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    [Distorted World] First Contact. Impossible Wish (Bezaleel Family)

    by: Bezaleel Family

    Chapter #1: The Tense

    And the time goes by, season has changed, and the peace at Armonia still remain, i hope.

    Inside Armonia Cathedral, sunlight transpierce the mozaic windows, shimmering..., emerging the warm and solemn ambience for those who inside that holy place. And i..., just sit on the carved wooden chair in silence, inside the shadow, in the corner at left side of Cathedral hall, while Charles whispering jokes about Armonia priests -Charles barely shut his mouth, but it's his character and i already get used to it. He is a spirit that stick like glue to me and he become my voice since i lost it at that time... that dark time.

    Suddenly the Cathedral door was open, making reverberate cracking sound, broke my silence and shush Charles. I saw Archbishop Vega walking inside in hurry, down the Cathedral hall, heading to the altar. His face is not so friendly this time and he seems did not notice me, sitting in the corner. And the Cathedral door closed by it's own.

    "Deputy Comander...!!!, Deputy Comander...!!!, Sirius!!!" Archbishop Vega yelled.

    Archbishop Vega's voice reverberate inside the Cathedral, makes every people stunned. I rise from my chair and peek, hiding behind the 2nd Cathedral hall pillar to see what is going on, and Charles, his right hand grab my shoulder, still silent but i could see curiousity in his face, wondering.

    Saint Anis rise from her pray and turn back, standing at her praying spot, inside the glowing holy mark that emerge on the floor, watch Archbishop Vega come closer. While Sirius, from his post, at the left side of Saint Anis praying spot, near the 14th Cathedral hall pillar, half running to welcome Archbishop Vega.

    "yes, Sir Archbishop, Sir?... What was going on?" Sirius, in serious face and tone of his voice.

    "ah... Deputy Comander... Sirius!" Archbishop Vega stopped and take a breath. "William... The Crussaders Comader... send me a news... bad news... send to me... by himself!!". Seems Archbishop Vega still trying to manage his breath to speak clearly, i barely hear his voice, but it's clear enough since every people stand in silence. They both are standing on the middle of floor that engraved with Armonia symbol.

    "what bad news, Sir Archbishop!?" said Sirius seriously.

    Saint Anis, who just stand still now slowly walk, come closer to them, curious, wanted to listen the conversation. Meanwhile, Pope Ludio II took praying position at the Cathedral altar, i could see his face full of worries after hearing Archbishop Vega’s words.

    "ah Sirius... bad news..." Archbishop Vega's right hand grab Sirius left shoulder. "Comander William said... there is an enormous dark energy... so huge... can not be bear... and...!!?" Archbishop stopped talking because there is a noisy engine sound from outside Cathedral. Every people were looking to the source of that noise, to the door of Cathedral.

    Me and Charles also stare the Cathedral door, listening the noise, stand still, hided by the pillar, so no one could seen us. Charles loosen his grab from my shoulder and whispering, "...that is zappelin, Berthe..., zappelin from Kielce" said Charles, "whew... i wonder why they come here?, whew" he said.

    "Archbishop, what kind of dark energy?..., tell the detail, Archbishop!... please, in the name of God and for Armonia sake, tell us what happen?..., what did you do now!?" Saint Anis’s question breaking the situation.

    Sirius looked into Saint Anis eyes, "oh... Saint Anis!", Sirius bow a bit, startled because Saint Anis already beside him.

    Saint Anis voice also makes me and Charles startled, even Pope Ludio II aswell, he rise from his praying posisition, stepped down the altar and stand inside the glowing pattern that emerge from the floor. Archbishop Vega turn his face into Saint Anis and stare her, frightened. From far, i could see Anis eyes, full of curiousity and tense at the same time. "whew... that brat can be mad also... hehehe fascinating, whew" Charles whisper to me.

    “oh... Sister Anis... please, don't get it wrong... it wasn't me... the dark energy emerge somewhere at El Adio, enormous of dark energy came from no where...” said Archbishop Vega, try to explain to Saint Anis. "right now, Comander William, Grand Master Mitchell and several Armonia crussaders and Mementomori knights were investigating that energy at El Adio" he continue explaining.

    “they are?... oh God... please protect them with Your guard, guide them with Your guidance, and covered them with Your blessing...” Anis praying, “in the name of God i pray... Amen!” Anis closed her prayer.

