words. As the pioneering family explained to all of us, they rescued this berserker thing in black with amnesia in Armonia and he tailed them for who knows how long since then. Apparently his name is Siegenite Rigel but everyone calls him either Siege, brat, rascal, or black berserker.

    Adriana, in turn, demanded that the brat will not set foot inside HQ building and strictly stay at the front yard. Adriana invited the pioneering family to come with her in the meeting with all navy officers in Viron for some reason.

    It’s about 15 minutes into the meeting, the pioneering family, Adriana, and Pharrel were now talking about some matters regarding the stolen Castilla supplies. The thing in black invaded the meeting room and came to me. He asked if I knew about powerful monsters and we had small talk about it. He became very excited… excited enough to almost kill people who tried to stop our conversation.

    The next thing I knew, they all kicked the two of us out of the building and Adriana’s scary secretary gave me a mission paper dutifully signed by Adriana. She really must be desperate to have Siege go very far away from her.

    It says, “Leonel, I know that you are not that wild anymore, you have become more mature since our academy days. So go and teach this BRAT, named Siegenite Rigel, SOME MANNERS or I’ll be the one shooting at you with my revolvers! From The Vespanola Navy Admiral, Adriana”

    Oh no. NO. No. No. No. NO! As if I have a choice. I’ll be calling him Siege when I feel like it. He must have given Adriana a lot of headaches during their time together to make me, a Lieutenant none the less, baby sit this brat. I sighed surrendering to my fate. Siege was very happy that we were going monster hunting. Let’s just go finish this daily hunting trip, I’m already tired.

    Siegenite and I headed off to my daily monster hunting request. I am slowly becoming more and more of a monster hunter instead of a Lieutenant. On the other hand… I was happy that THOSE PAPERS ARE NOT MINE ANY MORE! You can go ahead and delay them all you want and try to escape Adriana’s wrath, Mr. Staff Officer. Oh, I guess you failed to escape because Adriana is here and is very angry.

    On the way to our target site, in Lucifer Castle Basement, we passed by Leona and Lynn in Crow Forest. The two black knights had a not so small clash of blades. It ended when a Gluttony and its mobs came. Seige went to the monster saying that Lynn was very weak.

    I explained to Leona the situation and the two ladies left laughing saying “See you around, brats.”

    … My pride as a man is hurt and this berserker brat does not care and has no discipline what so ever. He continued to rampage and annihilate the monsters and I just quietly followed him. This guy is freaking over powered, it makes him so scary. Did I mention that his childish murderous smile is… SUPER SCARY!? I’ll just step back and watch some more.

    Part 7.5: Lieutanant and Doom Slave’s First Field Trip Together!

    We arrived at the entrance to the castle basement, waiting for us was the butler named Raven. He tries to woe girls, only to be met with disaster. He guided us up to a point and said that he will be leaving the two of us from this point on because he needs to clean the castle and prepare dinner for the two ladies.

    Seige, asked for my permission to rampage. I let him rampage all he want but no damages to the basement itself. He nodded and went off like a little kid released in a playground. I, as a mature adult, followed him and just looked at the monster corpses lining the floor behind him.

    Sometime later, Siegenite cut 3 Death Wraiths, 1 Elminor, and a dozen other boss monsters… solo. This child in an adult’s body is very scary. He took all of the monster drops and gave them to me. He said it was all shiny and nice but it’s not the thing he was looking for.

    He told me he is looking for something very red or black and shiny. But it’s not one of those Devil’s Dream gem. It’s not a common gem he said. He also mentioned that it gives of a certain feeling of warmth and has a good feeling to it. Sorry to break this to you… all the gems, crystal, in fact the whole island is cursed. You won’t be able to find a warm and good gem here. Or so I thought.

    We arrived into an untouched part of the basement only because he killed all hundred or so monsters in the way and destroyed several walls. He destroyed walls without my consent and he tried to be cute when he apologized to me. From the damaged walls… lo and behold! Montoro’s secret treasury is found! More like secret dungeon. Hmm, somehow this place is familiar… I seemed to have been here before. Deja vu?

    Anyway, the huge space contained this insane amounts of treasure, specimen samples, bottles and boxes of unknown items, and paper. In the middle of it all is a small black crystal inside a glass case and it was emitting a strange warm aura. It was the size of an army mandated pocket watch, it’s that small… or big for a crystal.

    Seige’s face lit up in a genuine smile and said that he has found what he is looking for. I gave him my congratulations. I asked what it was for and he just tilted his head and replied that he has no idea what to do and what it is. I sighed, I told him to get the small crystal. He broke the glass case without any care what so ever and placed the black crystal in one of my coat pockets.

    “Take care of this for me!” He said with a huge happy and childish smile.

    I accepted the task and we headed back to the port town finishing up todays monster hunting mission. It was already night when we met up with the pioneering family and noticed a very tired Pharrel in the back ground. Condolences Mr. Staff Officer, Adriana has killed you many times today.

    Seige and the pioneering family entrusted to me the black crystal for the night. Morning came, I was still sleeping when Siegenite besieged my room and pulled me out to the hallway with Adriana slapping a piece of letter on my head and handing me a small pouch bag containing a special kind of blue naraka crystal.

    She said, “This will be your mission details. GO AND DON’T REPORT BACK TO ME EMPTY HANDED!”

    They all left me alone after that. Eh? Eh? What?

    I did all my morning rituals. I read Adriana’s mission order and almost fainted in shock from the contents. Next, I looked at the black crystal and the blue crystal. The two crystals were of identical shape and quality, almost as if they were siblings.

    I was the one who found this blue crystal a few months ago and I sent it to Adriana with the help of the pioneering family. Upon Adriana’s further investigation it is found to be just a special kind of naraka. Now it’s back to me. Somehow, I feel like I should not separate these two crystals. I placed them in separate pouches and they will come with me wherever I go.

    Part 8: Leiutenant, the puppy likes you!

    That afternoon, I was on a merchant ship leaving the island… I wonder who will replace me as monster hunter. Good luck to the whole Island. But I guess Adriana will be there for a long time, fixing this and that. I bet when I return Pharrel will be in a hospital for stress management and fatigue. Serves you right!

    While I was out at sea with the pioneering family and Seige, we were met with some pirates, but they were struck with Seige’s Tyrving. One of his skills, Imuditia, enable him to shoot black wind blades that can reach targets around 13 meters ahead and the pirates were terrified of it. They tucked their tails and the pirate ship quickly turned and speed out of his berserker range. Yes, this brat is scary.

    After that, he came to me and ask that I praise him for a job well done, so I pat his head. I can hear the pioneering family talking about a troublesome person is good at taking care of a problem child. Sorry for being a troublesome person.

    I felt like I’m taking care of a problematic little puppy for the entire sea voage. Seige was tailing me like a puppy, wants my attention like a puppy, and begs like a little puppy… He has mastered the little puppy heart melt techniques and is now using it to win over a man. Oi, who told you how to do that?! I’ll shoot them down and punish them for child abuse and harassment!

    Part 9.1: Leiutenant, back to the Orpesia Continent: Keilce

    I felt like it was all just yesterday I was still in Viron, now we set foot in Keilce, Bristia. The Governor-General even welcomed us and I felt a sharp death glare from the Blood Navy red eyed guard or officer. They still hate Vespanola, I can feel it. With the small talk, they all hurried us to the flying ship bound for Armonia. The Scientist were very reluctant to let us ride it but, gave up under the order of the Governor-General.

    He is a very sly fox just like my dad. I wonder since when were they preparing all this, you can’t just pull out a flying ship like this in a few hours. Foxes… all of them! I found out that this sly fox, who is just a bit older than me, got wind of my information from Raven. I knew it, the bird was sending information about Viron to this fox. So some, if not all, of those letters to his family is actually letters to this fox!

    Oh… Oh… Oh my. What sort of things did the pioneering family do to make even the highest seat in Keilce pay his deep respect to them? I asked them what happened here and they all told me that the pioneering family helped Bristia obtain independence. The main villain in the story was Mr. Baldy. That bald ugly pervert, Renould. Ahahaha, I now understand, just from the mention of the name.

    In my academy days, after Adriana and Elisa graduated, the baldy became a substitute professor. We were always at odds for some unknown reason, unknown reason on my end. Mr. Baldy always tried to discipline me with the custom made shotgun he always carried. I barely graduated because I nearly killed him in a bloody practical exam in the forest. Don’t worry, none of it was my blood. I should have killed him then. He is one of those perverse and corrupt people in the army.

    My stories in the academy attracted the attention of this little girl who was wearing the Blood Navy uniform and her red eyed guard. Her name is Cano Kielce, the little sister of the Governor-General. The older brother was glaring holes on my skull while I was telling the stories to the little sister and her guardian named JD.

    If Ludin and Cano were to meet, I wonder if they could be friends. The first step to peace, is friendship between kids. Yup. Ludin and Cano will be good friends. I’ll take Ludin to Keilce in my next vacation.

    Part 9.2: Leiutenant, back to the Orpesia Continent: Armonia

    Half a day of flying, we reached Armonia. I was given a special permission to enter Armonia only because I got the pioneering family backing me up and I have a mission document. I have no idea that Armonia also hates Vespanola, it must be those people from Strata Vista. Who else is there?

    The people from Keilce said their temporary good byes and started their vacation in Armonia, how I envy them. Seige pulled me and we rushed into the cathedral. It was a very big cathedral and inside I met the Deputy Commander of the Armonia Holy Knights, Sirius Rigel, and the current saint, Anis Ellen. It turns out that Siegenite is the little brother of the Knight Deputy Commander Sirius. Just what happened for these brothers to be the total opposite?

    It turns out that… it’s a long story. At the end of the story, I showed them the black crystal in my possession. Anis told us that this is certainly a fragment of a special ore only found here in Armonia. A huge piece, rather the main crystal is in this place called El Adio.

    I handed it to the care of the saint. She said her thanks as she placed the gem close to her heart and she felt something from the crystal and looked at me. Anis gave it back to me and said that I should keep it until we get to El Adio.

    From then on, it was about tomorrow’s mission. I got introduced to some high seats in Armonia including the little pope. Siege pulled me here and there and all accessible areas in and around the Cathedral. Then ate dinner while the puppy brat kept hounding me for stories about my academy days. And we headed to our cathedral guest rooms to rest from the long journey and long day in relative peace. Tomorrow we begin preparing for the battle ahead.

    I wonder how and when did the special black crystal ore fragment got into Viron… look no further than Strata Vista! It should be them! It’s their dream to attain the lost power of the gods with whatever means necessary. Even stealing a rare magical stone is easy for them. Montoro was mainly doing his experiments on the island and when he died, I took all of his research papers that was left behind. Raven also handed me thick bundles of all the research papers he found.

    Montoro’s research, what’s left of it in paper, are now under my care, rather illegally if I may add. Let’s just be quiet about that, only Raven and I know that those papers are in my possession. Not even this sly fox, Caisse Keilce, knows of the existence of those papers or maybe he does.

