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    *smh*.... 37ar weapons?? srsly?? not only (a few) can access farming mats also the missions are bugged, nice!

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    and also how big of a patch is adding Coa in game?? like the launcher loads up almost halfway then boom "cannot access server. failed try again" wtf? internet is fine, pc is fine, everything is, except that the patch cant finish his thing, pls fix

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madman View Post
    it would be nice if these people got ban for using bugs
    It would be nicer for GEEU admin to post general rules about what not to do with corresponding consequences like initial warnings, temporary bans, and permanent bans to give warnings for players who continue to badmouth/curse in broads, abuse bugs, scams, bots, and other disgusting player habits. Pelase ban those who abuse the bug, everyone's just getting off easy.

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    I fully support, I move that the administration was beginning to act forever banned those who abused the bugs. Why people who don't know about bugs should accept it. And BugUsers should continue to fill their pockets with money

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