bok pene lumin vs attack lumin physical n magic
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    pene lumin vs attack lumin physical n magic

    We all know tht pene> attack...... But this thing its depend immunity n def of bosses ryt ?like doom i ask if some physical dps need atk or pene

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    Too many factors to count, tbh.

    It`s heavily related to your playstyle ( solo, const squad, random squads), your teammates, characters you`re using and so on.

    There`s the main themes to think about:

    1) PDPS have a higher enemy stats to penetrate then MDPS. While RES is capped at 100, DEF have no actual cap (500+ ) for some bosses.
    2) At the same time, PDPS have WAY more methods to boost PEN\IDEF. For some characters it`s possible to ignore up to 300 DEF i think, using their special mechanics (for example: WW ignores IMM in proportion to AGI, Corsair\Carrier idef in proportion to AGI, Ania now, Judith, Grandies soon..). Also ranged DPS almost always have a percent IDEF in their stances, and it can reach a good numbers. Every physical skill have ignore def by *somenumber* option.
    3) Currently there`re WAY more ways to lower enemy`s DEF then reduce their RES. Jane(-30),Jaina (lower both,def by 15 and RES by 10 iirc), Brunie(-50), Idge(2 effects), mages stances (Blood Curse from Darkness -50, for example),Amy (lowers both and IMM), Lisa(lowers either DEF *or* RES),Leonele (not only decreases DEF and DR, but also increasing incoming shooting damage for target),Armonia artifacts (1 lowers DEF and 1 lowers RES) and so on (actually there`s some other options, but it`s hardly working on bosses, like Liung, Panfilo and so on). So properly organized squad can lower the DEF of bosses even if that`s reaching some crazy numbers.
    But that`s the problem -you need SO many "support" characters ,that usually no one even cares as everyone simply want to play Ruby and spam a couple of skills randomly. The PDPS strong side is currently their weakest one. MDPS simply do not need so many boost to deal a crazy amount of damage.
    Some missions like Orden already have some mechanics that allows PDPS to damage equally or better then MDPS (IMC simply shifted his stats from high DEF\RES to high IMM, so any mage have a problem with 100 RES +180 IMM, while DEF is a normal 237, nothing crazy. Montoro,for example, have kind of alike stats - extremely low DEF and high RES\IMM). MDPS still have a chance to shine, but they need almost the same amount of boosts to do so.
    I really hope that IMC will find the balance between MDPS-only and PDPS-only content. Simply lowering the mages battle power in new content by balancing RES\DEF\IMM can make a lot of old characters come back from the shadows. GE was originally about MANY DIFFERENT CHARACTERS, not one-sided mages meta, if someone remembers it.

    TL: DR - grab PEN if you`re playing solo and use a characters with no additional IDEF mechanics. Think about ATK if you have a good big squad which is ready to boost PDPS, or if you`re playing characters that can penetrate a GREAT amount of DEF.
    For MDPS it`s PEN only, no other choices.
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    To brief it up:
    For pvp - always pene.
    Pve - Pdps - atk, and mdps - pene.
    Tho it all depends on the type of monsters you are dealing with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenos View Post
    To brief it up:
    For pvp - always pene.
    Pve - Pdps - atk, and mdps - pene.
    Tho it all depends on the type of monsters you are dealing with.
    High end PVE you almost always want Pen even on physical except a few undead bosses.

    Like if you have a Doom Slave you are better off socketing Pen vs socketing ATK.

    Typically in PvE

    Undead = Very Low def - High Resist - Low to mid Immunity
    Living = High Def - Low Res - Medium Immunity
    Golem = High Def - Low to Medium Res - Medium immunity
    Demon = Medium Def - Medium Res - Higher immune
    Human = Medium Def - Low Res - Low immunity

    But in higher end PvE the super high immunity on these bosses typically makes their effective resist & defense both high.

    Like even in Luci most bosses have Immu + Def combine over 300 and Immu + res combine over 125 with some like Shield having like 200 immu.
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    how about illisia?? like royal road arma rex like that humans ATK or pene?
    High Def = Pene
    Low Def = Atk
    Medium def = ??

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    > Warp to Armonia
    > Exit to Anilo
    > Exit to Latina
    > Exit to Bethel Plains
    > Exit to Bethel
    > Exit to Royal Road
    > Use Controller
    > Alt+Right Click

    Just go pen.

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    Can we say that pene lumin is the top choice for weapons? Easy to say if families can have 2 sets of weapons pene and atk.
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    For melee dps for skill base characters say for example Ru/lynn etc I always found the pen sockets better. For spacebar dps most of the time I just socket atck cheaper and i found it to always do more or about the same if i had put spod sockets.

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    Well, theres a reason why the pen ones are always more expensive, haha...

    I just wonder. If you spacebar and use a char like C.Daria or Doom, the crit they do... does the damage get calculated from the base damage? If yes, then atk lumin might be more useful - but the pen? I'm a bit confused atm which would be better for a spacebar user, from which one they would benefit more. I suppose in the end, it just matters what mob you are fighting.

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    When you say space bar is this for AFK? With CDaria, she is the best with her light saber.
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