    From those papers, I learned that they were experimenting on humans with some sort of magic ritual. They did all that to make a small pocket of twisted time-space to capture a god governing the world’s master mechanism. All their experiments in the island in turn made Viron’s time distort without any of us knowing it.

    That night I had a very strange dream… in that dream I saw someone with the description of Executioner Anis and Saint Berthe. They were sitting on the floor back to back inside a small white marble surrounded by black. Their hands were entwined and both were sleeping peacefully. I think this is the assurance that they need. The assurance that the two precious “fake” entities were still somewhere inside a marble of twisted time in a distorted world.

    I woke up in the middle of the night and stood looking out the window. I saw the stars twinkled and felt the cool winds howled. I spotted some movement near the cathedral, a few knights were going in and out of a small gate. I think it’s from Ap… Apa… Apos-pas-pos… A-PASTA-POTATO!!! Whatever they called it. I see some injured knights. Seems like Armonia have their own problematic basement like Luci’s basement. I continued to spy from the window for a few more minutes until sleep called me once again.

    Part 10: Lieutenant’s Preparation for the Journey to the Abyss

    Breakfast time! This thing they called Armonia Special breakfast was served as requested by Knight Deputy Commander Sirius and It is filled with pepper… Armonian’s like their pepper and they take it “Siriusly”. While on breakfast I told them about my dream last night. They all looked at me with shocked faces.

    Of all of them who got strong connections to the alternate world, why am I the one to get that dream? Sirius asked me exactly that. I retorted, how am I supposed know. It just happened! Maybe that black crystal showed me…?

    After we finished breakfast, Knight Deputy Commander Sirius got an official mission letter from the pope. The mission is to investigate and eradicate a new horde of Abysmal creatures with as little man power as possible. This time, Armonia is getting some helping hand from Keilce and Vespa… Viron’s Navy. No mention of Vespanola here, just Viron Island Navy… they do not want to have any direct connection to Vespanola, it seems. Hence, Armonia’s letter to Adriana who originated from Illisia.

    Joining us in preparation was the people from Keilce who wanted to assist us in this particular mission. The fox, the red eyed person, little Cano, a scientist with a flying cube, and the fox’s secretary. Fox, do not lie to me! You were also preparing for this since you heard it, I don’t know how many, days ago!

    The day ended with some battle plans before we went to dinner. In one day we were all prepared to head out. Before sleep called me I felt a strange presence from the blue and black crystals I kept close to me. It was as if they were warning us of impending danger. I understand, I’ll tell them all to be extra careful during the mission.

    Morning came and all of us in the mission received the blessing of the Armonia Holy Light in a religious ceremony and they had us all drink a special type of holy water and take a few bottles of it. The pope also blessed our weapons and ammo, the items received some holiness and with that we were prepared for the mission.

    They say that the Abyss will decay your mind and body if you don’t maintain the Holy Buff. I was surprised at the fact that Siegenite skipped this. Sirius told me that he’s an exception to the rule because he is a creature called an “Abyssal Knight”. His official title was Doom Slave… creepy things for a creepy person.

    We did the last check and headed out. In our group we have Sirius, Siegenite, Saint Anis, Caisse Kielce, Cano Keilce, JD Archel, Marchetti, Olivia, the pioneering family, a few other elite knights under the direct order of Sirius, and me. A total of 24 people in this squad.

    Part 11: Lieutenant’s A-PASTA-POTATO Field Raid!!!

    Welcome to Apastapotato, correction, Apostadero! I can already visualize the horrors that we will be encountering in the next few set of maps. Marchetti and Cano stayed here to help with the injured and examine the new strain of Abysmal Decay. Unlike the previous decay symptom where in you only go insane and die. This new decay includes black Armonium ore growing from untreated wounds.

    Treatment is simple though, just pour some drops of pure Armonia holy water to the fresh open wound. This is all so new to me, if Elisa was here… she would have been in a frenzy right now mixing her scary potions of certain death of the tongue.

    We also stopped here for a bit for some updates about the movements of the enemy. Seige was getting impatient and was annoying me like a small puppy who wants to be free of its leash. This puppy was dragging me here and there and all over the place.

    Everywhere we go in Apastapotato… A-POS-TA-DE-RO, people stared at me like I’m some sort of monster. Maybe not towards me, but towards Siegenite. I can sense their fear from all directions. Please be kind to me… I am just a Lieutenant from Viron who is currently being pulled by a berserker puppy.

    We returned to the main group and it seems Caisse and Sirius agreed on a few raid plans. Siege was the first one into the other side of the safe zone. Of course, he pulled me with him. This puppy… I really want to ask, WHY ME?!

    Part 12: Skulls, Blades, Pistols, Books, and a Lieutenant

    We passed the bridge of En Celar after we killed or purified a lot of ghouls/demon/fallen humans, they told me this area had the weakest of all enemies, a kind of appetizer. Well, this appetizer is still scary. I wonder how this is going to go, with appetizer already this powerful.

    Now, we are in El Templo and still killing or sending the dead to the afterlife. In this area, we met white things that had a super slap. They were easily done in by Siegenite like they were mere… butter against red hot swords. So this is the bread and butter part of the menu… Good! This map is still do-able even on solo.

    We met up with five more people just before the next area. Correction, they were six. Memento Mori High Priest Van, Memento Mori Priest Vincent, (Supposed to be Knights Commander) Laura, Memento Mori High Knight Patrick, Memento Mori Member Berthe, and the Undead Charles.

    The floating skull with skeleton hands is noisy, like a beagle-puppy. He almost made JD and Olivia faint in shock seeing a talking skull… HOW IS THIS SKULL ABLE TO TALK?! Oh! So this Berth the real version of the Berthe who was sleeping in my dreams. Both versions are cute, but I pass, too young. This world needs more cute and gentle girls like Berthe! I am surrounded by “Monsters”! Adriana, Leona, Lynn, Elisa, Grandies, and Veronif… all monsters!

    We got a little break before we go in the next area map. Anis and Berthe came to me and ask that I tell to Berthe my dream last night. The mute girl breathed a sigh of relief and mouthed a thank you, which I humbly accepted. Such angel, so adorable. Ludin and Berthe will be friends in no time.

    Again, why me? Of all the people connected closer to the other world, why was it me that had that dream? Correction, the vision of a small white marble inside the abyss of black. I really have to work on my terminology. Ok. Let’s review my connection to all this… mess!

    First: It’s Strata Vista’s Montoro’s fault. Some sort of twisted time started in Viron.

    Second: I came into contact with Montoro for castle security duties against thieves lurking in the island. Some of my memories are a mess, I certainly cannot remember what I did during a lot of those guard work.

    Third: I think, the fact that I got into that certain incident, made Montoro put that that magical shield. The incident was about me being lax one night and let some monster inside the castle to run wild. But I can’t remember what happened and all I knew of that incident was from a paper report.

    Fourth: The fact that Siegenite and Anis let me carry that black crystal is a dead give-away of some sort.

    Fifth: Then, there is that blue crystal which is like a sibling to the black crystal we found.

    Oh, I am connected… somehow, one way or another… wait a moment. Did that freak Montoro did something to me? I need another brain for this. Fox over there, I need to talk to you. I spoke with the sly fox Caisse about my realizations. He said that it’s very highly possible and the pioneering family added that Montoro was conducting mind control experiments. This is creepy, to think that a freaking old man did some experiments on me.

    I asked Siegenite why he was attached to me. He said that, although it’s very faint, he can sense a certain kind of presence in me. It was familiar for him in this word he is so unfamiliar with. So there is definitely a connection between that twisted time in Viron and the twisted time here in Armonia.

    It’s been a long standing belief that Montoro was the cause of all this time distortions. Yup, he’s better dead than alive. Who knows what else he could have done if he lived. Let’s just put this in the back of our minds, for now, and continue the exploration mission.

    Part 13: Books and Bracelets are Fearsome as Declared by the Lieutenant

    One step in El Soltado and it became a salty battle. A few bosses and their horde gathered to welcome us. This is one salty and thick cream of mushroom soup before the main course. On to battle positions, the melee fighters formed a sort of meat wall so that us range can shoot all we want. Behind us were, the magicians casting their magic.

    The warlock of the pioneering family, Berthe, and Van each unleashed their massive area skills and cleared the enemy horde to a safe level. These 3 magicians, are scary. Van walked up to the enemy lines and unleashed another area magic this time… it was HUGE. Van is creepy, emotional, and got scary magic spells. Berthe is cute and gentle with a noisy Charles. Both of them are frightening.

    The magic users unleashed huge area spell after spell. With all those area spells the number of enemies dwindled in so little time. So now we have some resources to face the boss monsters. Dangerous people, just dangerous.

    Meanwhile, Siegenite, was already in the middle of the map in berserker mode. Severed monster arm here, cut head there, little pieces of abysmal monster everywhere. The berserker puppy is on the loose!

    A couple of hours later, one-third of our ammo is spent and we have a problem. The black knight is still in a fit of blind rampage and looking for a fight. With the last of the abyss monsters chopped, he turned his insane eyes to us. Erm, he’s coming here with a murderous smile on his face.

    “Let me play more.” With that Siegenite rushed to our position with the intent of cutting us.

    Sirius managed to thwart the initial attack with his shield and said, “Come to your senses already, our enemies are all gone!”

    They tried to talk some sense to the berserker puppy and none of it was successful.

    Part 14: Lieutenant’s Leadership is Level 13, With a Smile It Becomes Level 14

    Our melee friends were becoming weaker and weaker by the second from Siege’s attacks. It just occurred to me that I have to do a certain thing to get the puppy to calm down. Yes, I have a plan. No one can stop me and I won’t let anyone stop me! I ran up to the black knight with speeds that can’t easily be caught.

    I placed my hand on his head and I said with a kind and gentle smile, “Keep your head cool and your heart warm.” My own magic and magic words, my motto in life. Nice right?

    Like some sort of magic he calmed down, regained his senses, and looked at me with a shocked expression. He then looked around at the carnage he did and asked if he did something wrong. Vincent uttered that he nearly killed us all. Siegenite tilted his head in confusion but apologized anyway.

    Laura walked to me and press the dangerous end of her revolver to my forehead and said, “Was that a magic for seducing people into submission?”

    I answered that I have this natural ability to snap people back to their senses. Like a spell to rid people off their confusion, unwanted sleepiness, and more. A useful spell in battle, I say so myself. And, please don’t misunderstand, that smile was just a smile, nothing more.

    I suddenly heard Siege’s loud voice saying, “… He’s got this smile and it made me warm in my chest and made butterflies flutter in my tummy! So bright and shiny everywhere and… and… I made me want to hug people!”

    Oh. My. Gosh. Was it really…?

    Caisse walked to me with that dangerous looking Large Caliber IBR, “You can even seduce a man with that smile. You are just too dense to notice anything.” And he pat my shoulder as if saying good luck in hell or have a safe trip to hell or best regard when I’m in hell.

