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    Vergo Artifact

    Brutality of Vergo the Cursed:
    Extreme - Shooting ATK Lv. 2 = Shooting ATK +20%

    Insight of Vergo the Cursed:
    Extreme - Critical Rate Lv. 2 = Critical Rate +20%

    Skill of Vergo the Cursed:
    Extreme - DEX Lv. 1 = DEX +50

    any1 craft this artifact ??? and this stats is true or not

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    It`s true,but...
    This Extreme buffs have CD`s, and their duration is not so great.
    So it`s only active around 20% of the time.
    Like 10 sec per 1 minute.
    It`s great if you have a burst-caster type of characters, but...There`s not so much DEX-related casters.
    Even same INT arti isn`t OP as current meta chars have channeling-related skills, so someone like QSJ\Ruby will not even give their full combo.

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    I see i tho good burst.... Sad planning to make for misa or rubi

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    amazing. thank you

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