Hello, this is Developer N.

Here, I'm going to introduce new character Kiss Fluke.

Kiss is a very interesting character boasting the unique concept of the combination between Lightning Magic and billiards. It's the winner character of Character Competition 2018 in Korea.

Kiss used a staff or a rod in the original concept. But, while realizing him in a real game, we found some restrictions in his motion.
To solve those restrictions, we adopted Lightning bracelet that matches the concept [Lightning Wizard] as the main weapon.
And staff was added to serve as a cue.

Please, check his character!

Name Kiss Fluke
Birth Place Vespanola
Blood Type AB
Hobby Reading, Playing billiards
Specialty Billiards
Most important to him His cue remodeled from Grandpa's staff, Himself
Favorite Food Spaghetti Carbonara
Dislikes Talking down, Rude person
Favorite Music Jazz
Hash tags Lightning, Artist, Noble

Job Skill : Imaginary Point

Job Skill [Imaginary Point] applies [Lightning Boost] buff that can increase ATK of Lightning ball.

[Lightning Boost] buff is most effective in attacking single target. Every attack of one enemy, buff's level
increases and ATK strengthens continuously.

Even in non-combat situation, you can raise [Lightning Boost] buff's level by using Imaginary Point.

[Stance & Skill]

Stance : Electrica billar

Maximizes ATK by combining billiards with Lightning Magic handed down in Fluke family.

Contrary to skill's wide range, whenever the skill attacks a target, ATK increases. So it's most powerful in eliminating a handful of enemies.

● Skill- Revolucion

After throwing down one Lightning ball, it scatters several Lightning balls spirally to the enemies around.

● Skill- Buen tiro

This is a charging skill that attacks enemies on the front by giving strong reverse spin to Lightning.
Charging time is comparatively shorter than other charging skills.

● Skill- Reflexion

After creating unique Lightning magic wing in front, it shoots Lightning balls quickly to pierce targets in the magic wing several times.

The fewer targets are, the stronger damage is. Whenever a target is added, its attack damage decreases considerably.

● Skill- Electriko

This skill enlarges Lightning ball on the designated ground to contain enemies within the space and pull them to the center of Lightning ball.

This is a channeling-type skill that can attack repeatedly. But, with fewer targets, its damage can be powerful like Reflexion.

● Skill- Las luces

It emits lightning from Lightning ball and it can shoot Lightning balls to all enemies in a wide range several times.

Like two skills above-mentioned, damage is more powerful for fewer targets.

[Developer's Comments]

Please, apply [Lightning Boost] buff with [Imaginary Point] and increase the buff's level to Max by attacking multiple enemies.

Skill [Reflexion], [Electriko] and [Las luces] are most powerful in attacking single target. Before using them, lead enemy to a man-to-man fight.

Until now, I introduced the new character [Kiss].

We expect lots of interest and love for [Kiss] boasting the unique concept of the combination between Lightning Magic and billiards.

Thank you.

**This is from Developer of IMC GAMES and page contents from ge.hanbit.com**

Team EuroGameZ

ps. Some spellings were edited, different from original french word only in here.