    Erm… I am so sorry. Did they really saw that smile? Wait... Was I capable of seducing people with just a smile? So then, if that is so… Ah! Maybe that was why Mr. Baldy and so many men, in my academy days, wanted to kill me… because I kept the attention of the girls to me even if only Elisa and Adriana dare to come near and use me as their test subject. REALLY?! Was my academy life really like that?! I thought the girls feared me so I stayed away from them… Shoot, I missed many opportunities to get a girlfriend!

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    Title: The Other World’s Dreams: The Dream Will Come to an End (Chapter 3 of 5)
    By: Okasamyn (GEEU IGN: Hydrorgyrum)

    Part 15: Lieutenant vs. Something Black and Metallic (Leonel’s narrative)

    We took another rest in El Soltado near the heavy metal door to El Adio. It was then that I began to feel a bad chill emanating from the other side of the door. With that said, we moved our rest area a few meters back. Sirius also send a request for backup and we should wait here until then. I took a comfortable position by a nearby wall and took a little nap. That nap soon turned into a battle inside a dream.

    I was in the middle of an empty El Soltado, trapped with nowhere else to go. I only have a few torch fires to light the area. Deathly moans of suffering were reverberating through the walls. The beautiful blue Armonium ore is black in this dream… or should I say nightmare? I looked closer at the one huge black crystal on the ceiling. It was ominously giving of a faint black fog, it was like trapped black steam ready to burst any moment.

    I retreated back to the part nearest to El Templo, and just stood there for a few seconds to think about all this nightmare, dream, or vision whatever this is. When I looked back at the huge black crystal the fog it was emitting became darker and heavier with each passing second. It finally gave in, and the huge crystal broke in to a million pieces releasing the black miasma. The whole area was suddenly engulfed in thick black fog. This is beginning to be very scary.

    Sounds of metal pounding into metal became louder and louder. It sounded like Luci’s Rhinoceur steadily walking towards me. Whatever it is I need to fight back if necessary. My guns are not with me, I only have one option I can think of… I hate to use it! I never want to use it. But I have to use it. This magic granted to me and sealed by my mother.

    Ok, let’s concentrate. I pointed an imaginary revolver with my left hand to a point in front of me where I heard the loud metal noises and fired. A beam of concentrated magic fired from that imaginary revolver. I hate this highly destructive magic, it’s more dangerous than Ludin’s fire.

    Anyway, I fired some more concentrated magic bullet, with my usual rifle and pistol stance, at the thing and it was somewhat effective. The metal thing now sounded like it was very damaged like out of place gears. So I up it and imagined a floating cannon over my head and fired. I put too much effort and the huge ray hit a metallic object meters away from me. From that point onwards I hear metal scraping from multiple directions telling me there were more of them. So I imagined I have more floating cannons and guns then aimed to the places where the metallic sounds come from.

    The sound of metal being destroyed kept on getting louder and louder as I fired more magic. One last ray of concentrated magic and the whole area collapsed into many shards of black glass to reveal what looks like the middle of a huge crater surrounded by ruins of a once prosperous town. Blood rained down instead of water and the wails of the dead become clear and loud.

    Oi, don’t you dare tell me that I was the one who fired that cannon of concentrated magic a years ago? No. it was not me. I had a very solid alibi during the Bristia-Vespanola war, I think. If I remember correctly, I was very young when that happened and I have no connection with anything that has to do with the war. My father was into the business of manufacturing and trading decorative weapons, so he’s not that much connected too… unless they needed a something as an award to heroes and officers.

    Back to my nightmare, a blue and green butterfly monster suddenly appeared before me and introduced itself to be a fragment of the fake world’s abyss core. It told me in a sort of code that humans have broken many contracts and thus it all began to become twisted and crazy. From the rest of the coded message it seems that I have a share in this mess. Its last message was about karmic thread of fate working overtime and doing more damage than normal because of the broken contracts humans got with the abyss.

    After that, I woke up from a nightmare and entered another one. This time the nightmare was in reality.

    Part 15.5: Governor-General and His Observations of the Sleeping Lieutenant (Caisse’s narrative)

    Leonel found a corner and took a nap. We were tired and some of us took naps especially the melee. They were the ones who took the brunt of the raid. Just a couple of minutes after they took their naps, Charles alerted us of a small black foggy orb floating near Leonel.

    Van investigated the ghostly orb and said that it was a messenger of the abyss and was telling some sort of message to the sleeping Vespanolan. We became somewhat wary when he began to show signs of having a nightmare.

    At the same time, loud banging noises came from the direction of El Adio. It was like a huge axe was trying to destroy the heavy metal doors. All of us was in our battle stance except for the Vespanolan who was still trapped in his nightmare. We moved him to an area close to El Templo, Anis and the other supports stayed by his side in the safer part of the area.

    We braced ourselves for a very hard battle and went into formation. Who knows what is at the other side of that door and we only have a few more seconds to speculate before the door gave way and fell flat on the ground, removed from its broken frame. El Adio was covered with black fog reducing visibility greatly and our enemies are revealed to be numerous boss level monsters.

    The first one to strike was Siegenite. He quickly killed a Hassen and moved on to a Dullahan. We followed the makeshift strategy we talk about last night in cases like these. I can say that we were doing quite well. We killed half of the horde at a good pace until an unknown Abyss monster appeared from the other side of the broken door.

    Its appearance was like that of the Breeze in Bristia’s Scar. This one is just more hideous and it’s black and grey. Our melee fighters were barely reaching the flying monster so they concentrated on the other monsters while Laura and I challenge the Breeze type monster. The warlock with Berthe and Charles tried to down it with their frozen spikes, with that we found out that it had a very high resistance to magic.

    This time, Siegenite’s berserker mode is not as uncontrollable as earlier. We managed to maintain this pace of battle as Anis and the other healers come and go to give us support and boost. We continued this battle very carefully as we wait for reinforcements to arrive. In the corner of my eye, I can see Anis trying to wake Leonel from his nightmare but to no avail.

    Part 16: Governor-General and the Black Wind (Caisse’s narrative)

    They killed the last of the normal monsters and the only thing that remained was this flying insect. We thought we can go like this however, this black Breeze began to release black fog from its wings. The fog was getting heavier and heavier as the corpses of the slain monsters turned into dust. This black miasma soon carpeted the floor like the smoke from Marchetti’s dry ice.

    This miasma makes it hard for us to breathe and Van urged us to drink the special holy water one gulp every 10 minutes and to treat our wounds with holy water before Anis healed them. This Breeze might be the carrier of the new strain of Abysmal Decay.

    We tried to kill it quickly and it began its retaliation. Thick tendrils of the miasma moved like spike traps targeting us from all directions. Berthe and Van were unable to cast their magic. Our blades and bullets were useless against the miasma. The hideous black Breeze now flew high above our heads happy of its achievements.

    A small ray of concentrated magic suddenly flew above our heads and hit the black Breeze. In that instant I was very shocked to see the small ray of concentrated magic. It reminded me so much about the huge ray fired from the cannon of concentrated magic from the war. This time the colour was different, this ray is a blue colour that emits warmth. The one that got fired in the war was a green ray that radiated ghostly chills that runs the entire body.

    We all looked towards the direction where it came from and saw Leonel in a trance and holding invisible guns. Olivia and JD also noticed the difference and kept on fighting ignoring their trauma. Leonel fired off small concentrated magic rays one after another as he walked towards El Adio. The rays of magic hit the black Breeze’s body with pin point accuracy. The Breeze fell dead and slowly turned into black obsidian.

    As if on cue, several smaller black metallic Breeze emerged from El Adio. Leonel gave up the small guns in favour of a concentrated magic cannon above him and fired it. The metallic insects managed to dodge it. The insects retaliated using blades of black miasma towards Leonel and he blocked it with an invisible magical barrier. Leonel proceeded to make multiple magical rays in various proportions to hit multiple enemies at the same time.

    With the melee and other magicians unable to do anything, they retreated to the safe zone where Anis and the other support and injured are. Laura and I began to target the metallic insects. Siegenite behaved himself and went with Sirius, Patric, and JD who were guarding the safe zone against any lose projectile. A few more hits from Leonel’s magic cannon and the metallic insects also met their end and become scrap metal.

    Leonel, still in a trance like state, walked into El Adio and Siegenite followed him happily. We were unable to go forward due to a glass like barrier enveloping El Adio. We just rest as much as we can and prepare for whatever will come out of there.

    Part 17: The Beginning of a Nightmare in Reality (Leonel’s narrative)

    What happened? Where am I? Oh! Hi, Siege! Good morning! THIS IN NO TIME FOR SMALL TALK. Is this El Adio? So this is El Adio. Thanks, Siege. Siege is a good kid, he told me that we are now in the boundary between the human world and the abyss, El Adio. He’s right, in this thick black fog, I can still see where the flooring ends and the abyss begins. One more thing…

    Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please! To my left is a Dullahan! To the Right is a bunch of White Slapping monsters. Behind me is an Oscuras, what looks like it. Lastly, in front of me – just a few steps away – is the abyss hole where they all came from! There you go. This is no laughing matter and I just realized that my guns are not with me. Tee-hee, I am DEAD.

    Earlier, in my nightmare, I was using that forbidden magic handed down from my mother… I hate to use it in reality… as if I have a choice right now so. Fire away! I am frightening myself to see that one small beam of the concentrated magic can kill one of those little white ones with deadly slaps. We can do this! It’s a good thing that Ludin and I have different mothers, it’s just that we both inherited father’s face.

    Siegenite started to go off and chop everything he sees into pieces and I made some into Swiss cheese. Our combo was good, but we had a hard time against that Oscuras look-a-like. It’s good that this forbidden magic comes in with a dependable barrier. Every time Oscuras-thing casted it’s huge magic Siege would retreat to my side with in the safety of the barrier. Yup, he’s learning well.

    Sometime later, the dying Oscuras-thing summoned more of its ally from the abyss hole. A swarm of small black ugly butterflies and two more Oscuras-thing came out. At this point Siege was already tired and his breathing was rugged, so was I. THIS IS DO RO DIE! We gathered the energy we have left and went for it.

    Part 18: Lieutenant and the Abysmal Lady (Leonel’s narrative)

    We killed our enemies miraculously. We are now both battered, bleeding, and injured but nothing fatal. The remaining holy water I have in my pocket is zero and we were now both sitting on a corner near Soltado. This miasma won’t let go of us and won’t let anyone in. Those still in Soltado got the reinforcements they requested for and we all took a break. I feel that it was the calm before the storm or are we at the eye of the storm now? No one knows.

    I took the opportunity to hand the black crystal to Siege. It was absorbed into his hand and he got a power boost. Nice! On the other hand; the blue crystal, I thought was a naraka, disappeared. The pouch that contained it is still in my pocket sealed shut with a string. Maybe when I was using this forbidden magic, the crystal got absorbed like how Siege did with the black crystal.

