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    [Distorted World] First Contact (By:Hildy)

    Chapter 1: Charging through Darkness

    "It isn't over."
    Van muttered as he stood, dusted off his cape, and wiped the blood from his chin.

    "She's a cunning one, that Navas."
    Laura, visibly exhausted from the battle, walked beside Van as they both stared at an ominous portal that appeared after Navas, the memory eater, escaped.

    The scene was reminiscent to the wars that came before the end of Oscuras. The endless cycle of death that laid waste to Armonia's substructure for centuries. Anis started to perform an oration to free the soldiers' souls that were bounded to slain abyssal warriors. She bit her lip multiple times desperately trying to hold back her tears while performing the ritual. Berthe held her hand.

    "I''s okay...I have to stay strong."
    Anis said as she smiles to reassure Berthe's sad expression as she looked at her.

    It doesn't get easier. No matter how many times she does the ritual, no matter how big or small the numbers are, it never does. But she has to stay strong, this is different. This is the part where they end the cycle. They are not alone anymore. Armonia may have battled through the darkness, trying to shield the world from a hidden threat, on it's own in the past but not anymore. They have the pioneering family and all of their friends to support them. And this time, they are the ones on the offensive.

    "What if it's a trap?!"
    William exclaimed.

    "Of course it's a trap! Ha! I never thought I would be exploring even the depths of hell."
    Grandies cut him off, obviously stoked as she put her great sword in her shoulder.

    Charles mocked William with a whiny mimicry. Sirius and Bryan exchanged gazes trying to hold back laughter. Patrick as usual is alone polishing his sword. Emilia and her recruits from Zeia, as well as Sierra and Nena, are all tending to the wounded.Everybody seems at ease. The morale is higher and everyone is determined to end Armonia's threat.

    "It's time."
    Van said with a serious expression.

    One by one, they entered the dimensional crack.

    "Don't be nervous, I'll protect you two."
    Charles held both Anis' and Berthe's hands as they walked through it.

    In an instance, the atmosphere changed. The setting is the same, it is still Armonia's basement in appearance, but somehow distorted with features not physically possible. Steeples of old cathedrals emerge from different directions, giant bulks of red armoniums are floating in the sky, and the landscape seems to go on until the horizon. Everything feels heavy, the intensity of corruption is beyond measure.

    The minute they walked in, they are greeted by Navas sitting in the ledge of the highest steeple, smiling.

    "Ready to play some more?"
    Navas snapped her fingers and hundreds of abyssal rifts appeared on the ground and sky. Legions of corrupted soldiers climbed out of the cracks, each led by abyssal fragments.

    "Arrgh!!!". "Aaahhhhhhhhhh!!!".
    Patrick grunted and Emilia screamed with pain. Patrick grasped his left hand trying to hold back Madness taking over. Anis rushed to Patrick while mixing red Armonium with holy water.

    "Hold on..."

    "No stop!"
    Van blocked Anis.

    "Urgh". "The corruption of this place is too strong, everyone stay away from me. I will charge to the eastern horde and unleash madness, don't follow me and concentrate on Navas."
    Patrick grasped his sword and ran to the eastern direction.

    "This place... the stench of corruption is loosening our grips on our powers influenced by the abyss. I feel stronger yet the emotions I hold inside me is struggling to break free."
    Van stated only to be cut with Emilia's screams.

    Emilia is trying to hold back her reckless alter-ego. It is a losing battle. her hair is slowly turning to black. Her eyes are darkening, and black aura emanates from her.

    "What is she?!"
    Laura exclaimed turning to Sierra.

    "It can't be... Emilia's alter-ego draws power from the corrupted star, not the abyss. How?..."
    Sierra tries to use corazon spell to ease Emilia.

    "No!! It can't be..."
    Nena stood in shock after an immense, familiar power emanates from a distant place.
    "We have to finish this fast, I have a bad feeling, something terrible is emerging in Bahama."

    "Wait... stop Sierra. Maybe I can...nghrrr... let her ...Ahahahaha... take... over."
    Emilia stopped resisting as she fully transforms to reckless Emilia.

    She looked at the army of corrupted warriors forming at the distance.

    "Mhm I feel good, this should be fun!".
    Reckless Emilia glanced at the party and flew to the corrupted legion to the west laughing maniacally.

    "We should look out for her at a distance. We'll take the western front."
    Ania said running towards the west with Nar, Nena, and Sierra.

    "Okay, let's plan our positions..."
    William stated staring at the marching horde or abyss.

