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    need help how to earn vis fast?

    i am aiming for better equipment and i am selling enchantment chips to earn some vis. are there any other ways to earn fast vis?

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    Whisp me in game >> GUNDAM

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    Quote Originally Posted by GUNDAM View Post
    Whisp me in game >> GUNDAM
    No i want to do it the legitimate way

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    Quote Originally Posted by labradoodle View Post
    No i want to do it the legitimate way
    I see.
    So I list legitimate ways here.
    1. Make new char >> whisp me and ask for vis, and maybe ask other too.
    2. Always join RAID that everyone broad, better make buffer cause don't need much vis to build.
    3. Join COWARD GUILD like Athena and 404, and leech for RAID and CW Vis.
    4. After got some capital, buy and sell at market.

    I wonder why you think that I will give you non legitimate ways? It is cause GUNDAM name so bad?
    Hope that's help. Of course so many other ways to get vis.

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    how to earn vis fast?
    Lucky Letizia boxes
    Lyndon boxes

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    Credit card

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    LOL No one is gonna tell here.
    What I can tell u is , there're limited ways to earn vis.
    Easiest way is join guild. GL
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    Many trick that LEGAL, but still all depend on your char and family level, and of course how much effort you wanna give on this game.

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    Credit card always the fastest

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    Hay !

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