    With some of our energy regained, Siege showed me a black Armonium ore among the red ones here. He told me that he came from the twisted world held inside this ore. I looked closer and found a part where there was a small white sparkle. It was barely visible in the black fog and even harder to see on normal light.

    Maybe that white spark is from the alternate Anis and Berthe. So now, how do we get them out? I looked at Siege and asked him how he got out of the distorted world. He told me he can’t remember… great.

    While we were thinking about it, we let our guard down and a lady abyss monster came out of the abyss hole with a bang. The shockwave made us fly to the nearest wall. Siege looks fine but I think I got some cracked ribs and I can taste my blood on my tongue. Do I have some sort of internal damage? With that I used the last health generator I have in my coat pocket.

    The abysmal monster lady introduced herself as the Abysmal Witch Aria and said that she won’t do any more damage to us. She had some small talk about how we are now and some light threats. This witch hates humans but not all. It seems like this lady fell in love with a human, got betrayed, and now she has a broken contract. From the modus operande she told us, all of it points to the Strata Vista. Blast those Strata Vista and their dark dealings. It’s all their fault that this contract-break mess happened.

    I hear Aria’s voice in my head asking to make a deal, not a contract, just a deal. She’ll help us get the trapped girls into the real world in exchange for every information I know about Strata Vista. Done deal! We exchange information through a mental connection. Siege was only looking at our seemingly friendly exchange from the side.

    Afterwards she gave me a warning that we have to hurry because there are still those who want to rampage in search for revenge unlike her who is patient enough to wait for the right time. With that, Aria disappeared somewhere with a maniacal smile of a lady who will be sure to have her revenge.

    Yup, I am surrounded with monster ladies: Adriana, Elisa, Veronif, Grandies, Lynn, Leona, and more I can’t remember… and now this! ARG! IS THE WORLD TELLING ME THAT I WILL BE SINGLE UNTIL I DIE? Best wishes to the Von Hanen blood line. All right, enough of all this! Time to get the girls out of that distorted world and we start with Siege and his memories.

    Part 19: Hope Beyond Time and Space (Leonel’s narrative)

    I received a magic spell from Aria, a one-time use mental magic spell. With this, some of Siege’s important memories came back to him. His precious memories of his important people has now returned. I let him take it all in while I inject some of my magical energy into this black Armonium ore.

    A few of the portions turned white so I keep pouring my magical energy into it until all the black became white and the ore began to glow with the blue of my magic. Looking at the crystal was like looking out a glass window in a very foggy morning. The white fog was very heavy so visibility was very low. We heard a voice from the special Armonium ore.

    “Is anyone there?” The faint voice said. It sounded like Saint Anis’s voice.

    “Anis… ANIS!!” Siege shouted, almost in tears, as he placed a hand on the crystal ore.

    I stepped back to let them speak. A black cursed hand placed itself on the other side of the crystal. Their hands almost touching, so close and yet it was worlds apart.

    “Stupid cry baby, Sisius.” Executor Anis said beyond the gap of time and space.

    “Is that you Sirius? Are you well now?” a voice I never heard before and a white gloved hand appeared also touching the other side of the crystal.

    Siegenite placed a hand close to that one too as if wanting to pull them out, “Yes, it’s me, Sirius… Knight Vice-Captain Sirius. I can remember my name and some of my memories now. Anis, Cepheus, Saint Berthe… I can remember now”

    I hear Anis say in a kind of sad happiness, “I am glad… so glad you remember me now.”

    Saint Berthe also spoke, “You are fine now. Please live a long and happy life there, for us.”

    “I can’t… I want you both here too. Letting you be in there for eternity is sad… it hurts… it’s painful.”

    Both girls said, “We thought that we would disappear leaving you alone. So we tried to save only you. Don’t worry about us, we are not alone, we have each other. You also have friends there… the version of us in that world, they are us as well.”

    “No! It’s different! It’s different! Anis here is a saint. Berthe here is mute with a noisy skull. Anis in my memories is an executioner. Berthe in my memories is a saint. The four of you are different! None are the same as the other one!” He is about to cry, his eyes are already damp with tears he’s trying to hold back.

    “Thank you. May the light of Armonia in that world protect you always...” The saint said.

    Executioner Anis made a pft sound and loudly whispered to her friend, “He’s strong enough to defeat them all. Although, he is still a cry baby Sisius.”

    “I heard THAT!” Siege told them lightly pounding on the crystal.

    The girls laughed with a tinge of sadness.

    Their conversation was cut short buy a new horde of abyss monsters. This time, it’s one well-armed Oscuras-thing twice my height and a swarm of… smaller Oscuras. Oh is this the last swarm? This is the last right? I hope this is the last.

    The huge Oscuras told his minions to go to El Soltado while only 4 stay with him. Thanks for making it a 1+4 vs. 2 battle! I appreciate it or not. Because a swarm of metallic ugly butterflies followed the small Oscuras to El Soltado.

    Good luck El Salty, you got another salty soup. We got an El Adieu main course of Oscuras steak with insect garnish.

    This is the time to forget that this magic is forbidden. Forget what mom told me to never use it. Forget it because if I don’t use it full force, we will all die. I am also tired of holding the magic energy at a safe level… So, if you want a piece of me… You got it!

    All seals.. RELEASE!

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    Author's Rant:

    Sorry to make this thing very long... and longer. I originally intended a special extra part for Doom Slave and his misadventures in the new continent with the pioneering family. It spiraled out of proportions and here we are, the birth of chapters 2 to 5. I am just so obsessed with Leonel, that's why it's his narration for chapter 2 and most of the other parts.

    I highly welcome good critics to tell me my flaws and all that. I will use all of your inputs as fertilizer to feed my brain.

    Thank you all and have a wonderful GE life.

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    Title: The Other World’s Dreams: Crystal’s Records of their Nightmares (Chapter 4 of 5)
    By: Okasamyn (GEEU IGN: Hydrorgyrum)

    Part 23: Dream Fragment 1: Black Crystal’s Record (Doom Slave’s narrative)

    I wanted to talk to them more. Their hands were so near but I can’t hold them. They asked what is happening here now and I told them that a new horde of this world’s abyss came. They became worried, I can feel their worries. I am powerful yet weak… it is so frustrating.

    Leo released his full magical power, it was frightening. The pressure alone is enough to ground the flying insects and squish them like they were normal bugs. The lesser Oscuras became frightened but the leader released its own magic powers. Leo’s Blue and Oscura’s Red magic clashed.

    The lesser Oscuras took that as their chance to attack. I faced them supported by Leo’s magic attack, our earlier combination still applies to this situation. I just hope that this will be the last swarm.

    Now we have killed off the minions, all that is left is the leader Oscuras. The ones in El Soltado was not doing well, they were outnumbered. Leo fired a large ray of magic towards El Soltado. The single ray of concentrated blue magic broke the miasma barrier and inflicted heavy damage to the majority abysmal monsters in Soltado. It was a calculated ray and none of our friends and allies got hit. A small crack in the barrier also appeared, just enough for a small person to go through.

    I placed my full attention back to the battle. The leader Oscuras is now quickly casting another magical attack so I retreated near Leonel. His barrier’s range was enough to protect the special ore as well. So he firmly stood where he is. Thank you for protecting my little world.

    Here is our chance again to bring down that leader Oscuras. Just a bit more, that abysmal monster will be down, just a bit more and…

    Leo stopped firing his magic and the leader Oscuras started laughing. I looked back and I saw blood pouring out from Leo’s stomach, a silver dagger stabbed him from the back. He fell on his knees and tried to apply first aid on the wound to stop it from bleeding. He is going to survive and I must land the killing blow on this monster.

    I turned to the still laughing monster, it let its guard down for a second. I rushed in with all I have and landed slash after slash. The leader Oscuras was unable to fight anymore and retreated back into the abyss. I stood near Leo who just fainted from blood loss, my vision suddenly darken and I felt tired all the sudden. As I collapsed to the floor, helplessly, a warm ray of faint light poured it’s blessing over us. It felt nice and warm, I looked at Leo and saw that the bleeding stopped.

    From then on my consciousness flew in and out. The next thing I knew there was a saint with me and we were standing in the normal version of El Adio. The small black crystal from Viron was floating in the middle of the area.

    She is not Saint Berthe nor Saint Anis… I remember her now, from the portraits hung on the walls of this world’s Armonia Cathedral, this is Saint Sara! She smiled at me when I realized who she is. She said that the Abyss Witch Aria woke up her sleeping soul and told her an exciting story. Aria also asked Sara to help us and relay information from the witch.

    Saint Sara used her powers to help us in El Adio earlier, she was the one who poured that healing light after that battle with the leading Oscuras. She urged me to activate the record given to me when I absorbed the black crystal. I thanked her for the help she gave us. With that Saint Sara’s soul went back to her sleep, eternally watching over this Armonia in her dreams. I touched the floating black crystal and my vision changed.

    I am back in the treasure room where Leo and I found the black crystal. This version of the treasure room was cleaner, with less treasures, more paper, and is more organized than the last time I saw it. The black crystal was in its glass case in the corner of the room instead of the middle. The door to the treasury opened and 3 people came in, two of them I don’t know and the third was a younger looking Leonel in his junior Vespanola navy uniform. The record of the black crystal was soundless.

    The young version of Leo was unconscious and was carried over the shoulder by a well-built man with a huge scar on his chest. The third person was a young looking man around his mid-twenties and he seems to be the master of the man with the scar. The master locked the room from the inside and ordered something to the man with the scar.

    Leo was laid on the floor in the middle of the room. A red magic circle instantly lit up beneath him. The magic circle got bigger and more complex until it covered the floor. The black crystal responded to the magic circle and released its own black magic circle. Leonel’s eyes shot wide open and he began to scream in pain and struggle as if his heart was about to burst out.

    The red magic circle slowly began to crawl on Leo’s skin like centipedes and it gave him more pain. Once Leo painfully absorbed the entire red magic circle, his suffering stopped but he was physically weak to do anything. The master placed a heavy foot on Leo’s shoulder and probably said something to anger Leo further.

    The master touched Leo’s forehead and casted some magic to quickly paralyze the captive. The servant proceeded to take all of Leo’s cloths off and made him lay on his stomach. The master found small pieces of red ore. The ore was placed on Leo’s back, once it made contact with his skin, a small blue magic circle activated beneath the ore. The ore melted like mercury and was absorbed into Leo.

    They wait for a few seconds after the ore was absorbed. When nothing happened the master added a few more pieces of ores until Leo began to float in the air like a marionette on strings. The red magic circle on the floor once again appeared and this time some of the lines turned into marionette strings. The part of Leo’s skin where the strings have contact with began to bleed a little. In his paralyzed state the only thing Leo can do was to let his tears fall.

