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    Equip Change Window - a small enhancement.

    Few patches ago we got this amazing feature added and it made it very easy to play dual wielding characters (racial weapon sets change) or those with multiple stance rings like Rio or Rosa.

    There is one thing missing from this feature. It does not work too well if you want to swap weapons for different stances. This is mainly visible with Emilia, Viki, Cathy summoner, Veronif and I probably missed someone.
    Here is the idea I came up with.

    New option under the Icon drop down menu. Name it as you want, it's just weapon + preferred stance option. I feel this is needed so that player doesn't have to set stance for each and every shortcut he makes. Somewhere in Change Equip. column gets third button, either in front of ring/weapon squares or after those. Player clicks this new square icon and gets a drop down menu with stance icons that the character can use.

    Once the shortcut is set and then used, game performs the proper set of actions to change stance for the weapon the shortcut is set.

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    Another problem: Cant change only 1 ring or weapon. For example +3AR weapon in left hand for all races.

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