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    Quote Originally Posted by Madman View Post
    Perhaps a typo. It's strange that there is no top weapon compensation
    Not really, Valeron or master chips level of equipment are fairly new and flooding the server with it would just be imbalanced. The previous weapon pay out overlapping with the release of Valeron was kind of a mistake but only very few were able to craft one because they only had less than a week to craft a single piece.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GEEU_Team View Post
    Dear GEEU Fans,

    - Weapons produced during the event(A.R 33~36 weapons only - 37 we are discussing with IMC now)
    I think this 1 must be implemented since the server got few bless for this 1 and the rate of making +6 of this weapons really sux

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    Dear All,

    37 AR Valeron has been added in PayOut Event !!
    Notice modified ^^

    Thank you and hope you enjoy the event!!

    Team EuroGameZ

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