    Leo, as a puppet, began to say something. It seemed like whoever was controlling Leo was having a conversation with the master. It looked like the master was making a business deal of some kind. After sometime, a blue seal like magic circle appeared on Leo’s chest caged in red lines of light. The blue seal caged in red separated from Leonel and condensed to form a blue crystal, identical to the black crystal I have. The servant caught the blue crystal before it dropped down to the floor. The master continued its conversation with the puppeteer for a few more minutes.

    Their conversation was cut short. Leo began to violently cough out blood. They said their farewells and Leo was released from being a marionette and was caught by the servant. The servant wrapped Leonel with a clean blanket and placed the unconscious Leo onto a rocking chair near the door of the treasury. The once clean blanket was now absorbing the fresh blood that escaped from his body.

    The blue crystal was hidden inside a wooden box and was placed very close to the black crystal. The master turned to the unconscious Leo. A green light came out of the master’s hands and went to Leo, healing his injuries but unable to replenish his blood, Leo is still very pale. After the healing, the master kissed Leo’s forehead and gave Leo a pat on the head as if saying ‘…you’ve done well’.

    Master and servant made a written report of what they did. The things I read on their report made my blood boil. That was why Leo was heavily connected to all of this. It made sense a little bit more now. These devils and their cruel experiments are unforgivable.

    The memory of the black crystal stopped there and another one of its memory came out. They did the ritual again, and again… multiple times the only thing different then was the part about the crystal. When it was all over, they would heal him and remove his memory, making him think that nothing happened. They erased all evidence of their crimes... but it failed and this black crystal’s records survived.

    Sometimes, when certain members of the organization came, they did more to Leonel than what is necessary. Sometimes it seems that they wanted to steal his sanity, sometimes it was as if they want to steal his soul. Other times they just do cruel things that has nothing to do with their goals. Their ethics and self-restraint ran out the door and all forms of decency was discarded on the floor.

    I was unable to watch many parts of it… it was so sinful to even watch. I thank the gods who made this memory silent, the sounds would rip my sanity to shreds. It’s too much. I can’t take more of this. It’s making me insane with so many mixed emotions. Strata Vista, you will all pay dearly for your crimes against all that is holy and sacred!

    Just when I was about to try to escape, the Abysmal Witch Aria and Memory Eater Navas appeared. Navas told me they have been watching the silent memory of the black crystal ever since the saint left. They were also furious of what the secret organization has done and what they might still be doing. Aria urged me to stay and watch a bit longer.

    Five masters of the Strata Vista proceeded with another set of immoral sins and ritual magic. The master with the scar-servant just stood and watch near the black crystal, these two did not participate in anything unnecessary and just watched from a corner. Leonel, despite the torture, still tried to fight back.

    It looks like they made a new ritual and finally used the black crystal. Leonel was still wide awake when they began. The glass case was removed and immediately the black crystal emitted black fog. The black fog became thicker and thicker and all that fog went straight to Leo like iron to a magnet. And sure enough, it was also painful for him. Leo was hugging himself to try to lessen the pain he felt.

    A black magic circle traced itself on the floor with a black abyssal hole a few feet behind Leo. From the hole, a black ore rose up, the same shape as the special Armonium ore in El Adio. After a few seconds, a version of me appeared with in the black ore. He looked at Leonel who was writing on the floor.

    The visual memory of the black crystal became unstable and sound was added.

    Me, in the record said, “What are you doing to this child? He is hurt, you have also inflicted pain to the world’s Master Mechanism. You shall all be punished for your crimes!”

    The ore released thick black fog which attacked the five masters of Strata Vista who were directly involved in Leo’s torment.

    The sixth master stepped up and asked the black knight, “Who are you? What is this child to you? What is this Master Mechanism you speak of?”

    “I am the core of the replica Abyss. This form you see of me is the body of a sacrificed offering. This child in front of me is a special existence directly connected to the Master Mechanism. This child’s special magic is not something you can steal. It is granted for him alone and no one else.” The Abyss core replied.

    The memory of the black crystal stopped there. We suddenly got sent back in the normal version of El Adio in my dreams. The black crystal is still in the middle of the area. Beneath the floating gem is what looks like a five year old version of Leo. He looked like an emotionless ceramic doll. Neither male nor female… this child.

    The little child began to confess, “This child is special… human born from a fallen goddess and an abyss tainted human… blessed by the real and replica gods… blessed by the humans in the real world and the humans in the forged world… blessed by the core of the real abyss… blessed by the core of the replica abyss… a very special child blessed by two worlds… real and replica… not from the gods… not of humans… not from the abyss… this child is a fragment… a special fragment of the mechanism… mechanism of the beginning… mechanism of the end… an existence before this world’s root began… the mechanism that exceeds all other mechanisms…”

    What was that… even Aria and Navas was dumb founded. None of us can seem to understand the confession just now. Just what exactly is the existence known as the Master Mechanism?!

    “This is too dangerous for a human to know and remember and so therefore, I shall eat this memory!” Navas declared.

    No! Do not make me forget! I do not want to forget anything anymore! NAVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!

    ((Navas, Aria… please… I… we have a request for the two of you…))

    (“Of course, this kind witch is happy to be of service to you.”)

    (“Please wait for a few seconds. I’m still eating some delicious memories.”)

    Part 24: Dream Fragment 2: Blue Crystal’s Nightmare (Leonel’s narrative)

    This is not the worst injury I suffered from in my whole life, probably, but it still hurts. Where did this dagger came from?! I am unable to concentrate due to the pain and our combo failed. I quickly tried to stop the bleeding and fell on my knees with a dizzy head. This is bad, I need lots of blood fast...

    Unaware of my surroundings, I tried to stop the bleeding with the little healing magic I know. More blood came out and I was on the threshold of my fainting consciousness. I finally succumbed to the darkness when I saw that Siege was doing fine on his own.

    Pitch black and all alone, here we go again. Another dream… or nightmare… whatever, come at me all you want. I dare you!

    My surroundings changed just like mud being washed way. At the other side of that black mud is my home in the mainland Vespanola. My family was one of the Noble Houses of Vespanola, and my father is a good businessman helped by my mother. Our main business was in jewellery, time pieces, and decorative weapons.

    In the silent dream, I am myself as a little child around five years old playing in our back yard and my mother was watching over me. She got called by father for some tea and we lose sight of each other. I followed a butterfly into the trees and bushes. That was when I got kidnapped.

    Kidnapping of the noble children for ransom was common that time. Most of the children returned. For the unlucky few, who knows what happened to them. In my case, I was a bit of both so they say. I don’t really remember what happened. My memory of that ordeal was covered with a fog in my mind. I am unable to remember a lot of things.

    The ugly kidnappers tied me up, gagged, and blindfolded me. Afterwards they put me inside what felt like a cotton and linen lined box. When they got me out of the box I panicked in fear. One of the people around me knocked me unconscious with a magic spell.

    When I woke up, a butler was bathing me clean on a gold lined tub, and forced me wear a blue doll’s dress meant for a girl complete with a hair pin to the left side of my head. They all treated me a dress-up ceramic doll. I was told to wait in this luxurious room and sit on a luxurious bed. The room was filled with ceramic ball jointed dolls of all forms and origins but almost all of them looked like they could jump to life in any moment. At that point, I was too fascinated with the dolls to care for my situation.

    A few minutes later, seven high ranking nobles came in the room, two were ladies and the rest were men. Two of the men, I know, is from Strata Vista. The older Strata Vista member carried a small jewellery box containing none other than the blue crystal I have. The other Strata noble casted a spell on the child version of me. I got paralyzed and was now a doll more than ever. Two of the younger nobles laid me near the edge of the bed.

    They took some of my clothes off to expose the skin on my chest. The older Strata Vista noble, using a metal gripper, got the blue crystal from the box and placed it on my chest. The blue crystal lit up and turned into blue light, it got absorbed into my body like it was meant to be mine from the start. I fainted from the pain caused by the process. They prepared for the worst and… nothing happened. They congratulated one another, fixed my cloths, and left me to sleep in the room.

    Sometime after they left me alone, I woke up again. My little body was moving but it was not me. In a trance like state, the version of me that was a child looked around. The dolls filling the room did not interest me, not one bit. With the magic I have, I destroyed the door and calmly walk out like a doll that has come to life. The maids and butlers got out of my way in fear and soon the nobles came.

    One tried to talk to me but I killed him using a ray of concentrated blue magic that pierced his heart. With that the nobles panicked except for one. From the look he gave, see seemed to be very fascinated of the magical ray that killed one of them. AH! He invented that concentrated magic cannon because HE SAW ME THAT DAY! One question is answered, I am connected with that tragedy.

    I aimlessly walked around the noble house until I met the real version of Montoro, he at that time looked like a 30 year old man. He spoke to me with a warm smile and I agreed to whatever he said. We went to an empty basement room.

    Montoro guided me to the middle of the room. And when I stepped foot in the very centre, a red magic circle activated binding me like a marionette. Montoro took out an ancient looking scroll from his coat pocket and began reciting some magic spell. The spell turned me into a living, breathing puppet he can freely manipulate.

    After that was done, we went to another room in the basement guided by Montoro. In that other room, more adults gathered with the nobles and Strata Vista members from earlier. In the middle of the room, was a girl sitting on the floor with light blue hair and wearing simple white cloths. She was chained to the floor blind folded and gagged.

    The little puppet Leonel walked to her and placed his little hand on her forehead. She began to panic and struggle in pain or fear, maybe both. Her body slowly turned into pure white light and solidified into a white crystal. The crystal was the same shape and qualities as the special Armonium ore in El Adio. The adults rejoiced at what they saw.

    (I… What did they made me do...?)

    My surroundings once again changed into pitch black and I began to hear pained wails of the dead all around me. I am still in the form of the little living puppet from before, now I am able to move. My whole body began to hurt and I sat on the floor and hugged myself almost crying in pain.

    My black surroundings slowly turned into a gruesome world of blood red skies and black clouds. I was standing in mid-air as if there was an invisible floor. Down below me, is a frightening and grotesque carpet of corpses writing and howling in agony. The living corpses was tied down by what looked like rose vines with large thorns made of clear and colourless glass.

    (It hurts… it’s scary… I can’t… this is too much…)

    The sights, sensations, and sounds are all damaging my sanity. This horrible world with nothing but living corpses writing and wailing in pain and suffering. If I don’t wake up from this sooner, I’d go insane to the point of no return.

    (No more… no… no… no… stop it… anyone… I want to wake up… this nightmare…)

    A ray of blue light fell on me, with it came the ghostly mirror image of me that was a little puppet. It looked at me with an emotionless expression.

    “We have been accumulating the dead of the replica worlds in this realm.” It said with no emotions, “These replica souls will never know salvation. Suffering of the replica world is the price to pay for the happiness of the real world. It is a rule, it cannot be broken. It is the karmic weights that balances what is needed to be balanced.”

    I asked with what remains of my sanity, “What are you? What am I? Why does it hurt so much?”

