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    Exclamation Stop genocide russian public (title to attract attention)

    Dear GEEU team,
    I want you to know that in russian social network and discord server, there is no room for freedom of speech, one dictator rules ball and his name is Xelaine.
    He deletes every message that does not coincide with his opinion, and also ban people for nothing, just becouse he didn't likes you - well thats the main reason.
    Here some screens about it. That guy scared to say anything in discord server, cause he scared that he gets ban.Screenshot_20180222-113922_2.jpg
    Also that guy get ban for "Stupid and irrelevant comment", just for comment which Xelanie considered stupid. 1519225920450.jpg
    He also banned me, when I want to talk with another russian comunity manager about it, the reason is "Spam".
    He delete every my message addresed to administration.
    Xelanie just a King of russian community, and anyone who do not agree with it - gets ban.

    I did not want to write about this here, but I had to.

    So, GEEU team please, do something about it. I'm also was in russian translate team, and help make GE better for russian comunity (yeah, i'm also donate something, i'm not just "that dude without money" that want to justice), so dont ignore this message.
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    Just to mention, the deleted message with "Stupid and irrelevant comments" was (translated):
    "The problems like that is fixed way faster on KGE, and it takes a lot of time to fix on GEEU" (About Tokens droprate getting lower and Experimental Weap trade being unavailable). There was TONNS of comments like that, but only that one was deleted,so i think that`t some personal affairs. As far as i can guess there was a comment like "Don`t give that bull****, *nickname*" and booom! comment of *nickname* is gone.
    Just to be honest... That`s gross.
    Saw that one disappearing myself.

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    Oh,well. Wonderful.
    Vis sales post can be alive for several days in VK, but once you said anything to Xelaine that he don`t like- you get banned. WONDERFUL way of management.
    Really- too much personal affairs included into his WAY too much.
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