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    [Distorted World] First Contact: The Other World - Enigmatic Family

    Even the finest blessings of the goddess could not protect her from the scorching sun.

    Trails of sweat roll down the young lady’s face. It was totally not helping that she chose to don on Armonia’s finest robes. Regretting her decision, a small pout appeared on her petite face. At least in the new continent, there are no signs of the Devil’s Fruit anywhere! That thought alone was enough to keep the young lady in good spirits. She skipped along the bustling shopping street of Reboldeux, her eyes glancing everywhere. Barkir rifles, state of the art weaponry, and even portraits of the royal bloodline, numerous items she has never seen before kept her on her toes. Armonia would never have such wide variety of goods! Looking to the left, a shiny armor caught her eye. It so well-polished that she could see her reflection on it – and also a man with golden locks running towards her.

    ‘’Anis! Anis!’’

    Also clad in Armonia’s finest, this time it was a whole suit of dazzling armor. The young lady twirled the ends of her teal hair as she let out a sigh.

    “Hello Sirius, what brings you here?’’

    Sirius abruptly comes to a stop in front of Anis, waves his hand, beckoning her to come closer. She took a step forward and at that exact moment, Sirius’s hand clasps onto Anis’s arm.

    “W-What are you doing?”

    Sirius forcefully pulls Anis away from the crowd.

    “We have urgent matters to discuss. Just follow me!’’

    Running past the Reboldeux plaza, Sirius pulls her into a secluded alley. Cautiously, his sky-blue eyes darted around at his surroundings, making sure there was absolutely no one around them. Before Sirius could open his mouth, his face was endowed with a tight holy smack.

    “This.. is.. not..” Anis, out of breath, panted, “How you treat a saint!!”

    A flurry of small fists rained onto Sirius's chest. Even though he was wearing the strongest metal armor Armonia could offer, at that moment, those fists hurt him more than anything. Sirius extended his arm and pushed against Anis’s forehead, disabling the Saint’s barrage from reaching him.

    “I’m sorry for treating you like this after meeting up in such a long time.”
    “You’d better be sorry.” Anis snapped as she tidied up her robes.
    “So what did you have to talk to me so urgently about?”

    A long, uncomfortable silence ensues. Sirius tightened his lips and furrowed his pockets, pulling out a white envelope. Anis immediately recognised the seal of the Armonian council on the envelope. She took a step back.

    “What is the meaning of this, Sirius?”
    Anis reached into her right pocket and clutched onto her Rosario tightly.

    “A few days ago, there have been sightings of a young lady in Apostadero. Our crusaders approached this mysterious person, only to be brutally murdered by her. She was reported to be around 5 feet tall with teal blue hair... Do you see where I am getting at?”

    As Sirius finished his sentence, he gave a signal, and Memento Mori soldiers appeared from the shadows - advancing on Anis.

    “It pains me to say this, but Anis, you are under arrest.”

    As she comprehended Sirius’s words, Anis’s eyes widened in shock.
    “Do you know what are you saying? Do you really think that I, would have the heart to murder our own Armonian Crusaders?”

    Sirius’s face stiffened.

    “I really was hoping that It wasn’t you.”
    “Then why?”
    “The Mirror of the Seraph has declared you guilty. The Eyes of the Seraph holds absolute truth.”


    “Even though all we have gone through, you still believe that I would do such a thing?”
    Sirius wavered a little.
    “I’m sorry, Anis.”

    Anis couldn’t believe her ears. Her thoughts were in a mess.

    All I have been doing is wandering around the new continent and suddenly I’ve been convicted of murder?
    Not just any conviction, but the Seraph’s?
    And.. Sirius doesn’t believe me…

    Her right palm started to bleed. But it didn’t hurt. All she wanted was this horrible nightmare to stop.
    The emotions of the abyss conflicted with her saint’s blessing, causing her Rosario to emit a surge of bright light. Her vision was in a blur, and she just ran how far her feet could bring her.


    Anis found herself at the Leonardo Expresso – the pioneering family’s warping portal. Not wanting to believe of the situation in Armonia, she placed her hand onto the device, and exclaimed:

    “I want to go to Armonia Apostadero!”

    After a brief sense of disorientation, the smell of chalky dust filled her nose. Anis opened her eyes and a shiver ran down her spine. The weather-worn stone pillars, the guard posts, the forge, this whole underground territory, it’s all still intact, but,

    Apostadero was dead empty.

    Even the weird talking book, Bible, was not at his favourite spot. Anis, quivering with every step, walks to the Holy Crusader’s guard post, only to find broken armor fragments and stains of dried blood. Same goes for the Memento Mori guard post. Not being able to stomach such a scene, Anis threw up. She frantically ran towards the exit of Apostadero to Armonia’s main city, only to find it unable to budge an inch. Anis beat her small hands onto the heavy door, until her knuckles turned blood red. She realised she was shut in.

    Anis slumps down onto the floor, with no more strength to move. Her shaky fingers mess up her hair. It’s all a nightmare. It all is. Waking up into another world, a world of suffering, a distorted world.

    “Michelle? William?”
    “Sister Laura?”
    “Please… help me..”

    Anis bites her lip, trying not to burst into tears. The scent of rusted copper is turning unbearable. She held on to her Rosario and chanted a prayer of help – the only thing right now that is keeping her sane is her hope in the goddess.

    But no one came.

    Anis closes her eyes, and her conscience fades into the deep darkness.


    “Clunk…… Clunk…..”

    The sound of heavy ominous footsteps snapped Anis awake. A dim red light is reflected off the long-rusted lamps by the pathway. As her vision focused, the first thing that caught her eye is long, golden hair.

    “Sirius? Is that you?”
    Dehydrated, Anis rasped out.
    No reply.

    Anis took a closer look at the silhouette. It was unmistakable. It was Sirius.
    The figure drew closer. His blood shot eyes ran over Anis’s robes, then straight into her eyes.
    Wait. Sirius doesn’t have red eyes.

    “Armonia.. Saint…”

    The Sirius before Anis is wearing a whole new suit of armor never seen before. Engraved in the center of the chestplate is the symbol of Armonia, with the shoulder pads and armguards covered in spiky protrusions. An entirely black Armonian armor, just like the fallen victims from the Holy War, the corrupted Abyss soldiers.

    “There is no god.. only lies..”
    “You.. must die.”

    Sirius unsheathed a pitch black blade. In the distance, sounds of distorted lightning is heard.

    It seemed like I am still living in a nightmare after all.
    The goddess has forsaken me, and now,
    The person I love so dearly, is here to kill me?

    Sirius raises the blade up high.
    Mentally and physically exhausted, Anis stopped thinking. She closes her eyes.
    The blade swings down.
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