    It answered placing its hands on my cheeks forcing me to look at it strait in the eyes, “I am you and we are just a mechanism. We are the existence that the Strata Vista is aiming to get but they do not know it. We are the beginning and also the end of the two worlds. We are the death of the gods and their beginning. We are the ones who gives power to the cores of the two abyss, real and replica. We are not of this world nor from the replica world. We have existed before these worlds were first created.”

    It let me go, “We wished to be human, and therefore you were born as a human. The human vessel is unable to hold everything… A small part became human and a huge part became a small crystal. I as a human will live as a human and all of the hurtful memories will go into me that is not human. I will hide inside of you and we will never part from this day on.” It stopped and continued, “In the far future. This world will met the ultimate end and we will go back in the hands of our real master offering all that we have accumulated.”

    “My mind can’t process anything anymore… I am going insane…”

    “The part of me that is a human, such a fragile but strong child.”

    “It hurts…”

    “We know… Even us… we are unable to escape the karmic threads of fate.”

    “If we are a mechanism to achieve an end and start a beginning then... the wish held inside that world.”

    “The one wish of the replica’s core… it’s one and only wish… I shall make that wish come true if…”

    “For that wish, their wish. To me who is a mechanism, please help them.”

    “We saw his tears… We heard their sad voices…”

    “If we cannot grant the dead any salvation, at least hear the prayers (wish) of the living…”

    “Yes… we have heard their prayers (wish).”

    “Navas, Aria… please… I… We have a request for the two of you… I am unable to do this alone.”

    They responded… We gave to Navas an order… We gave to Aria a magic spell… Their little happiness will add a lot to the suffering of the next replica world.

    “We have created and destroyed… we have done so many virtues and sins… Master, are we… am I still doing the right thing? Master, please hear the prayers of this mechanism you made… I have gained human qualities and have received human knowledge… Master, have I become an impure mechanism? Have I become so stained that you have abandoned me? Mater… I am scared… it hurts…”

    He is calling me… that child is calling for me…

    He is also in pain…

    It hurts… it’s scary… I don’t want this anymore…

    I have decided…

    Pulled by “Azura” we are unable to wake up, we sink deeper and deeper into this miniature void.

    (I wo… let y… ke up.)

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    Title: The Other World’s Dreams: Awakening (Chapter 5 of 5)
    By: Okasamyn (GEEU IGN: Hydrorgyrum)

    Part 25: To the Real World (Memento Mori Berthe’s narrative)

    Anis, your behind is just too big… I don’t know how you will be able to fit in that crack as you are. I am already in foggy El Adio and Anis is trying to pull herself from the small crack in the barrier. Fatty-Anis will be fine Charles is helping her pull herself free. I turned around and gave the two men some first aid that they need.

    The ones still in El Soltado were still fighting what remains of the abyss horde. They got it all under control so they sent the two of us to help these reckless boys. They are both unconscious and having nightmares, I can tell from their faces. I poured some holy water to their wounds and bathed them with more health generators we brought in. First aid done and they just need fatty-Anis’s holy treatment.

    I looked at the white foggy Armonium ore. I faintly see Saint Berthe and Executor Anis at the other side. I placed my hand on the ore and the white fog became lighter. The three of us looked at each other and exchanged our greetings. Anis arrived with Charles. She gave quick greetings and began her saintly duties.

    Our other selves were entertaining themselves with executor Anis’s stories about how much of a cry baby their Sirius is and how much of it rubbed off on Cepheus. Charles listened like there was no tomorrow and then he became noisy again by telling all of the funny little blunders he saw from this world’s Sirius.

    Fatty-Anis completed her work on the two boys and joined in the conversation about the two Sirius and Cepheus. They were comparing their own version of Sirius and it seems that their Sirius and Cepheus is more childish than ours. It’s also the very reason why creepy-Anis became more of a tom-boy than fatty-Anis.

    Fatty-Anis and I heard a strange rumbling from the gate of the abyss. We looked at the boundary and saw several insect legs trying to pull the main body out of the portal. It’s a creepy-crawly SPIDER! Fatty-Anis almost fainted at the sight of the disgusting thing. I do not want to battle with a huge spider… no way! The boys are down and I don’t think reinforcements would come. No choice.

    It was about to shoot its web to us but time stopped. Time stopped for me, fatty-Anis, and our other selves. An abyssal lady came out of the boundary and we readied for a battle that never came. She introduced herself as the Abysmal Witch Aria, a friend of Leonel and Siegenite. Since those from the abyss cannot lie, we believed her and calmed down. Aria also explained to us that she has received some instructions from a certain special existence.

    Thus, Aria gave me and Anis our own little potion bottle and told us to drink the contents. She explained that the magical potion will enable us to pull Saint Berthe and Executioner Anis out. We did as we were instructed without further questions.

    We drank the magical potion and each of us nodded an ok to each other. Anis and I placed our hands on the crystal and our hands sink in like it was water and the version of us from the other side gripped our hands. We pulled and they jumped out from the fake world into the real world. Saint Berthe’s beloved sacred rod and Executioner Anis’s weapons were also pulled out into reality. That skull that was the morning star on Executioner Anis’s weapon looks familiar… is that…?

    Before we can do anything else, the special Armonium ore began to crack so we moved the two sleeping ones away from it and into a safer area in El Adio. Leonel was not that heavy but Siegenite was almost impossible with the four of us. His armour is very heavy, I don’t know how he can move like a cat with it. A few more cracks and the ore shattered into many pieces. It almost immediately turned red like the normal ores in El Adio. Executioner Anis was lightly kicking Siegenite’s foot as punishment for being very heavy. Aria was quite amused with the comedic show.

    Aria said her farewell and said that time will again flow once she is back in the abyss. She let us find suitable positions to fight the abyssal spider before she went. This is cheating at its highest. We buffed up and went to our positions. Aria went back to the abyss and time flowed once again. It caught the spider unaware and we landed nice hits and dealt huge damages. This is our second time fighting together. It’s as if I have acquired a sister. It’s nice to have a family.

    We almost beat it to a pulp and its damages were almost to the point of being fatal however, our confidence was cut short. The spider healed itself fast and casted a magical attack. The four of us were rendered immobile. The spider was about to stab saint-me and creepy-Anis but two bullets came and severed the two attacking limbs of the spider. One was shot by Laura and the other bullet from Governor Caisse, they aimed from the crack in the barrier. It was a much needed support.

    The spider weighed its options and chose to go to El Soltado where more people are. It quickly shot its web at us and ran to Soltado breaking the barrier completely. The ones in Soltado were very tired and the spider did not let them rest. The spider was very quick to heal itself so all of the damages done was removed. It is a very troublesome enemy with no blind spots and had multiple weapons. Charles tried to cut the web binding me but failed and soon he was also trapped.

    The broken shards of the special Armonium ore flew above me towards Siegenite. The shards became blood red tendrils of lights and was absorbed into Siegenite. He began laughing like a madman that he was once were. The four of us looked at him like he was some kind of enemy. He woke up from his sleep and looked at his surroundings with cruel looking eyes.

    “Ah~ more enemies to play with. I will be sure to turn this place into a blood pool! Ku-ha-ha-ha-ha… HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!” Siegenite said and manically laughed as he speed his way to the enemy spider.

    He sliced the spider’s abdomen in two but quickly healed.

    “Oh~ Good, good. This one is fun. Let me torment you until you wish you were dead!” said in his berserk state, “You can’t run from me, Spidy-spider~~”

    The berserker emitted the same black fog as the enemy earlier and encircling his swords were menacing blood red lights. Creepy-Anis looked on with tears in her eyes seeing that her dear friend was one again possessed by the abyss of their world.

    “Sirius… Sirius… Stupid, you are so stupid! We were just taking earlier, almost touching… and now you’re very far away again.” Creepy-Anis said crying.

    Siegenite continue to rampage. Sirius and Caisse split our ally forces. Caisse’s group, including Patrick, Vincent, and 20 knights went near the door to Templo. Sirius and the rest of the group to Adio. They ordered all of our allies to go barricade in those positions against Siegenite and any incoming abyss monster. We were freed of out of the sticky web with Van’s magic. Creepy-Anis made a break for it and almost charged to Siegenite but Saint-me and fatty-Anis stopped her.

    “Sirius! Let me go! I have to save him!” she said desperately trying to escape.

    Laura slapped her with all she has and grabbed creepy-Anis’s shoulders, “What are you thinking?! Do you want your so called friend to KILL YOU?! Did you not think about that? If he killed you and regained his senses, what do you think will happen?!”

    Creepy-Anis looked at the rampaging black knight with tears streaming down her eyes, “Sirius… come back to me…” she said collapsing to the ground crying.

    Saint-me rushed and hugged her. They were both crying in their helplessness.

    I watched on as the berserker finally killed the spider and absorbed the black smoke from the dead monster. Oh no! This is bad. He looked at the small group near Templo and then looked at Adio. He flashed a smile telling us all that he found more bloody toys. He turned to us who were in Adio and walked slowly.

    “I guess I’ll play with you guys. The more blood the better.” Then he gave off that maniacal laugh again.

    We prepared for the worse and he disappeared from our sight moving too fast for our eyes to catch up. Several of the knights behind us suddenly screamed in pain as one of their limbs were sliced of. We looked back and he was there, covered with fresh blood from the severed limbs.

    “Warm~ give me more warmth.” He said with all of his sanity gone.

    Sirius, JD, and Olivia did their best to stall the berserker with the other knights. Caisse’s group was coming here full speed to help. Laura shot at the berserker when he was about to slice another person’s limb off. With the advantage of numbers, we were able to keep his victims at a minimum level.

    Then he stopped moving and laughed like the madman that he is, “AHA-HAHAHHAHAHAHA… This battle, this scent of blood… this is fun.” Then his mad smile became a scary frown, “All of your prayers to that god… is annoying! I will give you all a gift, and it is called… DESPAIR!” he became even more powerful.

    So Sirius prayed and faced him head on by himself giving others the chance to breathe and buff up as well. That was the plan, but Sirius flew to a wall with one hit from the berserker. Sirius his the wall with so much force that he was instantly knocked out. We were all wide eyed in disbelief and the abysmal knight gave a satisfied smile knowing that he has stolen our hopes when Sirius got incapacitated.

    “With this… you will all break!” he said and moved faster than the eye again.

    A split second later, we were all covered with deep flesh wounds but none are fatal. The abyssal knight wanted our surfing to be very long. Creepy-Anis stood up but a little unsteady, she wiped of the blood and tears on her cheek.

    “Sirius… if you are not… going to come back to me… I… I will have to KILL YOU even if it means killing me!” She found strength to face him…

    Those who were able to stand lend her a hand with whatever means they have. Some threw whatever they can grab to the berserker knight. Some tried to cast their spells. It was all for nought… Soon all of us were a bloody mess on the ground.

    The berserker laughed his most maniacal laughter, “So much blood! So warm~ kuh-AHAHAHAHAHA…” He stopped again and spotted the unconscious Leonel unconscious in a corner, “There you are… it has been a long time since I saw you~”

    He walked happily to Leonel and all we can do was watch. None of us were able to move due to our injuries and blood loss.