    “Amen... !!!” every people inside the Cathedral follow that prayer.

    “Archbishop, take me to them... please!” Saint Anis urged Archbishop Vega.

    “but Saint Anis.... you don’t have to go there..., El Adio is a dangerous place for you, a Saintess of Armonia...“ Sirius stare Anis deeply, trying to hold down her to go to El Adio.

    I could see Sirius face full of worries, me myself, if i were near Anis, i will say the same thing just like what Sirius said. “whew... that brat is insane... don’t you thing, Berthe?” in whispering, Charles talk to me, he looked at my eyes and stare, “hmmmm if that what you think, you got your point then, that brat have guts... yet compassion... very fascinating, whew“ he add.

    “NO, Sirius!!!... I have to go... i have to accompany them... i have to make sure that they will be back to Apostadero save and sound..., all of them” Saint Anis speak fiercely and gracefully. There is a sad aura at her face, but she could covered it with her grace. But for me, i could see it clear... we were friends afterall.

    I wanted to take a step, to walk..., to come closer to them, in the middle of floor that engraved with Armonia symbol. But suddenly the Cathedral door was open once again, stopped my thoughts.

    Chapter #2: Contingent From Kielce

    The Cathedral door was open once again. An Armonia crussader walking inside cathedral, and there are several person walking after that crussader. He stopped at the lowest level of Cathedral floor, just before the last stairs, standing on the middle of patio, between the statues of Armonia symbol –the rest of them were standing behind that crussader.

    “Archbishop, Her Holiness Saint Anis, and His Holiness Pope Ludio II, please allow me to announce, Kielce’s Governour -Sir Caisse, and his sister -Lady Cano, and Kielce’s contingent, they wanted to see you, Archbishop...” that crussader introduce the people behind him.

    Caisse hold Cano’s right hand and take three steps ahead and take a bow, salute everyone inside Cathedral.

    “Sir Archbishop Vega, Her Holiness Saint Anis, and His Holiness Pope Ludio II, it is i, Caisse, Governour of Kielce and my comrade...“ Caisse greet them in humble. “please forgive my indelicate attitude for come here in sudden without any notification before” he said.

    While Caisse greet Archbishop and Saint Anis, Cano’s eyes wondering arround the Cathedral and accidentally she saw me and Charles. She looked at me and smile, releasing her tiny hand from Caisse, walking down the stairs and get closer to me.

    “do we ever met, sister?... owh, where is my manner, my name is Cano...” Cano intruduce herself to me and Charles.

    “hi little girl, named Charles... and this is Berthe... whew” Charles introduce me and him to Cano.

    “owh... nice to meet you sir Charles and sister Berthe...” Cano respon to Charles’s, “seems i ever saw you, sister Berthe... but where...? i could not remember it...” said Cano.

    The guy behind that crussader, staring at us, i can feel inside his mind... his gesture... full of precautions, always be ready for any circumstances that will happen.

    “eeerrrw... that stupid man, Berthe... why he stare at us like that!? whew” Charles whisper to me.

    Cano seems hear what Charles whispered to me and directly turn her face into that guy, behind the crussader, “owh... he is my friend, and brother Caisse’s guradian... JD is his name...” Cano explain to me and Charles, and again with her innocent smile.

    “JD... JD... just dreaming??? Ehehehehehe... whew, what a weird name whew” Charles said.

    Cano reply with her smile and take a bow, left us, walking into Caisse side again.

    “ah... Governour of Kielce... come please... come” Archbishop Vega welcoming Caisse and his contingent. His voice suddenly turned, friendly and calm right now.

    Caisee and his comrade walking down the cathedral hall, come closer to where Archbishop stand, and once again he and his comrade take a bow to salute Archbishop and Saint Anis.

    Chapter #3: The Reason

    And once again, Kiece’s contingent take a bow and salute everyone inside cathedral.

    “allow me to introduce my comrade, this is my little sister –Cano, this is JD –my trusted friend, this is Marchetti –my loyal scientist, and the last one is Veronif –Viron most trusted alchemist, Marchetti’s sister” Caisse introduce his comrade to Archbishop Vega.

    “ah... yes, yes... how delightful...” said Archbishop Vega, “this is our Deputy Comander, Sirius... he took incharge for peace at Armonia” he said. “and them, i believe you already know, Sir Caisse, Sister Anis and His Holiness Pope Ludio II” he introduce the rest to Caisse, “how may i help you, Governour?” he add.

