Grace's Enchanted Wallet is back to help ballers from all over the world achieve almost a “Noble” status.

Event Mechanics:

1)You must first Purchase one of “Grace’s Enchanted Wallets” to participate in
this event and you can only buy one of the wallets for only the limited time.

Event Period: 03/14~ 04/10 23:59

2) Log-in everyday to get Event Cash! You can get Free Event Cash each day
for up to 30 days.(Log-in for 30days and complete the reward list!)

Enchanted Point Wallet (Price: 20000 Points) Reward list:

Once you purchase this item, you get the 10,000 points back immediately!
You can get up to 35,000 Points and 480 Event Cash!

Super Enchanted Wallet (Price: 700 GKash) Reward list

Once you purchase this item, you get the 700 Event cash back immediately!!
You can get up to 50,000 Points and 2300 Event Cash!

What is Event Cash and how do I use it?

When buying a premium item you can only use regular Gkash or Event Cash.
1. Event Cash is the currency you earn from the “Enchanted Wallet”
event from logging-in.

2. If you have more Event Cash than the price of the item Event Cash
will be consumed first.

3. If you have fewer Event Cash than the price of the item but have
enough Gkash, your regular Gkash will be consumed.

4. If you both don’t have enough Event Cash or regular Gkash you will
not be able to purchase the item.

5. Mileage will not be awarded for using Event Cash

Event Cash will expire after 30 days.

7. To check how much event Gkash you have left and when it expires simply
mouse over the Gkash icon as seen below.