    Chapter 2: Dreams and Nightmares

    The stench of corruption is getting heavier. The army of darkness is marching slowly. Another dawn of battle is about to commence and everyone is in position. At the center Diego constructed a basic fortification for the wounded, guarded by the two Grandice, Claude, and Andre at the rear, they are the toughest and most experienced warriors defending the most vulnerable post. To the west is, Emilia, laughing while raining down dark crystals from the sky, supported by Sierra, Nena, Ania and Nar at a safe distance. To the east is Patrick, rampaging while cutting through enemies with ease, while Anis, Berthe and Charles are observing in case Patrick needs to be subdued. Van, Laura, Judith, and the pioneering family on the other hand, is charging through the front-line to engage Navas. All the others are spread out to help where it is due.

    "What should we do?"
    Anis looked at Berthe after doing a quick scan of the battlefield.

    "Don't worry, good ol' freaky hands is doing all the wo...Wait get ready!"
    Charles summons a wall of Acheron to isolate them from the pack of abyss coming their way.

    Anis started praying and sets a field of Bigtima to furder delay the soldiers. Berthe and Charles started to cast a powerful spell to weaken the corrupted soldiers' souls, Soul Explosion. In a single sweep all the soldiers became inanimate armors. Anis then says a little prayer to release them from their bind to abyss.

    "We make a great team!"
    Charles lovingly hugs Anis cushioning his face on her breasts. Berthe grabs Charles and pounds him repeatedly. Anis is flustered.

    On the battlefront things are much different. Van struggles to cast each spell while holding down the emotion pieces. Laura, Judith, and the pioneering family are cutting through the enemy lines but are getting tired by the minute.

    "Oh come on we are just getting started, Ahahahaha..."
    Navas laughed until a bullet grazes one of her wings.

    It was Laura.
    "Shut up b*tch! Why don't you come down here and let's finish this!"
    Laura shouted from below.

    "Finish? Oh honey, this is barely the first layer of abyss". "But if you insist, let's escalate things."
    Navas started flying above the center while a purple swirl of magic gathers to her hands.

    "Do you know what comes with memories after I devour them?"

    "It isn't the good ones I enjoy, it's the bad ones that gives a sweet aftertaste... the painful, the dreaded, the angry, oh the angry memories."

    "Do you want to remember? do you want a taste?"
    Navas grinned as she summons shadows, embodying all the sad memories of each person in the field. She once again perched at the highest point to enjoy the spectacle of what she just spread.

    "I knew it was going to be you..."
    Van stared at a shadow forming the figure of Ornella
    "Well, we never had a chance for a last dance did we?"
    Van grabbed a scroll preparing to fight.

    Shadows spread across the field forming different figures of familiar faces.

    The two Grandices stood in preparation to battle a figure of the Duke. Andre and Mia both dealing with Dilos Lantemn. Diego holding his old greatsword, standing before his murder victims. Nena and her party are struggling with figures of the deceased Vigilar and Zeian tribe. Everyone had their enemies.

    Anis prepared her rosario and holy water to battle whatever figures comes for her. While Berthe clasped her tome while holding Charles' hand, looking around. But once the shadow goes to them it just vanished.

    "What happened?"
    Anis looked at Charles.

    "Maybe we overcame whatever it is that haunted us. What were you expecting anyway?"
    Charles asked Anis.

    "To be honest, I was expecting Berthe... I have never forgiven myself fully for what I did, no, for what I didn't do for her. I should've held your hand, I shouldn't have let them take you..."
    Anis said in a sad tone.

    Berthe hugged Anis.

    "She forgave you that time you know? She really did. It wasn't your fault. It was those priests who looked like p*dophiles! Imagine dragging kids to dark baseme..."
    Berthe smacked Charles head.
    "Oooouch! whattid I say?"

    "Thank you, to both of you..."
    Anis smiled sweetly
    "Let's help the others shall we?"

    Chapter 3: Familiar Faces

    Laura shouted as she fired her pistol, killing the shadow of Lena.

    The battle took hours. Everyone is tired and wounded. Van instructed everyone to regroup at the center for the time being. The rear post, suffering from the destructive magic of Duke Felipe and Dilos Lantemn are being treated for the various burns and ailments they received. The eastern front, Patrick is still rampaging, not showing a sign of fatigue yet the two young ladies worry for his physical body slowly being consumed by abyss. The western battle took an unfavorable turn as both Emilia and Sierra overused their powers and lies unconcious. Nena and the rest brought them back for treatment.

    "This isn't good. Our energy and numbers keep on depleting. We can't keep this up, we need to force her hand, lure her to battle herself."
    Grandice stood trying to muster strength.

    "Leave the wounded to me and the medics, all of those who can still fight go with Van to Navas' direction"
    Diego prepared all his remaining materials to construct heavy defensive equipment.

    "Well then, Laura, Judith, call Anis and Berthe, We'll deal with Patrick later. Grandice, Nena, Claude, come with me. The rest, prepare for back-up and defend the camp."
    Van ran to the frontlines releasing the 5 emotions to his side.
    "Do my final bidding and I shall release your spirits to rest."