    In the middle of their boring conversation, i dare myself, back into my thoughts to come closer to them. “whew... Berthe, where you are going??” Charles ask me when i take a step into the hall. Anis see me, came from behind the pillar. She walk a little bit fast to get closer to me and Charles.

    “ah... sister Berthe... i was looking for you..., where have you been?” ask Anis to me.

    “we were here all the time, young lady... didn’t you seen us, whew?” replied Charles. I slap Charles’s head, “auch... that hurt, Berthe... whew”said Carles.

    With graceful smile, Saint Anis hold my hands, and took me near to the altar, where Pope Ludio II stands. As we walk into that spot, we heard Caisse reveal his reason to Archbishop Vega.

    “Sir Archbishop, my little sister, she have a vission that something not right will happen to Armonia. Her vission is happen again and again for several nights...” explain Caisse, “so i took an action to come to Armonia instantly, to see with my own perspective and to tell you regarding about her vission. I hope everything is alright here...” said Caisse.

    “well regarding about your little sister’s vission about our Armonia,... hmmm...” Archbishop Vega put his right hand on his chin, thingking, “everything is under God protection, as you see..., we all in solemn atmosphere here... praise God” explain Archbishop Vega.

    Heard what Vega’s explanation, Sirius face turned, i could see clearly this time, because i am near to them.

    “Sir Archbishop, isn’t that better if we tell them what was going on here!?” Saint Anis said that when we near to them. “listen to their explanation, i think it’s already’ve been written by destiny that this circumstance will happen to Armonia” she add, “don’t you think, Sirius!?, Pope Ludio!?” Anis stare at Sirius and Pope Ludio II, hoping they got her back. “don’t you think, sister?” suddenly she looked at me, asking the same question.

    “whew... hmmm this boring your lady has a point you know... whew” Charles respon to Anis’s question, “beside, more people, more power... esspecially that weird guy... what is his name again??? JD?? ah hahaha yes, JD, he seems strong... but he couldn’t beat me and Berthe..., right, Berthe... whew” Charles, once again make me embarrassed. “auch... i said that hurt, Berthe... whew” said Charles when i slap his head again.

    “ah... but Sister Anis, this is not good for Armonia reputation, and beside that, i don’t think their able to help us much, i just affraid they will be a burden to us” said Archbishop Vega, defending his thoughts, “and further more, if they get killed while helping us, Armonia’s safetyness will be questioned by all around the Granado Espada world...” he add more reason.

    “ah.... hahaha... you not to be worried about us, Sir Archbishop. I came here with my best comrade that i could trust, even my little siter’s life... i will entrust to them” Caisse explain to Archbishop Vega, “and i trust my little sister, Cano, with her vission... she got that ability just right away when Her Holiness Saint Anis come to visit us” Caisse looked at Saint Anis and make a curtsy gesture with his head and smile. “the day when Her Holiness came to visit my little sister, and gave that ribbon to her..., and Cano receive God blessing since then” add Caisse, showing his gratitude to Saint Anis.

    “i think Sister Anis is right, we should tell the truth to them about what happen at Armonia” Sirius make a statement to strenghten Anis thoughts. “but it is wise if we heard this young lady’s vission about Armonia first, in order we know what will we face so we could make a strategy and preparation” add Sirius, and looked at Cano, smiling warmly.

    Cano respon with her innocent smile, and she looked at her brother, Caisse, waiting for permission. Caisse nod his head, gave the permission to his sister to explain the vission. Cano looked at JD, who standing behind Caisse, giving her innocent smile. And JD reply with his smile.

    Cano take a deep breath and step forward into Saint Anis praying spot. While me and Anis already standing near Pope Ludio, watching that little girl, ready to listen her explanation, and Archbishop Vega, walking to right side of the hall, his smile and friendly face already gone, turned into tense, knowing there is no one got his back.

    Cano stopped her steps, right on Anis praying spot, turn around, facing Caisse and JD, and once again she took a deep breath.

