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Thread: Raid revamping

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hildy View Post
    It's not that different from the current system imo since you can't spam rank 5~7 raids without having vip/vvip medals or a premium service. The only difference that I see is better rewards and even if you spent all the points on rank 5~7 raids, the lower rank raids aren't really worth doing or spending your vitality points on after you get the vip/vvip achievement.
    Yeah,that`s the point.
    As far as it was shown on KGE silver, Vitality only spent on RE-ENTRY. In other words- in a way you spend Reputation now on r1-r4.
    But Vitality is way more universal- you can make additional runs in R7 instead of spamming R4 like crazy.
    And if loot rewards will be up - no objection, bring it.
    So you can forget about farming countless R4-R6 for loot of "Meh..." level. Like...who would disagree if e92 equip will disappear from R6 Armo missions? It`s painful to see such stuff.
    33AR weaps can at least be +6ed to 35 AR crystal,while e92 is pure one-click-vis inventory garbage (tho i really missing Kielce era when e92 Destruction of Steel +JD made my gameplay. It would be nice to release such weaps as costumes).

    And if i remember correctly -you will be able to aquire accs recipes from renewed ranked missions. Armors is still for squads that`s ready for a hardcore raiding or PvP field bosses hunt, but...
    In other words- I would better spend 1-2 hrs per day for my daily runs,get a good loot from it and hit a limitation, instead of grinding more time with less limits but worse loot.

    Add questing rework also - and poof, Altria 2(i believe) would be a best chance for GEEU to start more aggressive ads and such stuff( cough-cough *STEAM*cough-cough). Less problems with questing, more fun from missions (as getting better loot is always funny), and more interesting systems to explore.

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    This is good news. Since the population isn't that strong in Eu and organizing is so hard, investing in solo raids now pays off more
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