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    Judith White/Red Summer Costume

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    Please add Anis summer costumes and Emilia summer costumes

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    Add Abyss Mirror Costume pls for Navas. Very want this

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    I need Sorang SEXY COSTUME or TEEN SORANG.

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    Dear All,

    We will check the ways !!

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Bumping for a costume sale that has Santo De Blanc costumes please.

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    Hello GEEU Team ,
    Give some love to Doom Slave and add his Summer Costume/Hair and Destiny of Alter Costume/Hair , i can't find them on the item shop.
    Thanks for reading ♥

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    Can you guys do a weapon costume and medal event or sale for the 2018 characters again? Thanks!
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    make more costumes available for purchase from feso costume shop is the best options, many old costumes cant get cause they lock there or you guys dont have costume sales.

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