    “Sirius… come back here… I’m not done yet… come back…” creepy-Anis said and cried a new.

    The berserker bent down and gently placed his hands on Leonel’s cheeks, “No amounts of blood and suffering… no amounts of water in this world is able to quench my parched throat… You are there right? Show yourself else I start killing them for real.”

    Leonel suddenly was encased in a faint azure glow and he opened his emotionless glass eyes, ‘’ ((You are a very cruel thing…))” his voice, as emotionless as those eyes, was heard directly in our minds.

    “You made me this way.” Siegenite grabbed Leonel’s neck but did not apply any force.

    “((I am unable to help you…))”

    “All you can ever do is create and destroy. You can’t do anything else! You made my world a living hell and even in death there is no salvation!”

    “((I do not know anything else…))”

    “The human part of you… I’ll take everything away from him!”

    “((Ah… this pain we feel when you said that… maybe…))”

    “I’m tired of waiting… I am the core of the replica abyss, I shall take away all that you cherish.”

    “((You won’t be able to do that… I have nothing…))”

    “LIES! You were born as a human and lived as one. You have gained so many things!”

    “((have I…?))”


    “((Very well… come. If you want to hurt me… then come… leave that body… that child has nothing to do with us… return him to her.))”

    “Very well. Receive my anger, my madness, my thirst, my hunger… I shall give you… all of my stains and impurities.”

    The black fog surrounding Siegenite began to be absorbed into Leonel. A black crystal appeared from Siegenite and was also absorbed into Leonel. After he absorbed all the black, they both became unconscious again.

    ((I shall bestow you a name… From the Azure of my powers… you shall be known as Azura… you shall be an abyss core no longer… you are now a part of me… my precious gear… I have received all that you have gave me…))

    We are all incapacitated now, no one able to do anything. We were all injured. Besides Van, an image of Ornellia appeared. Ornellia is so radiant, no other saint can match her radiance. Van reached for her and she held his hands.

    “Ornellia, I have searched everywhere for you.” Van said almost crying.

    Ornellia smiled, “Stupid man. I have been with you, always. I still love you, Van”

    “I love you too, Ornellia.” Van let a single tear fall.

    She faded in warm white light. It healed much of our injuries but not all, it was just enough for us to move again. We quickly attended to all of our remaining wounds. In our moment of relief and before any of us can leave El Adio and El Soltado, Memory Eater Navas came out from the Abyss and smiled at us warmly. Navas waved to us a hello and we all felt sleepy. We were unable to fight back the sleep that came. How I worry that when I wake up it will be a scary nightmare in reality. I pray it isn’t so.

    In my dream, I was in the middle of a flower field as the girl that I was before they took my voice. I thought how easy it was for the four to gather into the real world and how we all survived with no deaths. Was there a price to be paid for this? Or is it already paid? This whole situation… is a mystery.

    The request of the Pope for aid from Vespanola’s Navy and Keilce’s Government, which was never done before. The violent and sudden movement of the Abyss and the new strain of the decay, certainly they are not just for nothing. The events that happened today seems like… how can I put it into words…? I don’t know anymore.

    In my dream white fog began to set in the flower field. Hn? Navas… NO DON’T! PLEASE NAVAS, STOP! DO NOT EAT MY MEMORIES!!!

    Part 26: Special Existence (Saint Berthe’s Narrative)

    I woke up the next morning, I was in a big hospital room containing four beds. To my left was Executor Anis having a friendly game of chess on her bed against Saint Anis. Charles was annoying them. In front of me was Memento Mori Berthe sitting up at the side of her bed writing something on paper watched over by her Archbishop Lennon.

    I energetically got up and said my greetings to everyone. The Archbishop said his greetings and explained that he came here to register Executor Anis as Saint Anis’s little sister named, Adelite. The same for us, I will be Memento Mori Berthe’s little sister named, Berryl.

    Everything seemed too easy that it’s scary. Charles and Berthe felt my worries, and they exchanged eye contact. Charles pulled me out of the ward and into another part of the hospital. Inside a shared room, Leonel and Siegenite laid sleeping. Charles said to me that Patric, Van, and Vincent was there in shifts to make sure Siegenite does not cause any problems. Right now, it’s Van’s shift.

    Van told me that Siegenite is just sleeping and having a nightmare. As for Leo, his soul is sealed within him. I asked what happened to Leonele but one can answer the question. Who in the abyss can seal someone’s soul?

    Siegenite woke up screaming from his nightmare and Van calmed him down with a strong slap to the forehead. He looked around and sighed in relief. We exchanged our greetings. Charles became noisy again and said that Siegenite was drooling in his sleep. Van looked like he wanted to throw his book to Charles so Charles returned to my side and behaved.

    Then Siegenite turned to Van and told him about his nightmare where in Leonel’s magic will go berserk and put an end to the world. Siegenite said that we need a very special holy water or else his dream will become reality. Van nodded and said that Ornellia came into his dream last night and told him how to make the special holy water. Ornellia instructed Van to also give a share to all who were in El Soltado and El Adio yesterday.

    Patrick came in the room and said that Van and I can go and do what we need to do. We left Siegenite there and Charles received a folded piece of paper with written instruction from Van. I returned with Charles to my hospital ward to fix myself.

    After doing all my morning rituals with the 3 other girls. Charles finally gave us Van’s written instructions. We did as we were told. To gather 50 Asphodel petals from this world’s Latina with Sirius. Get 50 bottles of pure holy water straight from the source with Archbishop Lennon. Finally collect 5 blue Armonium ores in El Soltado with Van and Siegenite.

    Gathering all those with our friends were so much fun. This happiness we continue to receive is precious. I do not want to let the sacrifices many people made go to waste. I will gather all happiness I can and share all of the happiness I can. I am not a saint anymore, but I still have that power. The four of us have that same power.

    It was the afternoon when we have finally gathered enough of the items. Now it’s time for us to make Ornellia’s special holy water. Van lead the “cooking” in the cathedral, it is his beloved person’s recipe so he wants to take part in the process to make it as much as possible.

    With me and Saint Anis, we both blessed the materials with a special prayer from Ornellia. It was also only the two of us who were allowed to touch the blessed materials. Van gave more instructions from a distance. The others also just looked at us from a distance, a bit further away than Van.

    With the Pope, Archbishop Lennon, Berthe, Charles, and Adelite watching over us we completed Ornellia’s instructions and portioned off the holy water into small glass bottles. Van, Anis, Berthe, Adelite, and I all drank our portions to check its effect. It worked very well! All signs of abyssal decay left us and we got our normal vigour back. Van gave off a warm smile to his left as if Ornellia was there. I think she is there.

    All we need to do now is to distribute it to all who were in El Soltado and El Adio yesterday. It was very easy to distribute the special holy water because the recipients were all gathered in the hospital in various rooms and floors. The first one we visited was Leonel. Patrick was there too, Patrick quickly drunk his share. He then proceeded to slowly and carefully pour droplets into Leonel’s mouth. With that we went to the others.

    In the neighbouring room was the people from Keilce. JD was still bed ridden with fever. He received the holy water first and his health instantly returned to him. The others followed and drank their portion. Next we went to the pioneering family’s room, they took their portion without any question. It was dinner time when we finished the distribution and went back to our hospital ward for dinner.

    We’ve talk about lots of things that night. We’ve talk about whatever we want to talk about before we knew it was time to sleep. We have lots of time now, so we went to sleep with smiles on our faces. Deep down, I felt like there is something wrong. Something is missing.

    Sleep claimed us all and I had a very unusual dream. I am in my saint apparel complete with my beloved rod the Chain of Purification. The room I was in, was very luxurious with gold and jewel embellishments. The many shelves and display cabinets was filled with ceramic ball joint dolls of every kind, they were all beautiful and very life like. In a corner of the room was an equally luxurious bed.

    I took a closer look, at the solitary life like doll on the bed flanked by multiple pillows. Neither male nor female, the doll was beautiful. It was wearing this black doll dress that reminded me of Siri-… Siegenite’s black armour. A small intricate chain of black adorned his neck white neck the same style as the chains around his wrists. Silver hair and aquamarine eyes… wait… it moved and it’s crying… it’s a child around 5 years old! Oh my! Leonel? Is it Leonel? Let’s talk to this child…

    “Hello there! I am Berryl. What is your name?” I asked with a friendly smile.

    He looked at me with teary but emotionless eyes, “I’m… I am… Leonel… I think.” He said unsure of himself.

    “Can you tell me why are you crying?” I asked as I sat beside him.

    He made a gesture to move away from me but decided to stay put, “It hurts everywhere and if I go out it will hurt more…” he said.

    I pat his head and peeked out the window. I saw that it was night outside and there was a pretty flower garden down below. I thought of a plan. Let’s play in that garden!

    I held one of his hand and invited him to play outside, “If I’m with you, it won’t hurt!”

    His tears stopped flowing but he was still emotionless, “Really?”

    I nod my head confidently as a yes and pulled him with me out of the room. It was easy going down from the third floor room to the ground floor of the structure with the windows of the mansion or castle guiding me. The problem began in the ground floor. We were unable to find a door in the first floor and no matter which way we go we all ways came back to the staircase.

    I decided to just break a window and go out from there. One we were out, the garden looked more than when we were in the room. I looked back at the huge grand castle… OH my! The outer walls were completely tiled up with blue gems! And the architecture was even more impressive than anything I’ve seen in my life.

    I put my attention back to the little Leonel. He just stood still beside me and our hands still holding each other. He was unmoving and only waiting for my lead. Really, this child is much like a doll, a puppet. Hmmmm… Is this why he was unable to wake up? What should we do now that we are here? Aha! Question and answer!

    We went in the middle of the flower garden and we sat on a bench. The huge blue moon and the stars were the only light source but it was enough. With the light of the moon shining on Leonel he appeared more ethereal. The silver of his hair, glass like eyes, and perfect porcelain skin… more and more like a living doll.

    I began to ask him, “May I ask? Why are you here?”

    He just looked straight ahead, “Because Azura and… those people want me to be here.”

    “Who is Azura?”

    “He is my… brother.”

    “Is he doing something to you?”

    “I don’t know.”

    “Hmmm… Who are “those people”?”

    “I don’t know…”

    “Did they tell you do anything?”

    “They gave me lots of orders… if I don’t do them they would hurt me.”

    “What did they tell you to do?”

    Leonel looked straight into my eyes, “Sacrifice a saint candidate to create a distortion in time and space temporarily. Summon the core of the replica Abyss to be used as a weapon. Connect with the Master Mechanism. Have the Master Mechanism help them in their research to attain their goals.”

    I was shocked but I continued asking, “Did they do things to you that you don’t want?”


    “Can you tell me about what they did to you?”

    “No… it hurts to remember.”

    That is understandable. Moving on let’s try to make him realize that he is trapped in a dream, “Do you know where we are?”

