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    Cw without soul crystal

    As title say, How about our CW kind like that. Die back to barrack or wait for someone to ress you.

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    Maybe increase or put a cooldown period. With the removal of BH tokens, getting bulks of soul crystal would be hard for f2p players so it would lead to this anyway (or buy inflated SC prices). I vote go for it but GE pvp is 1 hit wars anyway, people would just spam SC to kill more.

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    Update version 30.00.00

    Patch notes:

    - Soul Crystal removed from the game for pressing ceremonial reasons.

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    I prefer a cooldown instead of removing all together lol. Kinda like what invis potion has .

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    like in JGE in cw , you cant use SC ..

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    Yo, cool down good too. Too bad we cant edit poll.

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    There should be an option:

    It doesn't matter either way. Warping to CW map is a work around and takes the same amount of time.

    Because really back when I used to hardcore PvP back on T3Fun GE I saved my SC's doing that instead of using 1000+ like an autistic cash spender.

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    Don`t think that IMC will ever agree with this.
    They removed the SC from BH, i don`t think that they`ll lower the SC consumption rate in any way.That`s mostly a cash item, so why would someone stop ppl from spending too much?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GUNDAM View Post
    As title say, How about our CW kind like that. Die back to barrack or wait for someone to ress you.
    Before this applied on server, EUGE should do to fix the lags in their prior agenda. I also agree to make SC unable to use at CW or give the long CD so there are no ZOMBIES around who just spam click SC when die (Even i also did that way, since the other side also use the same way O

    Before its applied or further discuss for giving long CD for SC / unable to use during CW, make sure server so smooth {no lag, no delay, no ggwp, no rawr, no no no no and no no}

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    SC unable to use during CW is a great Idea! Would increase the level of required organisation, teamplay and also roles. I see (main) mass ressurect/destroy roles, combat PvP Buffer roles. There would come many positiv changes with it.
    I dont see any negative changes about the income for geeu.

    If im wrong - they can remove SC from feso shop put SC Pack x25/50/100 for example as untradeable cash shop Item or put 25/50/100 as LLB/LB reward Ppl who need them for Raids for example could cash them or

    buy them from mm for an
    stable price because of higher supply
    Since BH SC needs to RIP now and the other Mission for getting SCs is not worth it and paying feso for SC is kinda blaaaa that could be a win win win Situation f2p/casher/GEEU.

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