bok [GEEU] Character Spotlights in depth about use cases for character.
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    Character Spotlights in depth about use cases for character.

    We should have a Character Spotlight that explains each skill & shows the damage of each skill for new chars when they release to motivate more people to want the character and see how it works. Its no fun just seeing skills cast with no context or anything.

    I never know if I want a new char or not because I dunno wtf they do.

    Hell, give me free every character release no gift required and I will make these. I did a few of these in the past comparing Idge to BSI & Emilia to ETS. I would put more effort in if you allowed me too though.

    Things we need
    Mouse over each skill
    Show each skill at rank 1 and 10
    Explain each skill
    Show DPS on scarecrow

    Here is what I did in the past for a ****ty spotlight. I did it off the cuff without any planning in advance & no missions to show but I would gladly do more in depth views.

    This was more like a comparison than a spotlight its just showing what I mean like show what the uses for the char are. For a spotlight I would show each skill does / what builds to use for the char stats etc. And show some raids.

    If you want me to do it I would do a bit of a preplanned script so less rambling, I would edit videos together I would maybe do a no voice version actually.
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    Q: What stance does my character have ?
    Q: What's my max crit rate ?
    Q: What's lv13 of this skill ?
    Q: Which hand weapon is my damage based on ?

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    That`s why i posted a translated versions of all Misa skills in her thread.
    I will try to maintain it if i`ll be able to get info before GEEU release lyndon. (either connect to KGE server and get update for the client, or get info from Jupath`s KGE page, for example)
    Ofc i can`t make a DPS test as i only use the client`s info and the strings from the client itself, but i can`t actually login and use that character.

    Even if i`ll be unable to get it from KGE- i can always get it from GEEU`s client at 1st day of Lyndon. I have a decent software which allows me to do it in like half a hour after getting update.
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