    “... that night i got a dream... very odd dream....” Cano start her vission explanation, “... at that dream, i saw a dark place with mosters around... in the middle of that place, something looks a like a plate... huge energy gathered there... yes, shaped like a gigantic black plate... smimmer with dark aura, lightning burst from that dark plate edge...” Cano’s explanation make us stand still, paying attention to her voice. “that dark plate shaped, filled with dark fog” she continue explaining, “and monsters are emerge from it... walking down from that thing, different looks with monster at that place...” she add, “and i saw... there is many people... yes... people inside that dark fog... but i can not see it clearer... because i am to far from it...” she explaining further, “i saw them... they are fighting the monsters...” add Cano. There is fear at Cano’s face while explaining her vission.

    Seeing the fear at Cano’s face, that weird JD guy wanted to go to Cano’s place, but suddenly, Anis, faster than him, already hug Cano from behind.

    “it’s okay young lady, everything will be fine, i’ll promise...” said Anis to Cano.

    The action that Anis take, makes Cano calm and her innocent smile were emerge from her face. Caisse and JD were smile smoothly, seeing Saint Anis huging Cano.

    “okay, i thing we have enough information from lady Cano’s explanation” Sirius make a statement, seeing Anis hug Cano deeply, i see that he understand what Anis trying to do. “now, our objective has been cleared, we have to stop that energy and make it disapear from El Adio!” Sirius said strongly and sure. “further more, we have to find some ways to stop that energy...” add Sirius.

    “allow me to explain, Sir Comander, Sir!” JD step forward and make an army salute in front of Sirius, “we have been thingking a way to stop that energy, after young lady told us her vission” JD said.
    “praise God, that is a big help, Sir JD... could you explain to us what is the plan?” ask Sirius.

    “after young lady explain to us, we have been thingking a way, fight that energy with another formed energy, so that was why we took these people, Marchetti and Veronif, as our comrade to came here” JD said, “they are expert at their field, creating another source of energy, to force and sealed that dark energy, Sir Comander, Sir” add JD. “please allow them to explain to you, Sir” JD looked at Sirius, asking permission.

    “yes, of course... please, you have our attention, Sir Marchetti and Maddam Veronif” Sirius’s respon.
    Marchetti and Veronif walk step ahead, try to explain to all of them.

    Saint Anis took Cano into her side, standing, and pay attention to what Marchetti and Veronif will explain to us. Me, still standing in silence, staring each of them, while Charles is busy whispering to me, making jokes about JD.

    “Sirius!... should we contact Pioneering Family to help us?...” Anis look at Sirius and wait for his answer.
    Ah yes, i almost forget about Pioneering Family. A family who took care of me, Anis, and Sirius too. Even that guy, JD and Caisse and also their comrade were also part of Pioneering Family.

    “ah, for that matter, we already contact Pioneering Family and explain about Cano’s vission and our plan if this is somehow happen, and ask them to be ready for any cisrcumstances, and i personaly ask them to come immediately if we need them” said Caisse.

    “alright then, Sir Caisse, now we will listen to the plan explanation and get prepared, after we are ready, please be kind to contact them to come” ask Sirius. “Sir Marcheti and Maddam Veronif, please, the time is yours...” Sirius please them to explain the plan.

    “thank you for the time” Veronif start to talk, “okay, we will explain our plan to force and sealed that eneee....!!!” Veronif stop explaining because of the Cathedral door was opened again, this time isn’t the cracking sound that we heard, but the bumping sound, between the door and the Cathedral wall. That sound is more than enough to make Charles and everyone inside cathedral shocked.

    Chapter #4: Running, Hurry!!!

    The Cathedral door were opened, this time, instead of cracking sound, the bumping sound between door and wall shocked everyone inside.

    A Mementomori knight is running inside, down the Cathedral hall. I could see fearness and distraught in his face, clearly stating bad things just happen down there. Me and Charles stare each other. Saint Anis see Cano’s face, shocked and scared, she hug Cano tighly to calm her.

    “what happen, comrade!!??” Sirius asking to that Mementomori knight.

    “Sir Comander, Sir... Grand Master Mitchell... Comander William... and my comrades... sucked into that energy, Sir... help... HELP THEM... i am begging you, Sir Comander, Sir... please!!!” that Mementomori knight kneel in front of Sirius.

    “we must hurry!!!” shout Sirius to us, “Sister Anis, sister Berthe... please stick with Cano, keep her save!!!..., you two, explain to me the plan on the way there!!!” command Sirius to Marchetti and Veronif. “comrade, take us there!!” ask Sirius to that Mementomori knight.

