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    [Distorted World] First Contact Montoro and Viscount

    [Distorted World] First Contact
    Montoro and Viscount
    Our story began one day before the judgment day.
    Montoro knew what the ten nobles were thinking and planning to do but what was interesting the pioneer family was there too.
    Again and again and again ……. The same pioneers………so he started his preparation but improving himself to the last stage he was able to with the time he gained.
    As while he was in the process which take days he was recalling all his life like a flashback before death.
    Just a misunderstood man who lost everyone he loves and aimed to become the strongest so he won't lost anything anymore.
    At the darkest and most impossible of times NOW ten nobles, stratavista and victims who wants revenge he rose at last form with his great powers surrounded by his strong creatures.
    Now no one could defeat me it is my era where I rule all.
    At this moment he looked around him right, left, behind and front what was he searching for even he did not know the answer.
    He transformed to his second forum and wait for the attack.
    While siting waiting thinking wondering what if there was a different pass or a different way what if…….everytime the pioneers stopped him, everytime they were getting stronger, everytime they were getting bigger and everytime they are getting bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger than me.
    Then he stood and wondered if there was a different future in the Distorted World.
    He already researched about that world so let's go look into the Distorted mirror in the twisted space.
    That is where he the other him Viscount montoro. The other him who did not seek any powers who had not lost anyone. Who was loved by everyone where his castle was full of guests, friends, nobles, servants, dancers and clowns.
    Where he was the leader of the ten nobles, loved by all even the pioneers families and had the power same as him but in family, comrades, nobles and rulers.
    Where he was still keeping his ring and still respected as one of the ten nobles.
    the Ring of the viscount his story was as follow once upon a time there lived a young farmer. He worked very hard but was very poor.

    One day when he was far from home in the forest, an old woman looking like a peasant came up to him and said, "I know you work very hard, and all for nothing. I will give you a magic ring! It will make you rich, and your work won't be in vain. When you turn the ring on your finger and say what you wish to have, you'll have it at once! But there is only one wish in the ring, so think carefully before you wish."

    The astonished farmer took the ring given to him by the peasant woman, and went home.

    In the evening he came to a big city. There he went to a merchant and showed him the magic ring. When the merchant heard the astonishing story, he thought of a plan. He invited the farmer to stay in his house for the night. At night he came up to the sleeping peasant, carefully took the ring off the man's finger, and put on another ring, which looked exactly like the one he had taken off.

    In the morning when the farmer had gone away, the merchant ran into his shop, shut the door, and said while turning the ring on his finger, "I wish to have a hundred thousand pieces of gold." And down they came, on his head, shoulders, and arms, like a rain of gold! The frightened merchant tried to get out of the shop, but in vain. In a few minutes he was dead.

    When the farmer returned home, he showed the ring to his wife. "Take a look at this ring," he said. "It's a magic ring! It will make us happy."

    The astonished woman could hardly say a word "Let's try. Maybe the ring will bring us more land," she said at last.

    "We must be careful about our wish. Don't forget there's only one thing that we may ask for," he explained. "Let's better work hard for another year, and we'll have more land."

    So they worked as hard as they could and got enough money to buy the land they wished to have.

    Then the farmer's wife thought of asking for a cow and a horse. They discussed the matter more than once. "My good wife," said the farmer, "we shall get a horse and a cow without the ring."

    They went on working hard for a whole year and again bought the things they wished to have.

    "What happy people we are!" said the farmer.

    "I don't understand you," answered his wife angrily. "There's nothing in the world that we can't have, and still we spend days and nights working as hard as before, because you don't want to use your magic ring!"

    Thirty, then forty years had gone by. The farmer and his wife had grown old. Their hair became as white as snow. They were happy and had everything they wanted. Their ring was still there. Although it was not a magic ring, it had made them happy. For you see, my dear friends, a poor thing in good hands is better than a fine thing in bad hands.
    That famer and his wife where his parents but one follow there footstep while the other discarded everything.
    Out of Greed, Arrogance, Jealous or Fury he put throw his hands through the mirror and reached for his neck to destroy him the other him.
    While he reached his neck his hand was stopped by a lot of hands and he told him I knew u where watching me do you think your hand can reach me.
    I am stronger than you by the family I have around me you can never reach to my stage no matter what you try.
    And with a move of his hands he destroyed the distorted mirror.
    Montorro first time felt fear and decided to make up a child body with bodyguard to protect him in case he lost to the family power.
    And the rest of the story you already know.

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