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    Gearing toward Valeron set.

    Hello everyone,

    I'm writing this hoping to get some guidance on how to effectively aim toward Valeron set seeing it's the ultimate set and highly outclasses both Armonia and SD by a wide margin.
    I'm a fairly new players recently finishing recruiting Joshua. My gear are mostly +5/6 Armonia/SD with GC+7. I dont plan on building SD nor Armonia set for above reason. However, I'm struggling with finding materials to craft Valeron, especially Shiny Solarion and broken weapon pieces.

    I know I can get Weapon recipe by doing rex/royal road, as well as broken weapon piece, but the amount of weapon pieces are too little. Throughout my questing, I think I got one solarion from afk in Rex. Is there a better way to gather Solarion? I read Sge patch for future updates, and it looks like the unique artifact will need 6500 Shiny Solarion to make..

    Also, where and how can I get VAleron armor and accessorie recipes?

    Thank you in advance everyone. Happy farming !!

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    Solarions can be found by killing mini bosses in the Twisted Imperium maps as well as RR raids.

    Go in game -> Ctrl+m -> Raids -> Click on Rewards -> search 'Valeron'

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    Sweet, didn't know you could do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emiya245 View Post
    how to effectively aim toward Valeron set
    Weapons can be somewhat easily farmable, but if by set you also mean accessories and armors... I'm afraid the answer to that question would be




    (or maybe build an altar for Mr. Hakkyu Kim and sacrifice your firstborn there, that may very well be the best shot actually)

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    aww damn that's disheartening

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    But answering your actual question

    Quote Originally Posted by emiya245 View Post
    Also, where and how can I get VAleron armor and accessorie recipes?

    • accessories: highest difficulty of the Royal Road missions (High Master). as per usual, you are more likely to get struck by lightning on a sunny day than to get the recipes on your roulette

    • armors: currently, only available from one specific field boss that spawns once a week... and may or may not drop a recipe.

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    Thank you all for your honest guidance...

    RIP my Valeron dream. Alright well, I guess I will look toward Santo as the next best thing?

    Do you guys think there will eventually be more way to get accessories and armor rec?

    Although I guess til this day SBD rec are still only dropped from field bosses so....

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