    "We'll fight darkness with darkness."

    "Mhmmm, now you're talking, let me take back the power I lent you."
    Navas grinned as she stepped down from her perch and touched the ground.

    The earth shakes. The dimension started to distort more, cracks appeared from Navas and a greater number of warriors emerged, bigger and more menacing from the last. Navas, determined to join the game, flew with her legion to clash with Van's party.

    "Brace yourselves!"

    Grandice (Red Hair) put her great sword down and grabs a sword and a main-gauche twirling and cutting down all of those whom she crosses paths with. Judith started praying while cutting down each and every soldier, giving divine redemption with each strike hitting harder than the last. Nena, learning the terrain and battle style of the abyss, held her spear on her back with one hand as she rushed to packs of elite soldiers. Claude took off his heavy chest plate and grabbed a sword with his spear and roared as he charged through enemy lines.

    "We can do this, We'll get through this!"
    Anis looked at her allies with awe at their determination.

    "Ahahahahaha, don't underestimate me, I am just getting started with you all."
    Navas cut her hand and started a blood ritual.

    The sky turned red as it cracked open with winged demons swarming from the sky. Everyone looked up in despair as they fight their way to Navas.

    " can't be, it's too much."
    Anis' voice trembled.

    An sudden explosion started from the west, shaking the very ground and scattering dust into the air. Anis and Berthe looked at the direction with worry for Patrick. The rampage...It stopped. As the dust settled every enemy in the west has fallen and a figure began to emerge. It was rushing to them with speed. Charles was busy casting spells that he left Berthe defenseless from the side. The figure jumped targeting Berthe. Berthe turned around in shock.

    Anis shielded herself casting a barrier in front.

    It was damaged but it held the impact. Anis stared in shock as she stared at a reflection of herself. Is it another one of Navas' tricks? she asked herself. No she is too real to be an illusion. The mysterious Anis' refection ricochet and grabbed the ground with her arm shield for stability.

    "Who are you?! What are you?!... What did you do to Patrick!?..."
    Anis yelled as her voiced cracked with hesitation.

    Chapter 4: Two Worlds

    At the heart of the battle, Van reached Navas and confronted her. He casted the spell "Espaccio" between himself and Navas.

    "You can't escape anymore. This is between you and me."
    Van glared at Navas.

    "Fool! such a fool... I can't get out but they can't get in and help you. Do you think you've reached my level after our little trip together?" Navas smiled, casually waving her fingers.

    "I actually liked you before. You were different from the other humans. Your lust for power, your hatred. It is something I haven't seen before. But then you betrayed me... It was just for her! You wasted everything! Everything I taught you." Navas grew angry and started flinging dark missiles at Van.

    Van dodged and retaliated. Van is still weaker compared to Navas. This battle is nothing but sparks and explosions from the outside as another problem just appeared out of nowhere.

    "Wait for us Anis, don't go charging off like that recklessly!"
    A sweet voice yelled as another figure emerged from the east. It stopped, speechless of what she just saw.

    Berthe and Anis stood in shock. It is them but not at the same time. The outfits, the hair, the mannerisms, all different, opposite of what they are to be exact.

    "Anis! Who are they? Demons? Illusions"

    "No, they're real, the barrier she just used is something only a saint can perform."

    "I am the current Saint of the holy city of Armiona, Berthe, Identify yourselves!"
    She said in a dignified manner.

    "Berthe"? Did she just say "Berthe"? Anis is puzzled.

    "How is this possible? I am the current Saint of Armonia, Anis..."
    Anis, still stunned by the events can't even begin to explain herself.

    Charles glanced at Berthe to check on her and is astonished of what he just saw. He quickly floated to Berthe's side with blood (not even physically possible) dripping from his nose.
    "Another BERTHE?!?! Who- Wha- Whe- How is this possible?!?!"

    Executor Anis quickly gripped her flail and charged to Charles.

    Berthe's eyes darkened and she and Charles quickly casted a wall of Acheron for protection.

    "STOP IT ALL OF YOU! It seems SHE is right all along..."
    Another familiar voice yelled and walked into the scene.

    Anis looked at the familiar voice. It is Juliana!

    "Juliana explain this!"
    Arbitrator Berthe asked Juliana.

    "This place isn't the gate to Abyss. This is but a bridge or a link to our world and abyss, one of many links. It is created by a creature powerful enough to breach into our world. Being one of the many links, this dimension is highly unstable and prone to distortion to it's master's will..."
    Juliana grabbed Executor Anis' and Arbitrator Berthe's ears and dragged them to Anis, Berthe, and Charles.

    "Hey I didn't even use my...blame Anis! And wait! It still doesn't explain them!"
    Arbitrator Berthe yelled at Juliana pushing her hand away.