    They are all running in rush, heading to El Adio, the place where that energy emerge. We see their back disapear after through the door of Cathedral. Pope Ludio II directly go to his praying spot, and start to pray, the rest of priest following the Pope, and pray in front of the altar, inside the glowing holy mark that emerge from the floor. While Archbishop Vega just stand at where he stood, stunned, flat face, his eyes is empty, staring the floor. But, i saw a glitch of smile was drawn from his mouth, suspicious.

    Meanwhile, Saint Anis try to calm down Cano who cry.

    “brother..., JD... please... you have to come back, to pick me up... please brother...” Cano cry, calling her brother and JD.

    “there there... owh sweet Cano... please don’t cry... sister Anis will promising you that they all will be back to pick you up...” said Anis with smile, but i could see worriness at her eyes.

    “whew... come on little girl... shush... you will disturb those people who praying... whew” said Charles. I slap Charles’s head, this time is harder than i ever did, “auch..., Berthe, that is realy hurt... whew”said Carles. “okay okay whew... why not we following them, just to make sure they were okay, whew” add Charles, “beside, they are not so strong, me and Berthe could handle that energy anyway, whew” he said.

    “Sister Anis, sister Berthe, Sir Charles... please take me to them... please let me go to help them... please sister...” Cano begging to us, hoping we will say yes.

    Me and Anis were seeing each other, thingking. Anis looking arround, and grab my hand and Cano, we were running, leaving the cathedral and heading to El Adio.

    In the middle of running in the Cathedral hall, “any way, did Sirius told us to stay at Cathedral?... no he didn’t, he just say please stick with Cano, keep her save... that’s all... so we aren’t ignoring his command, right?!” a small smile drawn from on Anis face.

    Chapter #5: ASAP!!!

    On the way, heading to El Adio, Saint Anis ask Cano about contacting Pioneering Family.

    “Cano, how we could contact Pioneering Family?” ask Saint Anis.

    “brother said that if we did not contacting them between an hour after we arrived at Armonia, it means we need them, and brother said they will come to Armonia instantly...” explain Cano.

    “great, Sir Governour sure thinking that far... blessed him” said Anis, “alright, we just leave a message, in order they know where we are...” add Anis.

    Saint Anis stopped, just right before the gate that heading to Apostadero. She walk, come closer to a Mementomori guy who standing in front of that gate. Anis talk to that guy, Michelan, with serious face that i saw from here, while i am holding Cano’s left hand. Michelan face, from flat expression, turned into serious, and he nod after Anis finished talking to him.

    “please becareful down there, i will pass your message to Pioneering Family, Her Holinees Saint Anis...” Michelan promised, “please, make sure to come back save and sound...” he add.

    We are rushing in hurry, walking down the stairs, heading to El Adio. Me and Charles, we prepared our weapon, Armonia Grimoire, just for precaution. I see Saint Anis, holding her Vigilar Rosario, utter her prayer every time, we should be save then.

    And for several minuttes we are running, heading to El Adio, chased by cursed dead bodies. But Saint Anis prayer, make me and Charles stronger, able to defeat them, keep Cano save. When we are wounded, Saint Anis quickly heal and cure us with her pray, yes, we should be save, because of she with us. I really amaze with what Saint Anis capable of.

    Finally we arrived at El Adio. This place looks familiar to me.

    We see them, in front of that energy, fighting, try to sealed up that enormous things. And we just stand, Saint Anis hug Cano, try to keep her save and calm, utter her prayer always. Me and Charles, in stand by mode, try keep them from monsters that come closer and try to attack us. Charles release his necromancies, sparkling orbs that will attack enemies arround us, he sure understand my feeling well, wanted to keep my dearest friends save. But still, we are worries about them. Seeing them struggling, wish we could do something to help them. Where is the Pioneering Family?, we need them ASAP (as soon as possible).

    Chapter #6: OH NO!!! Cano’s Hop - Trap

    Seeing they struggle in front of that enourmous energy, and we just stand here, makes me feel unworthy, feel bad and hopeless, i have to do something, i want to help them, but if i join them, who will protect Anis, my dearest friends, and Cano?. I have to stay, and protect them, keep them save.

