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    Quote Originally Posted by Xelaine View Post
    You did say the nonsense. We know nothing about Altria and it's scenaio. Coa is the first character that belong to this scenario. How you can can call it bad-developed if we even dont know how it should be? We will see ONLY after Altria and her scenarios.
    Same things can be applied to any starter character:
    - Sirius, the Holy Knight of Armonia - ... what is Armonia? Holy Knight... booooring!
    - Lynn Herberthe, the Knight of Herberthe family and bodyguard of Duke Vernier - who all those ppl? and what she is doing in Viron? We did kill Montoro... its not finished yet?
    - Veronif, Raven and other Viron starters - just strangers.

    Only Kielce, Bahamar and Symphonia was with lore-vibe starters:
    - For Kielce you was need to finish quest of old chars, and during all those quest, you did meet all new chars.
    - Bahamar - Sierra Rose, already met her before.
    - Symphonia - something about Illier, finaly. Amy Shausen? Nu, she is from Illier, so ok.

    You did expect "Gods", "Demigods", something "Divine", but they gave you "half-wild girl from dead clan" and you are angry. But actually, she can be connected with GE lore better than Orden. Who is Orden? "The bad boy from Ancient Times". Only things that related to Orden - Aclla and Lada - cash chars with "something about Orden" background. His original scenario - boring, his role in Symphonia - slightly. He need just for explaine things: "Why did it happend? - Coz Orden ofc!"
    When we had "Coz Montoro ofc!" before - Montoro at last had some charisma.

    And Distorted Armonia characters was interesting coz they are "Our lovely chars, but with other fate" - we know them all.
    You`re wrong.
    1st of all, i already said that i`m not "angry" in any way. Altria update right now is right the thing i wanted it to be. Once again- it brings everything needed right now. United storyline linked to our past adventures, totally new characters, old characters that we haven`t seen in action for years. It`s going to disclose some mysteries and open more of old lore`s secrets (for example Dire Wolves). It`s even better then i was thinking it will be, as dev notes ss with ruined stuff brought a feeling that whole "Altria" stuff can become a "nah, no one is living here, Orden killed everyone" stuff. While what i see is a great union of the main game sides. Orden is still there, so "demigod stuff" is going to be either explained or brought to action. Btw, i don`t even think he`s that bad as main antagonist. Montoro was simply "Evil wizard". His reasons, story and so on never even had a smallest part of conflict. He`s simple as fairytale evil guy, evil wizard in his own castle full of monsters, running there and there doing his evil wizard stuff,decieving ppl and researching necromancy and time travel. Orden is at least have a conflict which can be interesting - his relationship with Rhaira, his father, his crew and so on.Yeah, he behave with a tonns of affected pathos. But let`s be honest- if we remove all the affected pathos , overpowered drama and scenario tricks from the cheap animes - we`ll remove the major part of the content itself. I mean...Orden at least have a reason to behave the way he does, Leona,for example, was simply bull**** in Leaders scenario, talking about her crazy power...which wasn`t even her own.

    2nd... Once again -that`s my personal opinion that Coa is boring as the concept of character. I never said that every other concept was good -there was a tonns of characters that was "meh" when you look at them 1st time. Some of them even became the godlike meta later.
    The thing that lorewise problem is not the thing that Coa put in bad position- yeah, all that " Ancient" stuff is there. The problem is that there`s no eye-cather that`ll bring intrigue ,mystery and interest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waluste View Post
    I agree with everything else you said but


    Orden is one of those who fought together with Rhaira against the spread of the Abyss! It was him and his spear that first sealed Oscuras back then!! The whole Armonia episode 5 has Van/Navas mentioning the Spear of Orden!!! How can you say there is nothing related to him in GE lore apart from two characters that came after Armonia!!!

    When Orden scenario was first announced I was like "o shiiiit". While it is true that it wasn't full of action, it was basically just an interlude between Symphonia 2 (where he is a ****ing ball of light) and Symphonia 3 (where he already regained part of his powers, his body, and two of his former generals - lavid and dorol). Still, it had some cool stuff, like revisiting Argus' story, and of course, the death of a character that we've known for veeery long (still waiting for jurgen to be recruitable).

    Also, let's not forget the last words of Mr. Cow:

    Forgot all about this. Wonder when we'll get some Van/Memento Mori interactions with Orden. Just find it strange they've done nothing with that yet when that update was so long ago. Not even Memento Mori troops were shown in the recent trailer either.

    I guess i can only hope they plan on having a scenario focused on Armonia and Orden with those missing Memento Mori finally making an appearance eventually.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Memento View Post
    I guess i can only hope they plan on having a scenario focused on Armonia and Orden with those missing Memento Mori finally making an appearance eventually.
    devs probably forgot all about it too :<

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    More QT redheads!

    I wish they were more like actual redheads though. & more freckled chars plz!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Waluste View Post
    devs probably forgot all about it too :<
    At least there's a lot of people who still want those chars going by how often i saw them being posted and asked for over the years in Kge screenshot boards. So hopefully it's more of a "the scenario with them was always just scheduled after a certain moment " Like with Leona.

    Can't forget all the years people were asking for her after people saw her concept art.
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    Oh another pvp-ish character to pass on. Thank you developers for not releasing waifu materials, am saving so much money~

    Devs usually gives the fans what they want. When people were asking for Gabriella, they released Valeria. They recycled female Kess/Caisse to Leona cause she's too pretty and mysterious back then. Red Hair was released when Fairytail Anime was all the rage. (I remember seeing so many Red Hair named Erze, But this is just a coincidence XD)

    I actually like the story so far --I just wish the translation was better-- especially the political touch to it. Orden and the whole Armonia heaven vs hell scenario is kinda meh, but it had it's moments. But since the story is shifting north to Altria and Orden. I wonder what happened to Leona's other missions to track down other Stratavista members (but since Violante is with Orden maybe she's the current target), Targa and Illisia's ongoing border wars, Mr. Robot Torsche, Hernandez/Felipe and Queend Esperanza power struggle, etc. there's still so many stories to expand on. @.@

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