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    GEEU next version is 29.33.53 and Target Launch Date is end of April !!

    Dear GEEU Fans,

    Our administration Project Manager has been changed and we will refresh the situation and will try to make better service for fans like below;

    1. We launch the new version of GEEU 29.33.53 and D-Day is end of April 2018. We will try to be the fastest updated server again!

    2. We are focusing to fix the Weekend PVP lagging situation and it's our priority No.1 at the moment.

    3. Forum mal-ware ads situation has been fixed and we will keep block other situation too or will change the forum program if situation keep happening.

    We have started the translation of new version and will grind better translation too!

    The Update detail will be added on this Thread and hope we can discuss about the best update version here!! (Update Outline added)

    Thank you!

    Team EuroGameZ GEEU

    Update Outline added here!! It's come from
    It's a bit simple but more details will be added in the mean time of our testing the version !!


    • Added new Rank 7 solo missions—Imperium Glory and Imperium Rex.
      • You can enter 1/day. Addition entries for Home Premium Service (Explorer Pack), Rank 7 VIP medal, and Rank 7 VVIP medal.

    • Added new weekly mission—Remnant of the Sky Road.
      • Requires 3-30 players, and 5 Elemental Jewels to re-enter.

    • Modified Friend/Block Lists to display numbers. Increased Block List limit from 50 to 100.
    • Fixed the drop of disabled leather recipes in Bahama Prophet's Forest.


    • Fixed issues with Panfilo's skills.
    • Modified market price for Mercenary Contract to match each character.
    • Modified some item names.
    • Modified Aileen's maximum speed to 7.50.
    • Modified Bounty Hunter's Guild Tokens to be unable to trade or discard.
    • Fixed some text and quest issues.


    • Added 15 new artifacts (5 normal, 5 elite, 5 unique) and related daily quests.
      • Each artifact requires Shiny Solarion and Shape of Rage/Greed/etc., which can be acquired from daily quests or exchanged via NPC.
      • The artifacts grants some boosts and imposes some penalties. For example, STR +10, Physical Penetration +15, Critical Damage +15%, AGI -10, All RES -15.

    • Modified UI and name of Merchant Summon Stones.
    • Modified Bounty Hunter's Guild Token Shop.
      • Added Event Constellation Weapon Box (350 tokens) and Event Evil Weapon Box (1200 tokens).
      • Removed Pet Food, Invisible Potion, Valkyrie Crusher, Soul Crystal, Enhanced Enchantment Tranquilizer.

    • Modified Time Piece missions.
      • Fixed some issues relating Time Crystal quest.
      • Added solo mission, which can be done 1/day.


    • Modified card name for Rescue Knight. (Removed plural form.)
    • Fixed weapon display of Rada in town.


    • Modified Colony War.
      • Removed Colony Guardian.
      • Increased Max HP of Colony.
      • Colony attack is changed to non-magical type. Target is selected randomly every time.
      • Colony upgrade costs Elemental Jewels. Update is lost when colony is destroyed.
      • General upgrade increases Max HP.
      • Selective upgrade includes—ATK (damage+debuff), Defense (Max HP+buff+defense tower), or Skills (Mass Destruction+casting time+cool-down).

    • Modified Valkyrie Crusher.
      • Increased Max HP.
      • Automatically destroyed when summoner moves to barracks or other maps.

    • Removed Valkyrie Destroyer, which is converted to Vis in market cabinet.
    • Added Valkyrie Repair (5 types to repair colony) to Tools Merchants.
    • Modified trade and profile UI windows.
    • Increased spawn rate of Great Geckos in Imperium Arma (Twisted Time).
    • Modified Valeron Hammer/Pendant/Controller/Rosario shop price to 110 Vis.


    • Added quest monster highlight (yellow circle below monster) in Game Options.
    • Added Rada to Heavenly Character Card Box.
    • Added Soul of Castilla to roulette of Castilla Relic (Hard) mission.
    • Modified Valkyrie Crusher and Repair.
      • Modified siege damage, summoning duration.
      • Destroyed when summoner dies, except for Valkyrie Crusher (Catapults).

    • Modified colony defense upgrade.
      • Reduced Max HP of colony defense tower.
      • Changed to damage reduction buff effect.
      • Removed re-installation of defense tower.

    • Increase size of Colony Manager NPC. Removed upgrade reset option.


    • Added new costume sets for Leonele, Cadet Leonele, Lady Rachel, and Lead Manager Rachel as cash shop packages.
    • Fixed some chat, quest, monster, and warp issues.
    • Fixed socket issue for Valeron Rosario.


    • Added 8 new raid bosses to Distorted Time: Imperium Rex. Updated Info Center.
    • Added Recruit Selene quests, which requires partial completion of the Katovic quests. Removed Selene from Heavenly Character Card Box.
    • Fixed issues with quests, Divine accessories, etc.


    • Modified quest item drop rate for Recruit Selene quests.
    • Fixed some issues for quest, mission, and stance.


    • Fixed some issues with Doom Slave.
    • Fixed some issues related to mission, quest, and monster.


    • Added font options to Game Options window.
    • Fixed Divine Accessories not applying Max HP increase.
    • Fixed damage display of Doom Slave.


    • Added new crossbow costume (up to 3 sockets).
    • Modified some stances/skills. See egado's post for details.
    • Added confirmation window when using Premium Pet Food.
    • Reset Lhote's skill points.
    • Replace Medal of Honor D/G with Medal of Honor A in Ancient Relic Exchanger and mission roulette rewards.
    • Reduced food consumption of Rabbit Pet.
    • Fixed some medal, weapon costume, font, animation bugs.

    - end -

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    News! 29.33.53... let me check...

    1. New individual missions:
    - Imperium Rex
    - Imperium Glory
    - Time Paradox

    2. Weekly mission:
    - Heaven's Way

    3. Artifacts:
    - 15x new "Orden's Artifacts"

    4. Rework of CW.

    5. Quests:
    - Selene
    - Illisia Daily

    6. Stance and skills rebalance!

    I want end of April right now!
    Information can kill!

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    It's end of Feb version of Korean server and GEEU will be the No.1 fastest up-to-dated server I bet, if we keep the schedule !!

    Team EuroGameZ

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    Will all translation teams start with their work again?

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    If you are willing to help on translation, always welcoming for our better translation ^^



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    Okay, how can I get in touch with you?😃

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    Please use email, ^^

    Thank you for your passion!

    Team EuroGameZ

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    New rank 7 missions and old stance buffs


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    Amazing news GEEU Team keep up the good work !!

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    Modified Bounty Hunter's Guild Token Shop.
    Added Event Constellation Weapon Box (350 tokens) and Event Evil Weapon Box (1200 tokens).
    Removed Pet Food, Invisible Potion, Valkyrie Crusher, Soul Crystal, Enhanced Enchantment Tranquilizer.

    can u guys keep Soul crystals on bounty token shop, there is no other freee way to get SC daily, and on good days u can use more then 100 soul crystals zzz

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