    Anis can't even comprehend what is happening now. There is an on-going battle, Look alikes of her and Berthe are here arguing with a supposed to be dead Juliana.

    Anis tried to cut in into a hyper energetic Juliana and a sassy Berthe.

    "Okay! I need to explain everything quick, there is someone I must meet in the battlefield. SHE told me a parallel version of Laura is here. Something happened in both of our worlds. A being emerged from Bahama capable of bending reality and the fabric of worlds. This caused our world to have the ability to penetrate to one of the dimensions leading to Abyss. But what SHE didn't expect was for this dimension to be linked to what I suppose are parallel worlds as well. I can't explain everything to you guys right now and SHE just rushed to that weird dark dome over there. SERIOUSLY! WHEN WE ARRIVED, YOU SAW THOSE MECHANICAL TURRETS FIGHTING AGAINST ABYSS AND YOUR FIRST INSTINCT IS TO RUSH IN AND KILL IT. Ugh, later, I have to mobilize our troops to help out those poor souls down there and basically explain all this to them again."
    Juliana yelled at Anis then rushed off to the west to gather her troops.

    "Well I am going as well, I don't want to waste time here staring at my own face."
    Executor Anis picked up her flail.

    "Wait can I talk to you?"
    Anis nervously approched Executor.

    "Talk to her, I am not really interested."
    Executor Anis pointed at Berthe and ran to battle.

    "Forgive her. She isn't really the let's-talk-about-our-emotions-type."
    Arbitrator Berthe comforted Anis.

    "Can I ask? What happened to your world? Why did you come here?"
    Anis asked Arbitrator.

    Berthe looked at the distance with a sad expression.

    " I don't know what the situation is at your world but ours went to a downward spiral after the incident with Saint Sara. You see, she found out about the corruption with the council of Bishops and how a group called Stratavista is controlling our previous Pope. That is not even the worst part. For decades they have been sacrificing Saints to farm minerals called Armonium masking it with a reason to block abyss from pouring out of Armonia."

    "Sacrificing Saints...for minerals..."

    "Yes, Saints like us are gifted with a different kind of power. We don't rely on the constellations nor gifted with the usual affinity for magic. But we are those who are untainted with sin and can achieve purity at it's highest level. We draw power from the divine, from faith itself. Saint Sara exposed Stratavista and was assassinated. As the story of their existence is already out, they used their connection in politics with all the nobles from Opresia to block Armonia out as a separate state. Noone goes in and out and we can not receive support from the outside."

    "That's why we are here. We need to end the threat so that we can live in peace even if we stand alone at the outside."
    Arbitrator Berthe explained in a sad yet determined tone.

    Berthe walked beside Arbitrator and stared at her.

    "She wants to ask you...How did you turn out to be you and how did Anis turn out to be her in your world?"
    Charles spoke for Berthe.

    "Well I am the original first pick at the candidates for the next Saint and Anis... well she went through a lot of pain. I don't want to talk about the details but she converted her divinity to something more physical, she grows stronger having the power of a saint yet she condemns god for all that is happening."
    Arbitrator Berthe explained.
    "What I am curious is how I turned out like her."

    "The situation is different yet the culprit is the same. Our Berthe is supposed to be the next sacrifice until Van saved her. She is taught with the ways of the memento mori to survive on her own and was given Charles as a guardian. In our world, It is she who went through a lot of pain...I am so glad we saved her. I could never imagine or live through the horrors she went through."
    Anis held Berthe's hands and wiped her tears.

    "Nor do I with what Anis went through...Parallel worlds yet somehow our fates are still connected. I wonder if there's a world out there where no one has to experience the pain ourselves or our parallel selves have felt, where both of us could just be happy..."
    Arbitrator Berthe sighed longingly.

    "Not without a world with Stratavista it."
    Anis stated, clasping her fist.

    "We should help the others, I'll show you how Saints do battle properly."
    Arbitrator Berthe stood up.

    As they prepare to fight. A ray of light penetrated the top of the Espaccio dome as white flames disintegrates the barrier.

    "It's YOU!"
    Navas exclaimed in shock and terror. Obviouly in fear of what stands before her.

    "You still can't manage without me, can you Van?"

    A woman walked past Van with her hand in her back holding a rosario. Her golden hair illuminated as it is blown by the wind.


    Chapter 5: Epilogue (coming soon...Should I continue?)

    ================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ==================================================

    Thank you for Reading this till the end. I am sorry I couldn't finish the Epilogue for now but it will be mostly about Van/Ornella, Laura/Juliana and other side stories.

    -Hidairre Family

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    Distorted World First Contact By Hildy

    That was quite amusing. Im guessing that when autocylus said sleep and the criminals didnt fall asleep the attack failed? Oh well. Funny stuff.

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