    What we can do now is watch them, praying for them. Seeing Marchetti and Veronif try their best to sealed the energy using their fromed energy that created by their own ability –Marchetti with his Masterpiece Cube, excessive unique power, holding that dark energy from expanding more, and Veronif with her famous Diary Of Veronif that contain all of the chemical formulas, trying to sealed it. While Sirius, with his Armonia Sword and Shield, try to hold monsters who try to attack Marchetti and Veronif. Caisse, with his IBR 620 Large Caliber Riffle and JD with his Armonia Slayer, eliminate those monsters who come near. They all struggle, giving their best to sealed that dark energy that emerge from thin air.

    In the middle of no where, a monster grab Caisse right leg, make he lose his balance, and fall down to the ground, lose his grip to his IBR 620 large Caliber Riffle, drag him inside to the dark energy.

    “brother.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Cano yelled.

    Her voice echoing inside El Adio when she saw her brother were dragged into that dark energy by that monster. She release herself from Anis hug, running, heading to her brother, running as fast as she could. Caisse body already inside that energy, only his legs that still at El Adio. Then suddenly, Cano hop, she landed herself at the ground, grab her brother’s leg.

    Anis was shocked with Cano’s action in just a blink of an eye. Seeing Cano grabing her brother’s leg that almost disapear into dark energy, instantly, Anis running so fast, hop and landed to the ground, and grab Cano’s body. But that monster is so strong, Cano and Anis also dragged inside. Me, not hesitate any seconds, i did what Cano and Anis did and grab Anis’s leg.

    Sirius and JD are busy holding and eliminate such many monster, Marchetti and Veronif can’t budge even an inch, if they budge, the power that they cast will lost, and that dark energy will grow bigger and suck them all.

    In no time, Caisse, Cano, Anis and me were already inside the energy. Inside here, the ground is transparent, dark. The sky, lot’s of floating gas, shaped like cumulonimbus, blood red glow, electric sparks everywhere.

    I immediately stand on my feet, Charles helped me. Without any further, we, me and Charles cast a spell, Acheron, to attack the monster that grab Caisse. And the monster perished. I helped Anis to stand, Caisse hug Cano while sitting on the transparent ground.

    “are you guys okay???” ask Saint Anis to us.

    “owh Cano... what have you done?... you could be hurt you know!!!” Caisse yelled to Cano while tightened his hug.

    “brother... oh brother... i don’t want to loose you...” said Cano, sobbing.

    “whew.. this little girl is insane, as insane as you, lady in white dress... whew, look where we are now, whew!!!” Charles yelled at us.

    Realized that we are inside the dark energy, we directly seeking for Comander William, Grand Master Mitchell and their comrade.

    I saw a glitc of blue fabric with some armors covered onto it. “whew... that the old man, whew” Charles point his hand into several bodies, lying on the ground, not that far from our place.

    All of us are running to see them, wondering if they still alive or not. When we come closser to them, some monsters were emerge from thin air, try to attack us.

    “RUN!!! This is a trap!!!” Grand Master Mitchell shout, try to warn us, while holding the pain of her wounded waist, “GO BACK!!!... Go back to El Adio, Her Holiness!!!” she said.

    “ah... i will save you, SAVE YOU ALL, and bring you HOME, to ARMONIA!!!” Saint Anis, full of energy yet compassion.

    Anis grab her rosario and start to pray. Me and Charles feel enormous power flow to my vein. Without any hesitation, Charles possess my body. He rise my hand that holding Armonia Grimoire.

    “SOUL EXPLOSION!!!” Charles shouted loudly, cast a powerful spell, aiming those monsters.

    Then, an black bluish gas, followed by a huge explosion appear, attacking those monsters. But, they remain alive, and become vigorous. They heading to us, as fast as tornado.

    “brother... i am scared...” Cano sobbing, her hands hug Caisse’s legs tightly.

    “mighty God, save us all... PLEASE!!!” Anis concentrate to he prayer, but i could see on her face, distraught.

    What should i do, this is cannot be the end of us. NOT LIKE THIS, i said to myself, distraught.

    Chapter #7: Charles: “Why you so ugly, Berthe?”

    Is this the end of us?


    Then suddenly, from another direction of this transparent ground, there are silhuettes, shaped like humans, running quickly heading to us. One of them carrying a flail and the other is holding onto a rod.

    Ah, just about time, reinforcement. Anis pray have been answered. But who are they?. I asked to myself.

    They are running quickly, heading to us. In no time, they are already near our comrades that lying on the ground.

    “PURIFICATION!!!... BENEDICTUS!!!” the one who holding onto rod cast some spells.

