Complete the puzzle and get awesome rewards!

Event Period:
03/14~03/27 23:59

Event Mechanics:

Here’s how!
1.Play a match to randomly get a "Puzzle Box"!
(You can get up to 10 Boxes per a day)

Puzzle Random Box
You can get one of following:
1 Puzzle Piece,
1000 Point Coupon,
500 Point Coupon,
300 EXP Coupon,
Freestyle Ticket *3,
Card Upgrade Spray *25,
500 EXP Coupon

Note: **There is a low chance getting an item from the Puzzle box
**The puzzle pieces are randomly given.
**You can only obtain the pieces by playing with other ballers in
team match mode.
**You have to finish the match in order to acquire a puzzle box.
You can also purchase “Puzzle Box” so you can easily complete the puzzle

Complete the puzzle and get a reward
Once you have successfully assembled the puzzle, the board will reset!
Also, 1st week and 2nd week’s reward is different!

1st week: Legendary Off. Card Random Box

2nd week: Card Sub Attribute 4