Play this old school Arcade Basketball to win the exclusive Arcade Belt!

How to Play:

1. Click the Arcade Basketball icon to open the event menu

2. Click x1 or x5 to play. x5 will use 5 coins but will multiply your score by x5

3.You will be given 5 Coins each day for logging in, and 1 Coin per match played (max 5 daily). You can also purchase more coins in the menu with Gkash.

4.The top 50 ranked users will win the exclusive Halo Wings items.

1~10 Rank: Arcade Ball Champ Belt (G)
11~20 Rank: Arcade Ball Champ Belt (S)
21 ~ 50 Rank: Arcade Ball Champ Belt (C)

5. For every 100 Points you will receive one 100 Point Random Box

100 Point Random Box
Item Ball
Mileage 50
Toy Coin
DUP Sponsor 1D
EXP Coupon 1000
Point Coupon 1000