The Wild Rookies are wreaking havoc on the streets of Freestyle!

Is there no one that can put a stop to them ?!

Meanwhile, Dr. Isaac decides to start a secret project to fight against these villains.
He has designed special Power Suits that will give anyone who wears it
superhuman abilities.

With the help of Dr. Isaac's Power Suits, a team of ordinary civilians have gained
extraordinary abilities!

The Sentinels have come to fight for justice!

Try the SPC Vending Machine to get achance to win the Sentinels Package!

The package comes with a whole deal of essential items for your
new character! Check below to see more details.

All Sentinels members have the ability to transform once during a match!

How to get The Sentinels:

1. Purchase a ticket from the Vending Machine.
You can also get Tickets from the login event or the Ticket Ball event

2. Use the ticket on the SPC character you wish to get.

3. The bar to the left indicates your attempts on each Vending Machine.
When the bar is full, you will get a SPC character 100%

4. The bar resets when you win a Sentinels Package

Sentinels Package
This package contains the following:
Sentinels Lv12 Coupon,
Skill Slot x3,
Wish Card x2