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    Hi everyone, Hildairre family here, this will be my official trade post which I'll be updating from time to time (instead of a new thread every time I decide to buy and sell stuff).

    Here are a couple of ground rules:
    1) Strictly no flaming. This will be a legitimate barter thread. I mean you're welcome to try but please if you're going to come for me randomly, be prepared to freaking play.
    2) All of the items for sale labelled in bulk, with fixed prices, or any special tags are to be honored as such. I do check the market prices so rest assured that these items are priced accordingly.
    3) I would be showcasing items here that are not mine since I would like to help my brothers, friends, and faction mates sell their stuff. Therefore rule #2 applies to such items since they will be priced by their respective sellers.

    Black Market Goodies (Selling)

    > 100 pcs Royal insignia - 1.5b [FIXED/BULK]
    > 100 pcs Peace Token - 1.5b [FIXED/BULK]
    > 100 pcs Magic Bullet of a Marksman - 800m [FIXED/BULK]
    > +6 Vigilar Broomstick (45%Atk/2Pene/120%Wildlife/NoRumins) - [OFFER]

    Swish Wish Bish List (Buying)

    > Clean +7 Armonia Lightniong Bracelet - 3b [FIXED]

    PM Hildairre in game/Leave a message here
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