    Seems those spells give power and protection in the same time, if i analyze from the words that spelled
    And the one who carrying the flail, jump into the monster crowds and defeat them in no time.

    They are must be strong, so strong. I wish i could be the one who holding onto rod, cast spells that could protect my friends, give them power and protection in the same time.

    All the monsters perished. They come closer to our comrades, helping them to rise on their feet, one by one. The one who holding onto rod, looks like a girl, helping Mitchell to stand up and walking, heading to us. They are come closer, and closer, and closer until we could see their body, that two person who helped us out.

    “oh my Good... is this for real?” Caisse shocked.

    Caisse position was a little bit ahead in front of us. His words, Caisse words make me wondering, what is happening.

    “oh dear God... is that me and you, sister Berthe???” now Anis acting like Caisse.

    “whew... errrw... why that ugly lady in white cloth with that long blue hair looks a like you, Berthe!!!... whew” now Charles’s turn, acting like both of them, Caisse and Saint Anis.

    When those two girls are colser to me, now my turn to shocked. Not just only me, but they also shocked, seeing me and Saint Anis.

    “what the...?? what is happening... who are you? Are you a poster!?” said the girl who carrying a flail, she looks a like Saint Anis, when she looked at Anis. “why i wore Abriator Berthe’s cloth?!” add her, asking in confused.

    “Anis, calm down... as i told you before, that energy we saw erlier, exactly is a bridge to the paralel world that we don’t know” said the girl who holding onto rod.

    The girl who holding onto rod is looks a like me, but she wearing saintess cloth, the cloth that Saint Anis wear, and there is no Charles.

    “how do you do, my name is Abriator Berthe, and she is my friends, Executor Anis” that girl introduce she and her friend to us.

    All of us were stunned. Only Cano who stare at them, amaze.

    “how do you do too, my name is Cano, this is my brother -Caiss, this is my friend -Sister Anis and sister Berthe, and that is Sir Charles” Cano replied, “wow, the fourth of you have the same name...” add Cano, just realized.

    Chapter #8: Good bye!!! Inside Heart – Wishing

    Then suddenly the ground is shaking. The gas shaped like culumonimbus glowing so bright, blood red glow. The electric sparks getting more intense and dangerous.

    “oh no... the bridge start to collapse. I suspect at your side, they add more power to seal the energy, good thoughts!” said Abriator Berthe, “well, this is hello and good bye then. Please hurry up to go to your side, you do not want to traped here, right?!” command Abriator Berthe to us.

    “yea yea yea.. go now! or i’ll smash you with my flail!!!” said Executor Anis. "NOW... GO HOME or DIE HERE!!!" she yelled to us with her mysterious smile, drawn from her face.

    All of us from Armonia, walk a bit fast, heading to the gate where we enter this paralel bridge. From distance, i see them, that two girls running fast and disapear after through the gate at their side.
    I heared voices, Pioneering Family’s voices, faint, but i am preety sure that this voices is theirs. Trying to sealed the dark energy from outside, El Adio.

    We rushing to cross the gate, to get to El Adio again. And we make it. All of us were saved. I can see the familiar faces, Sirius, JD, Marchetti, Veronif, and several guys from Pioneering Family. They are welcoming us, helping us to go home, to be treated at Armonia. But me, i still able to walk by my own feet.

    On the way, heading to Cathedral, i have a lot of toughts inside my head. Why i end up like this, lost my voice, have to stick with Charles -the spirit. Why i can’t be just like her, Abriator Berthe. Ah cut it out, Berthe, that’s just an IMPOSSIBLE WISH.

    I am who i am now, I am Berthe, Charles is my friend, and Saint Anis is my dearest frined, what is more beautiful than that?!.

    - Thank you -




    While we walking... headed to Armonia Cathedral...

    “... hey Berthe... see that shadow at the corner...” Charles whispered, “... whew... i think i saw a person, hiding behind that pillar, Berthe..., i could sense the presence, faint but i could feel his power a bit, whew...” add him.

    i directly turn my head, heading to spot that Charles told me, at the corner of El Templo’s left side... looking for a glimpse of human’s shadow that Charles talking about.

    Ahhh... i see a glance of shadow, a human’s shadow... not that clear, wearing cape, i think it’s a cape or robe or something looks a like that... a man. But in a blink of an eyes, that presence suddenly vanish...




    (to be continued ^_^)
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