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    Quote Originally Posted by GEEU_Team View Post
    Dear GEEU Fans,

    We decide not to move the servers to Azure servers today because of the Russian IP Blocking situation. Many of AWS, Google and Azure's IPs has been blocked by Russian Government and will be blocked today more.

    With this situation, we should delay the schedule and have to stay current server at the moment.

    Sorry about the situation and we will keep discussing things with Azure and will find the solution.

    Other updates will be fine and current server will be opened on time.

    Team EuroGameZ
    Thank you. I understand that this decision will leave many of the players unsatisfied and I am sorry we have these incompetent *censored* who block IPs left and right over a defiant messenger (that works just fine despite their "best" efforts).

    I really wish this situation resolves to everyone's (well, except those blocking 'tards' obviously) satisfaction soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenos View Post
    I know, just why couldn't they check the situation in Russia at first and then make some wise decision on moving the server?
    Why did it have to be the last day and they announced "oops we just found out this sh1t in Russia so we could not move the server anymore, oops for you!"

    If there's the sh1t in Russia, then find another provider. Have a plan B or C in case other plans fail. Srsly the manager should be fired again.

    It's always been like this for the past few years, they could never make thorough preperations or test before patches.
    This "sh1t" in Russia is happened in like 2 past weeks. It`s not something so old and stable.
    Last major block was like at 27th of April or so on. As we had the announce of server transfer 3 weeks ago- there was nothing like that (Azure,AWS and Google major bans was at 16th of April, and took place at like April 18th).

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