    “I don’t know.”

    “Can you tell me where you live?”

    “I live in one of the territories of Vespanola. My father is one of the nobles that owns his own territory.”

    It seems he’s becoming more human now. Let’s continue, “Can you tell me about your family?”

    “My father is a good noble and my mother was kind and gentle. My mother died so that she can seal my real power. It was lonely with my mother gone. But I have friends in the school so I was not that lonely. My father married again years later. They gave me a little sister. But I have to go to the military academy so I did not get to play with her that much. The academy was fun and I was rebellious. When I graduated, they put me in Viron. I had lots of work there. And then I went to Armonia where I met you and the other you.”

    I can say he is a human now, but still his emotions are not back. I better make my questions right, “Do you have an important person?”

    “Yes, my sister. She is calling for me.”

    Good! I have pulled out something to make him want to wake up, “She is calling for you right? Shouldn’t you wake up soon? Wake up to see her?”

    “… I don’t want her to be hurt because of me.”

    “But not waking up and leaving your sister all alone will hurt her more than anything. She will surely cry if you don’t go to see her.” I pray that with this he will want to wake up.

    “…” He fell silent and thought about something and then, “Would she still be my sister even if I made lots of mistakes?”

    Think fast… think fast, “I’m sure she will still be your sister even if you make mistakes. No one in this world is free of mistakes. Humans like us makes mistakes all the time. When that happens, we learn from our mistakes then say sorry and try to not make the same mistake. It may take time, but I am sure you will be forgiven.” I said with a smile.

    “Even if I am stained with the most forbidden of all sins, will I still be able to find happiness?”

    What…? Stain and sin? Armonia teaching about sin and punishment!

    “It is like when they make mistakes however, if humans makes a sin, they are punished for it. The punishment is equal to the sin. After the punishment. Other times it seems that they are not punished and they continue to sin, in times like that… it will be their soul that will be punished. A life time of sin can mean an eternity of pain. Some humans acknowledge their sins and repent. Repentance or atonement is like doing virtues or actions to balance out the sin, it is like apologizing with your actions and deeds.”

    I remember my burdens, I am here, I was saved. Many in my world were not. My existence may be sinful but…

    “When punishment and repentance is over or even during, humans find happiness in the most unexpected of places. That is why everyone is searching for happiness. They all search for the one person who can make them smile. They might be someone in the family, or maybe a friend, a lover, or even a stranger. Those who are important to you and those that deems you as important to them. Each of us can make someone else happy.” I take this moment to breathe…

    “Also, sins can be forgiven after the punishment or repentance. Sometimes it is oneself that does the forgiving sometimes it is forgiveness from others. In the end, it is a cycle like when you make a mistake. Mistakes and sin are entwined together. Both can be done with just one instance. That is why humans are never perfect. They fall, they break, they rise back up and they fix themselves and each other. The most painful thing to a human is to be alone. Because when they are alone, they are unable to experience anything and become stagnant, unmoving, and they decay into nothingness.”

    “Is it bad to be empty?”

    “When you are empty, you will be unable to move. Like stagnant water, nothing but rot will set in. It is important to be filled and move with so many emotions, memories, encounters, experiences, and more. So that when it is time to disappear from the living, you have something to remember in death.”

    I think I answered well.

    “… am I human?” he asked me.

    “Yes. In my eyes, you are human. You are not a doll nor a puppet. You are a human made of blood, flesh, bones, with emotions. You might think yourself to be empty and sinful… but you are not. Think back on your life, you have ups and downs like the rest of us. So wake up and receive what is waiting for you and give smiles to the faces of your important people.”

    He smiled a very brilliant and pretty smile enough for to make my heart thump, “Thank you.”

    Everything faded in white and vanished before my eyes.

    The last thing I heard was the child Leonel saying, “I have turned the three of you from replica into an original… I have heard the one prayer of your world… I granted you three the freedom to live as you wish… you will not remember this… but I will… I thank you… all of you who have told me how to be human.”

    I woke up as the first rays of the sun appeared. Did I have a dream? I think I did have a dream? Surely I did dream of something.

    Part 27: Good Morning! (Doom Slave’s narrative)

    Good morning! I don’t want to wake-up yet! But my memories about those battles in El Soltado and El Adio was strange. In my memories we began a serious battle against the first wave in El Soltado. When it was all over we took a break. Several minutes later, fought against a single large metallic butterfly abyss monster. In the heat of the battle with the butterfly, me and Leo was slapped into El Adio.

    A barrier came up and did not let us go back in Soltado and it also won’t let anyone else in Adio. Trapped inside with limited resources, Leo and I fought with an Oscuras like thing. What next…. Oh! The Oscuras during the battle miscalculated and tore open a small crack in the barrier. Anis, Berthe, and Charles got in El Adio through that crack.

    In our desperation, the crystals with Leo released their powers. The blue crystal made it so that Saint Berthe and executioner Anis woke up in the other world. It also gave me back some of my memories. The black crystal gave Saint Anis and Memento Mori Berthe the ability to pull them out of the distorted world and into the real world.

    With them out, we got more hands to help with the Oscuras. In its desperation, the Oscuras summoned a horde of its minions and they broke the barrier and a huge fight broke out in Soltado and Adio. With the huge horde, Leo went to a location in Adio where he was able to see most of Soltado. With me protecting him, Leo aimed a huge ray of highly destructive blue magic above our heads so that he won’t accidentally kill his allies. Leo’s magic attack killed so many huge and flying enemies saving us a lot of time. With that one blue magic ray he fell into fatigue and went unconscious.

    On cue, reinforcements came. With the added help, we defeated the remaining abyss horde. The five high priests of Memento Mori, led by Van was able to reseal the boundary of the human and abyss world. Yesterday, the two Saints made a super special holy water with Ornellia’s recipe and the new strain of abysmal decay was cured. The end! That is how it is in our memories… strange, something feels off with our memories

    I feel like many things are missing… but who cares! The battle is over and we won! I looked to my right and saw that the other bed is empty and neat just like how Leo fixes his bed when he wakes up.

    HE IS AWAKE!!!! I was rejoicing when, Leo came back in the room carrying a tray full of fruits for breakfast. I jumped out of my bed and tried to hug him but instead, this very thick book met my face. Van, how could you do this to me?

    Leo sighed, “Thanks. If that puppy were to pounce on me the hot soup would have injured someone.”

    “Don’t mention it. I was just doing what I have to do.” Van replied carrying a pitcher of water.

    I saw the two small bowls of steaming soup with the fruits on the tray Leo carried, “I am very sorry! I did not see the soup bowls!” I apologized quickly.

    “Excuse me, this pot is hot and heavy you know…” Vincent said from the hallway.

    Leo and Van went in and was followed by Vincent with a soup pot fresh from the hospital kitchen. Leo and I ate our breakfast in the hospital room after Van and Vincent went away to who knows where. Leo and I talked about what we will do once we were done with breakfast. I was curious, what magic did he have?

    “Leo, that magic back there? What was it?” I asked.

    He became pale, “It’s something I inherited from my mother. We are unable to control our magic and when it is released I have to make sure I pour all my concentration on it or else, it will explode in all directions killing all in its range. Like a one-time only cannon, if fired, I use up all of my magic energy. So I don’t use it and sealed it with in me. That’s why I only use my guns.” He explained.

    “… … … One mistake that day could have… ….” I said.

    He became gloomy, “Please don’t make me remember.”

    We fell silent… Our normal days have begun! This is the happy end I was wishing for whole heartedly!

    Part 28: Happy Birthday! (Sirius’s narrative)

    The battle was a success and we exceeded everyone’s expectations and saved Berryl and Adelite from the distorted world. The church lead by Archbishop Lennon, decided to hold a celebration at the same time a surprise birthday to the three who came from the distorted world. They need a whole day preparation for the celebration tonight. They gave me a task to not let the three of them get anywhere near the cathedral. I shall do my mission with excellence!

    …………………………………………………………………………….. How?

    I was walking to the hospital that morning when I encountered the Keilce Governor-General and asked him how to keep three people away from the cathedral for the whole day. He gave me a kind looking but chill inducing smile.

    An hour later we were in Kielce’s air ship floating above Armonia territory. AMAZING! This is the first time anyone in Armonia was this high up! I was also sad… I paid for 6 people. Four months’ worth of savings went to Kielce Lab’s pocket. But seeing Anis, Bert, Siegenite, Berryl, and Adelite smiling ear to ear was worth it. Cepheus, are you watching us? Are you happy where you are?

    In this joining this sightseeing trip was the people from Keilce, the pioneering family, Leonel, Van, Vincent, Patrick, Laura, Charles of course, Pope Ludio II, and a few other wealthy merchants. Ms Olivia stayed behind to assist the Archbishop.

    Hmmm… somehow I see a pattern here. The childish ones were running here and there to see all what is there to see and the mature ones sat near the windows and enjoyed some tea or coffee while looking out the window.

    Berthe, Charles, Van, and Vincent were having tea on one table. Beside them, sitting around another table, were Anis, the pope, and Berryl talking about their stresses in life. Restlessly walking around the ship was Siegenite and Adelite and they were pulling a troubled Leonel with them. Following them was Cano also doing the same thing to JD and Caisse.

    I was Laura, Patrice, and I were talking about my plus and minus as a deputy-commander while we were having tea some tables away from Anis and Berryl. She told me so many things, it was just like an impromptu evaluation of my performance. She got somewhat annoyed that the Keilce Governor-General was better at commanding the knights than me during the mission.

    The pioneering family was in the air ships kitchen making our sandwich lunch. They were also the ones who served lunch. That was the only time Marchetti got out of the captain’s cabin. He is so excited to experiment on a few things with the air ship while flying. Isn’t that dangerous.

    It was late in the afternoon when we got reconnected with solid ground and the cathedral’s preparation was done. We all headed inside the grand structure and was greeted as heroes by the people who attended the celebration. All of the knights who were with us and the reinforcements were also there.

    The celebration began with a thanks giving prayer for this miracle where in none of us died and we all recovered in less than 2 days. After the prayer, Archbishop Lennon announced the existence of our “younger siblings” who were saved from the abyss. They were warmly welcomed by the people of Armonia. He also announced that Armonia and Bristia is now more favourable than ever and is taking the first steps towards a peaceful relationship with the surrounding countries. It was a very happy time in Armonia.

    After the celebration has ended and only our friends and allies remained, we started a new celebration, Siegenite, Berryl, and Adelite’s birthday. Berthe and Anis decided that this will be their birthday so we had to celebrate it. Ms. Olivia rolled out a tray of cake she made from a recipe she knows and we all had a slice, it was delicious. Berryl and Adelite quickly succumbed to their happiness and shed tears of joy and happiness. They were comforted by their elder sisters Berthe and Anis. Even Charles became very noisy with all of his jokes.

    We were all happy during that time. I pray, may this happiness last for a long time.

    THE END.

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